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Message Subject Pin THIS, Illuminati is after me. Escaped from DUMB and on the run.. The nobody got me out.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I hope you like being wrapped in spider webs and fed to mamma.. bump
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 147561

oh goodness OP...

Are you serious?

So you're saying when all is said and done the END GAME here is us all being eaten alive by some dang spider hybrids growing in some secret DUMB????

Come on dude. You've gotta do better with your script writing and screenplaly adaptations.

Oh and you mentioned this little "factoid" back on page one of this thread:

The nobody is a sex slave. Can't say much about him. Never meant him but 'the nobody' but HOW i know it was him that got me out. Well, The guy who gave me the access key said some strange comment. He said, The nobody from GLP told me to give this to you. I asked what GLP was and he said to do an internet search when I got out. Thats how I ran across who 'the nobody' was. If you do a search on the nobody in the search window, you can find how he has the illuminati scared shitless right now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1063880

Are you really that much into "role playing"????

Dude if you do a search, guess what comes up? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

In fact you get a nice "
Your search returned no results"

So you are a proven fraud and this is all a bunch of silliness. I cannot believe that this has gone on for four pages now. This could've all been cleared up after you made this bogus claim back on page one....people can be so gullible to believe anything these days it seems.
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