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@ truthseeker77:

Yes I know GLP is full of trash,I just came here because I know that sane people too read these conspiracy sites.
And this thread was not wasted,since many here have found the AC-site intresting.
I also checked the link you gave,it looked like a standard New Age website/community to me.

@ Prodigal Son

Yes,all religions have the gem of truth in them.
But the broblem of the Aabrahamic religions(christianity,islam and judaism) is that most people "can't use them."
They just either 1.Fear god or 2.Are passively waiting for Jesus to save them.
Most of those "believers" are not examining those holy texts to find any higher truths.
They barely read them at all.
That is why we need a new religion,Illuminism,where the aim is to became a god yourself.
These old,obsolete religions are standing in the way.
That is why they must be swept aside,if humanity is to evolve spiritually.

And yes,according to New Age beliefs,the elite too are here to "learn their lessons".
That is a good excuse for people not to resist them.
Don't you find it interesting that every religion offers similiar excuses:
Bible tells us to "turn the other cheek",in hinduism you have the law of karma(which says the rich were good in previous lives)...
But try to think it this way:being removed from power is simply a part of their lesson on earth.
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