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Only speaking of the old testment this makes sense. The old TEST god is a wrathful, hate mongering, totally NON PC god.

OMG I just short circuited

You can't discard the OT and just believe the NT though.

According to Jesus, he didn't come to change the laws and he fulfilled all of the plans for world domin-- *cough* excuse me, er...prophecies, nor were any distinctions made between deities.

The Holy Blood Holy Grail (you can find it in PDF version online) - while not having the entire picture about the Grail - came to several conclusions that may be startling to most Christians.

Keep in mind, these authors were looking for information about the Grail, which led them to a huge amount of historical research - they didn't set out to discredit their own religion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1076448

to the person at the begining of this quote

Only people who have not truly studied the Bible as a whole can say the Jehovah - the creator of the universe was Wrathful ! You know nothing and do not understand the scriptures in order to say that.
He pleaded with people over and over to change their ways. The people who were killed are the same type of people who will be destroyed at armageddon. Those people who want to rule the world THE NWO who want to destroy 80% of the world and serve Lucifer !
So you are saying that this god Lucifer is not the Wrathful one ?? Pull your big dumb head out of the sand QUICK !!!!!
Quick pull it out while you still have time !!!

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