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Message Subject Is the band "Tool" satanic or just philosophical?
Poster Handle Athenascurse
Post Content
If anything Tool is Agnostic.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 996308

They are free. They have nothing to do with
any religion. They are just opening eyes and
minds. Which is why people truly enjoy
tagging bad names on bands like them.
The more people they can get to avert the
knowledgeable eye to such bands.
The better they get them chained and shut up.

I don't understand the big deal about
satanism. If Christians or other belief
based people would read a little.
They would find out that Satanism is
just another version of Christianity.
But more or less based on the individual instead
of worshiping a deity.

If Christianity never existed, satanism
would never had happened.
Anyway, All these religion that worship a
solar messiah should realize that its
ancient belief of the worship of the sun.
Is the exact replica of today's religions.

Quote: A church divided is no church at all.

*The Venus Project*

Look into Horus. You will find that Jesus is just
a copy.
The old testament has the story of Joseph, the new
testament has Jesus. Yet how odd that those characters
match. The pen holders should be questioned. Not Bands. 5a
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