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quoted from the website "The Illuminati encourage skepticism. We do not seek sheep. We seek those who can apply their critical faculties and see beyond the delusions and lies of the old, false religions. Illumination - the ancient religion of the Illuminati - is not for believers who place blind faith in absurd gods and prophets. Many of our members began their journey as skeptics, cynics and atheists. To bring such people to illumination is a vastly more difficult task than preaching to the herds and flocks who wish to spend their lives on their knees worshipping deities in which no rational person could possibly believe. Illumination is the most remarkable religion in history because it is the only one that convinces atheists that they are mistaken. The reason for that is simple. The True God of Illumination has nothing at all in common with Jehovah, Allah or Christ. When God is defined in absurd ways, absurd conclusions flow. When the real nature of God is understood, all the mysteries of life fall into place."quote end

Wow thanks for that, do the exact opposite of what this website tells you you should do. Satan INVERTS everything away from God !

I will be on my Knees worshipping JEHOVAH and JESUS thank-you !
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