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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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You glp'ers need to learn some basic internet marketing.

The OP is just trying to promote his website and book
to cash in.

GLP has turned into a marketing channel for internet marketers cashing in on bullshit conspiracies IMO.

I can't even count how many others does this here at glp.

Basic recipe to cash in is:

Find a conspiracy or make one up, post it here and use a proxy to post replies.

After a while most of the stupid people here on glp starts to belive it and post replies, next the marketer hypes everything up abit more and post a link to some website (wich is his) and then he can cash in on your purchases or make money from the ads you click.

If you study Alex Jones and all the other so called biggger people in the conspiracy game you will actually learn that they are all scamming you to cash in some money.
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