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OBVIOUSLY you haven't looked at the site, the wise man never closes his mind.

<DISCLAIMER>--I'm still on my personal path to find TRUTH in this stupid Right is Wrong, Left is Right, War is Peace world.

The primary point of the site is that the Old World Order OWO is pushing their power to the ultimate technological limits and continuing the slumber of the sheeple. The thought of the entire world being controlled is ALREADY HERE. The NWO concept of total world control has been here for THOUSANDS OF YEARS, nothing new here. What freedoms have you already lost, which ones did you never really have? Are the terrorists CIA or working from the heart?

The concept of a New World Order according to the site, was hijacked by the OWO to diffuse and dumb it down. I mean, afterall, who would actually want a world free of lying politicians and warring factions, warlords, continuing violence, since the days of the jungle, forever? Ask a republican NEOCON?? Better yet, ask a BIG GOV democrat??

The idea of a different way that breeds and gives the best scenario to individual souls to thrive and find their true path and way OUT OF THIS MESS and back to divinity.


Some of the ideas are a little SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST for me BUT, they seem very noble on the outside. A world FREE of GREED, FREE of want, you only really want what you need. The chance to cancel our entire history and induce conditions for souls to actually have a chance to move forward OUTSIDE OF A HUMAN PRISON?


Satan and Lucifer are two different beings. Pecking order God>Lucifer>Satan>everything else in this "density"??

Similar issue in religions, Cain and Abel maybe??

Satan creator of the entire universe as we see it, one of evil, want, greed, death, torture, everything NOT OF LIGHT?

Lucifer, earth (3rd density to you know who you are) as creation, hijacked by stupid younger brother. Older brother giver of light and the "sacred" ratios, younger brother giver of sex magic and putting our energy back into a never ending bottle that the refiller GAVE UP ON millenia ago?

Why the fuck not?? Talk me out of it, sounds pretty good, still looking but this info is hot.
 Quoting: notabadsite 880979

you are stupid...Lucifer is Satan + he has you fooled = you are stupid iamwith
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