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Alan Grayson Discusses His Expectations From The Upcoming One - Time Fed Audit

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1055929
08/02/2010 06:28 PM
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Alan Grayson Discusses His Expectations From The Upcoming One - Time Fed Audit
Alan Grayson Discusses His Expectations From The Upcoming One-Time Fed Audit

by Tyler Durden on 08/02/2010

Alan Grayson Federal Reserve Grayson Transparency

Dan Rather chats with Alan "Taz" Grayson in the enclosed clip, over the opportunities that America may glean as part of the historic one-time only audit of the Federal Reserve, which passed in a watered down vote as part of the FinReg. The exact conditions and the applicable disclosure are still rather murky, although we will take the congressman's word that the information obtained will be material. As Rather says: "soon auditors and accountants will comb through he Fed's book, looking at all the lending the Fed engaged in, starting in 2007 and ending in July 2010, a one-time only peek behind the curtain of the secretive institution." Grayson elaborates: "I expect to learn exactly who got what. We have nothing but single line descriptions of hundreds of billions of dollars that have been disseminated by the Fed. We don't even know who got that money. We don't know the terms of that money. We don't know what the Fed got in return. And in particular we don't know why the Fed keeps insisting that none of these deals were deals that exposed it to the risk of loss." Alas, we are convinced that since the Fed did in fact allow politicians to vote unanimously on the one-time deal, that, just like Goldman, it had found a loophole to proper, correct disclosure far in advance: the truth of what happens behind the Marriner Eccles walls will not be disclosed until well after the reset button has been pushed. Importantly, as Alan points out, occasionally the people in this country can make a difference by calling their congressmen and making it clear just what is important to the broader population, and oddly enough transparency at the money printer, especially when the only thing that can keep the economy solvent is printing ever more money (and issuing more debt, but the two are synonymous, just ask the primary dealers).

Watch the Video here:
[link to www.zerohedge.com]