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Bullshit your just a pathetic low life scum that promotes the new world order fuck the nwo global fascism is evil period.

So you think the illuminati are not in the occult they are pure evil worshippers just like the dynasties of the old world order.

It's just a new bunch of dynasties with new ideas of how to screw humanity even more....
 Quoting: resistor 1033844

so does that mean the NWO and the OWO are the same thing?
 Quoting: adam 19300554

NWO is what they want to implement, it is confusing for anybody who is used to this current way of life, which is total 'dog eat dog'.

They use an analogy of Star Trek, nobody undermines, sabotages ect. everybody works together & is promoted on their merits, not 'who they know' or who they're going to bed with.

It's an exciting prospect!
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