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Yes, my friend, I am a Illuminist also. I look forward to the time we can go back at least to the Sun, moon and Stars and Science and morality and reason.

Ive got my "esoteric" truths from the Old texts of those religions, But they were hidden cause it wasnt yet the time and it had to be protected, Now that time is over. We can part the veil.

I would like to join more casual protected online gatherings of like minded ones.(illuminists) Ive already did my studies, and understand most initiations of the Great Work.and all the Minor and Major Arcana. I am excited about the New Aeon.

If anyone wants further contact...

Ill think of something.

PS, about Jesus, he taught Gnosis and Esotoric truths and to be Pro Active, People are like sheeple and missing the point. I still believe in him. Only in a different way, like a blue print and archetype. So thank you for bringing out that point.

About the imbalance of the world with riches, fame etc, Nothing more breaks my heart to see actors and actresses on tv making out with eachother and walking away with millions of dollars, And then all the bankers with Bonuses and all the rich commercialism life.

Meanwhile you have hardworking people slaving away barely making it to feed their children and put a roof over their head. Do the right thing and youre in lack in this world. Have morality and youre on the bottom.

I do hope it will reverse, and it will..The last shall be first and the first will be last.
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