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Beam of energy over my home, anyone else?

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User ID: 1057418
United States
08/06/2010 03:31 AM
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Beam of energy over my home, anyone else?

SInce moving to a small southwest Minnesota town I have seen a beam of energy appear over my home. It is below star level, possibly at cloud level. It is only visible during a clear dark, moonless night, cannot be seen with a cloud or fog overcast. I estimate the beam's length to be fifty yards (plus or mins) with a varying width of five yards or so. SIzing this phenomenon is difficult because I cannot accurately determine the beam's height.

At one end the core is darker, almost blacks sandwiched between two lengths of whitish/light gray mistiness. Most of the time the beam crosses the house at a 75 degree angle, but at times is shifts to almost perpendicular or a straight line directly over the length of the home.

I do not get a sense that this energy bean is negative or positive. There are no other homes in the neighborhood with beams over them, mine is the only one.

I was wondering if anyone else here has experienced something similar, or if anyone could provide some insights as to what this beam is and what it means. Amy serious responses would be greatly appreciated. Could it perhaps be a sign or signal to others? I am just not real sure at this point.

Peace and Love,
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Cree prophecy
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1059768
United States
08/06/2010 03:42 AM
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Re: Beam of energy over my home, anyone else?
You don't live near a car dealership, do you?