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Well OP , as a Initiate in many Orders. I have looked over the site. I have to say that everyone has to be respected on their path. All religion holds a gem of truth contrary to the site attests. All the ancient Gods and Myth is stories within the Stars and so important to teaching. so you cant throw out the baby with the bathwater.

The Rich and Elite are in their own phase of learning and evolution as well. Instead of ranting about the outside world, An Initiate is always taught to look in the mirror and within at themselves.

Another site creating black and white. This is a no no.

We are all the Devil and Angel within.

Making good and bad out of others is Not what I was taught.

Adam Weishaupt said the HEAD OF THE ILLUMINATI ORDER is JESUS CHRIST. cause why? Jesus taught Gnosis and self enlightenment

The most important doctrine of the Illuminati is not on this site at all.

Yet some important points are. Miss some of the most important teachings. people still go down a path of being mislead
Sooo. take it as you wish.

(PS, Physics is very important too. and living a pure life of plain reason and morality. My ideas can change as well. If the plan ever goes to stop shrouding the teachings in allegory and symbols and stories. If ever we get the call we have to become full unveiled. Then this site has something. Until then, I walk the path my Masters and Father walk. They do have a good idea. Im just not in full agreement that someone always has to be a bad guy or good guy. A ascended person doesnt look at the world that way. They Hermetically look within instead )

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