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Poster Handle YeRGods
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it is not about EGO !!!
it is about showing complete and total appreciation for the creator of the universe. wake up !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1045344

Demanding worship is ALL ABOUT EGO! All about being SELF-SERVING.

There is no need to grovel on our knees to show appreciation for Spirit (who has very little to do with a material world where one thing has to die so another can eat).

Appreciate LIFE. God is of the LIVING, not the dead.

The wages of "sin" is death, yes? And all "sins" relate to material attachments and the failure to control the lesser urges of the ego. It. Is. Psychological.

YOU wake up and look around you. Is the world a better place after centuries of people being on their knees supposedly 'showing complete and total appreciation for the creator of the universe'?


Millions are stuck on worshiping the creator of the material world, which DOES NOT honor The Spirit, the essence of Life.
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