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I was once a member in good standing and actually came within one single vote of being accepted into the order. The vote was tied 6 to 6 according to Mike Hockney and so they erred on the side of caution and I was left to wander. However I at one time had a page on the website until I had a falling out with Mike Hockney over his wanting me to get out and "sell them" I told him that did not interest me and then he became very obnoxious and insulted me about my beliefs and my work and then he took the webpage down. Here are the link to them that I have saved on my own website:

[link to donbarone.selfip.net]

This next one I put together but he never published it.

[link to donbarone.selfip.net]

The Illuminati may be real but Mike Hockney is a fraud.

I was also barred from their Facebook page for questioning their beliefs and ideas. It is like a cult. If you don't agree with them you are not welcome.

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