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Poster Handle Venku Tracyn
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I too once thought of the many conspiracies against the the Illuminati, and was fervently against them. But then I did my own research, including this site, and frankly, to be afraid of the Illuminati, is essentially the same as being afraid of Buddhas.

Illumination is simply another word of Enlightenment. Sure, MAYBE the owner of that site is NOT the Illuminati, and maybe they are, the fact of the matter is this: That site promotes individual ideas, and the idea of a meritocratic government.
NOT a monarchy, such as what the many "Elitist" Conspiracies entail.

This site promotes self thinking and education. I would vote for them over the American Republican party, who frankly speaking is ruining the lively hood of thousands of people (no this does not mean I agree with Barack Obama or the Democrats either).

And it promotes one final thing: the end of a religion that for thousands of years has caused blood and fire from the people who caused it in the religions name.

All of the information on that site IS re-searchable. along with its statistics.

Any free thinker can learn from this site.

Remember,the word Illuminati Means "Enlightened ones", so let me ask you, joining the order a side, would you want to be enlightenend?
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