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Message Subject Pin THIS, Illuminati is after me. Escaped from DUMB and on the run.. The nobody got me out.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, thank you for risking it all and coming out to this this information while we still have the time to prepare, if we can. Please tell us the best way to ward off and defend ourselves from these spiders and other devil critters.

Do orgone and bucket blasters ward them off?

And what effect do brass bullets and brass weapons have on these spiders? According to Col. Lt. SC Greg Rinchich, a former black ops sniper who has been underground and have come out with the truth, said that shooting or hitting a nephilim giant with a brass weapons weakens the giant to the point that you could slap them around.

If no weapons work against these spiders and devil critters, then do prayers keep them away?

Many thanks!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1103765

This is a question I hope to avoid by bringing the truth to light. The best way and most effecient way is to torch the egg pods before hatching. Thats right, once hatched, I can only see our demise and those who have peeked into the looking glass as it were tell me that it wont look good. If you can imagine hell on earth, That is what I am talkinga bout. The spiders are ONE component in an army to be UNLEASHED. There will be mechanical bots (dont know if you remember empire strikes back) but an ICE planet that yielded 4 legged gigantic robots working on the rebels side was but another hollywood clue to what is coming. Imagine that but working on the side of lucifer and having gigantic retractable scooper cords that will scoop the victim up to the rusty beast. Imagine a living hell on earth as the neffelum return to harvest the grossly overfed mcdonalds sheeple for dinner. We ARE BEING SETUP people for the finale.. The final dinner..

We will have to use the elements as our weapons. God can bless what he controls. He controls the elements. FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AIR..

We can use fire on the spiders but it will be too late if mama unleashes the little ones. I would assume a portable
blow torch would be usefull weapon. One can be made out of a few household items very easily. Drownding them in the ocean is another option. If we can tie them up and drag to bodies of water. ALOT of rope will come in handy when this happens.. ALOT. yoda
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