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The Hammer of God's judgment is about to fall

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1182883
United States
12/03/2010 10:44 AM
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Re: The Hammer of God's judgment is about to fall
To the mockers and those who choose to laugh at the message from God's servant...history shows what happens to the likes of mockers who mocked at God's Judgment.
 Quoting: Wingedlion

what history shows is christians torturing and murdering those who believe differently. is that the history ye really want to emphasize?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1197093
12/16/2010 08:19 AM
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Re: The Hammer of God's judgment is about to fall
like a sledgehammer on a peanut
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1100465
United States
12/16/2010 09:47 AM
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Re: The Hammer of God's judgment is about to fall
Nine years ago I received a great vision that effected me profoundly. It was a dream vision in which I witnessed what I believe was the harvest of the tares/Fall of Mystery Babylon the Great as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures.

In this vision, I saw a dark and forboding sky with a great armada of brass ships that looked a lot like a scene out of Independance Day. These saucers were huge, the size of cities, and they were proceeding very slowly. Brass is always represented as a metal associated with God's judgment, and on these ships were written the names of God in a type of angelic ruins hyroglypics. The great armada was led by a wisping energy wave that appeared like a aroroa borealisis, of changing colors, and beautiful to look at. As the wisping spirit fell to the earth it would burn those it touched, some survived others were engulfed in great flames that rose up to 20 feet in height.

As I watched this great event I also saw others who just dissappeared from sight. As I asked the question as to what is happening the word came to me from just behind me in a still small voice, "Were the carcass is , there will the eagles be gathered together." which has always made me wonder what that actually meant.

As I awoke, I could hardly contain my emotion. Such a great vision rarely happens, but in this case, I had an appointment to have breakfast with a Pastor friend of mine at the local Cracker Barrell resturant. As I sat down and explained what had happened to me the night before, the pastor was entralled but leary of such a vision, but as we sat there at the table a waitress came to us and asked us if we were preachers. We replied yes, so she asked us to pray for the nation because a plane had just hit the twin towers of New York and the nation was under attack. The day was September 11, 2001, the vision had came to me the day before 9-11.

And now, on this day, the day that Satanist all the world around celebrate the harvest, a holiday called "Satanic revels" a news report that a massive CME is about to fall to the earth. I believe the vision told of the future that the great fall of Mystery Babylon the Great would occur. 9-11 was the day the Illuminati celebrates the beginning of their NWO, but all things are falling into place in prophecy and the world is not going to be the same.

I have waited several years to tell this vision with certainty. I have alluded to it a few times, but today I feel more certain than ever that the hammer of God's judgment is about to fall. Prepare your hearts people and repent, and maybe just maybe you can survive this terrible judgment, the culling and the great harvest is begun, and who shall be able to stand in the evil day?
 Quoting: Wingedlion

Around the throne room in heaven is:

Lion, Calf, Moon/Man, Eagle

Imitation on the earth today is:
Lion, Calf, Moon/Man, Eagle

See behind the facade.

The Eagles are gathered where the carcass is.

Dead already like a wind up toy hasn't fully unwound yet.

Imitation / Images / Attributes / (Polymorphism)

To the final 'beast', that 'prominent horn' has been eating the flesh of the Harlot and will burn her with fire. Will reveal themselves in the final 'beast' of Imitation Heaven on Earth.

Many viewpoints of who/what is the Harlot. Many see a speck on the elephant's back.

Put it all together the only way possible to ask the Master on the Throne at the Right Hand of Father in Heaven.

His Book, His Being, His Word, making it all come to pass at the highest Heaven/Dimension where there is absolutely no darkness at all, where even dark is light and nothing can hide from He ruling and reigning as Echad / One Together as I Am Being All Things Made to the Light of All Mankind.

He cursed the Fig Tree. The Eagles are gathered with the Dead Fig Tree. Whole world as Cain. Also known as the Tree of Death, of that which caused the knowing of good (of the Tree of Life), and evil (of the Tree of Death).

Called the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil where before knowing of the Tree of Death, there was only knowing of Eternal Life.

So the enemy does have the Heart of Kill, Steal and Destroy. The beginning example is Cain. Read the very last words of Zechariah 14 and that will give clue to the place(s), the heart of some who are the same as Cain. Also, the four parts of the religion of the prominent horn of the total 5. And that spell is strong upon the whole world today but broken totally by the Supreme Authority of Revelation 14:7 the difference for those who will acknowledge what that Supreme Authority said to do.

Stephen in Acts chapter 7 identified the mystery of iniquity before He was stoned by those who stopped their ears from hearing the truth. Would that all come to the Love of the Truth but still in opposition to their own being though they still stop their ears and associate everything with Babylon's pre determined brainwash information. But if we see, we still say on, the Master's purpose, that maybe even one would come to the Master to let Him wash their feet and to be cleansed by His word.

The delusion of desolation coming to fullness when the DOOR will be Shut for this very generation alive today. There will be many wonder why they did not enter in and will cry at the Door (Even of the Heart Literally to the Light), but the Master will tell them to go away having not made any interest in Him while there was still time. Now is the time, now is the day.

When the door is shut it is too late. And that will become reality at the revelation of the man of perdition when the true Master then arises up off of the Mercy Seat and will arrive to be seen in the clouds ready to gather all of His People in Heaven and Earth to attend the Great Court Room on the Sea of Glass where Talent will Be Examined.

Should consider walking in Being, Now, Today, moment to moment, in Unconditional Yes to the voice of the Master on the Throne in heaven who is the Eternal Covenant Alive to become One With, the ONLY way to know Father YHWH the I Am Being All Things Made to the Light of All Mankind.

Not the false 'yhwh' entity the desolation make their false god out to be who do not acknowledge the only way to Know the Father in Heaven.

Dreams of UFO's, for a false rapture taking those who will think in terms of flesh and blood fullfillment of the incorruptible word, follow iniquity and twisting which are turning the truth of the Holy scriptures into Dust Thinking of the Serpent cursed to eating of the Dust even in all that is made of the earth. I have seen the plans for those thinking to rejoice in that kind of 'rapture' only to find the reality when herded into lines for removal of their heads by the desolation.

The Dust World fights the Holy Incorruptible and the outcome is already foretold though in madness, drunken on blood the desolation have not considered that absolute truth of the King on the Throne they do not acknowledge. Not acknowledging, have become a LIE and that ultimate given even of the King on the Throne for All who would not listen to Him speaking even today at the Hearts Door where He Is The Light all are existing within. Connected to that Light or not He is speaking. And the 'wind' up 'toy' will not receive renewal as it winds down into the total desolation.

Though great relief to all who have overcome the corruption of this Dust, to have said Unconditional Yes to the Master's voice even daily of His Daily Bread, to whatever He speaks, dealing with sin (Commandment Breaking) or with whatever He speaks about the issues of Life, that He has great Mercy for any who will live in truth even acknowledging their sin before Him as in Being, Living, Now. A past experience where burying His Talent in the Dust is a good analogy will not do.

Those who have been connected to the source of Life of the Blood given of the Lamb who walked this earth as a man to become the Passover Lamb and the Eternal Covenant, have Eternal Life where there is no decay nor corruption.

And that Life is the Holy Spirit of Father YHWH I Am Being All Things Made to the Light of All Mankind, given as a flowing river to those baptised by the Baptiser He Himself of Luke 24. Alive and well. He is where He said He would be. Absolutely. And those of the prominent horn have seen Him in His place just as He said they would. Yes so.

How to consider the truth while denying the truth? And the Proof is not found by any who will not seek the source of Life and where the Fountains of the Waters is pure and cannot be touched by the desolation of this world where they spew out corruption and pollution hoping none would come to know the truth. For in that Deuteronomy 30 and Daniel 9 are connected and for those who come to understand who they are not of Dust Thinking of eating on the mountains but of Thinking Renewed by eating on the Holy Mount Zion above, to see Yah'Isha'El those of the Eternal Covenant are so by the ONLY WAY POSSIBLE. There are no other eternal covenant people of Dust Existence. The ones I refer to are Incorruptible, having even put of the vile Dust Body and are in place as Living Stones in a great beautiful Temple where the Chief Stone is Head over His Body a dwelling place for Father YHWH and even extends into this world for those who have acknowledged and said Yes to the Supreme Authority of His Name to declare Him as King and to find Great Relief of Heart, Peace and Love where Love is built upon the foundation of Truth of the Living Torah/law alive to Delight In that of the Inward Man as Paul wrote in Romans 7:22 where the Interpretation is made by the One Master who gave the witness of words of He Himself.

So when the trumpet blows from the clouds of the heavens it will be from the Highest Dimension where there is a Great Court Room, the Judge and Book the Lawgiver is at His Right Hand, (the Revelation the same), and when standing there with Existence in question the Judge will inquire of the Book at His Right Hand to determine if one is found dwelling there as One by the Circumcision Of Heart by that Baptiser He Himself the same Book, and with answer given will determine the outcome. Of at least having made Interest for any having received His Talent of salvation as in Matthew 25 and have not walked according to the Serpent eating the Dust, but of Spirit AND Truth Delighting in the Torah/law of Messiah Interpretation where HE is the LIVING COVENANT Alive and well in a place that can never be abolished nor touched by man nor demon.

Any not found being as naked will have been so close to the Relief but cast out back into outer darkness where it is described perfectly by the Master called Yahushua the Salvation of Father YHWH the same Jesus defined as Deu 18 the true prophet, the same Jesus defined by Deu 32 the ROCK on His Terms, not anyone's pet rock on their terms. The precise definition He gave us all to determine a servant or an enemy.