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Message Subject Pin THIS, Illuminati is after me. Escaped from DUMB and on the run.. The nobody got me out.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This is the OP. SOrry, had to rebase.

To answer your question. The bases are loaded with mixed alien/hybrid life forms. Various genetic mutations have taken place and there are 'haturies' down there. If you can imagine spiders the size of a couple busses stacked end to end, that is the shit they're working on. There are genetically mutated eggs down there. Using radiation, they've mutated the genes to create these alien/spider hybrids and the will unleash them when the time is right. GOD help us all when these things begine they're devistation. The hybrid cloning program is the most discusting abuse of our technologies ever developed. Its taken nanotechnology to a whole new level.

This is JUST in the level 4 area down there. My access was to level 12 but beneath there, I can't say. My guess is the further down areas are for storage. It makes sense since its cooler and less need for air down there.

More questions? bump

interesting, was relaxing late at night a cuople of weeks ago and visioned a half spider half human female, thought it was just someone evil projecting at me to distract me. made me feel sick. maybe real

why ignore my post???????
this happened 1-2weeks before this thread. does not mean it is true but take it into consideration. i was not intentionally thinking of anything s

As i mentioned to those previously, we are interconnected in the matrix with mass conciousness. Perhaps many dreams and visions are coming to all of us and you were able to take a peak into the minds of those who remote viewed, or perhaps you are gifted with remote viewing yourself but you just didnt know the extent of your gifts. The illuminati dont want you to know how much gifts you have or be able to use those gifts to advance the kingdome of god. (The true god who is not looking to kill, steal, destroy). bump
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