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@ Truthseeker77

Okay,maybe I will check that book out.

@ the guy from Norway

I didn't make the Armageddon Conspiracy site,and this is not about selling the books.
As said,the books are free to download.

@ Prodigal Son

If you are pro-government,then you are pro-elite as well.
The governments in every country are totally controlled by capitalism.
And who controls capitalism?
The guys with the most capital.
A small priviledged elite on the top of the pyramid.

Capitalism is all about making more capital.
Governments and politicians are simply tools for the bankers,corporate bosses and media barons.

I agree that we need governments and laws.
But we should be led by those with the most talent,and not by a group of spineless fools,who got their positions because of their wealth and family connections.

Democracy is a joke.
Do you really think our current leaders are interested about the people?
They are only intrested in "economic growth",which makes them and their overlords richer.

Our rulers don't give a damn about the peoples spiritual or physical well being.
They don't care if we "ascend" or not.
Yes,there might be some nice seals on the dollar bill,but so what?
What kind of a religion puts religious symbols on money?
A religion based on money of course.
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