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Message Subject Pin THIS, Illuminati is after me. Escaped from DUMB and on the run.. The nobody got me out.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Spent a couple hours Friday morning listening to Mark and Don from the Michigan Milita on the Microeffect Radio Network tell how to take out tanks with some home brewed special ingredients on the "bread box" and other weak points. So, now we will have to be dealing with house sized spiders; EH?

house sized is a bit too conservative..
try sky scraper sized..

That's quite a story OP though I think you might have over-egged the pudding with your "sky scraper sized" spiders.

The size of insects is limited by their respiratory systems such that with current oxygen levels a spider that is a foot across would be at the upper end of its respiratory ability and physically unable to grow much bigger.

"In contrast to vertebrates, where blood transports oxygen from the lung to the cell, insects deliver oxygen directly through a network of blind-ending tracheal tubes. As insects get bigger, this type of oxygen transport becomes far less effective."

normal insects yes.. gene spliced and radiated super spiders .. NO. Another detail about the super spider program that I find interesting. Its been ongoing in the DUMBS since the late 50's but they (illuminati) couldn't crack the genetic code as it were. (Part of david ferry's research on radiated cancer cells was applied in the field of insect research by the NWO back then).. and guess the BIG suprise, The reason for the killing of JFK had ALOT to do with this program. Well, some of the people inside couldnt develop it further UNTIL a certain Seymour Cray developed the Cray Supercomputer which allowed the complete sequencing of the DNA to take place, and guess what, seymour's 'accidental death' had EVERYTHING to do with this program along with a certain 'unibomber' who uncovered the real reasons behind seymour's death in the files of a certain berkeley's professors files. BUT getting back to the subject at hand, TPTB had access and withheld information related to secret nazi programs in giant sized pre-historic insect research performed by a Dr. Joseph Mengele about splicing human and insect cells together. This was all hush hush and wisked off to south america. The technologies are radically advanced beyond all imagination as are the stargates and UFO technologies. bump

War of the Worlds - Tom Cruise/Steven Spielberg 2005
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 919411

Quite right. Those in the know.. Tptb if it were are always dropping hints and warnings to let the sheeple know what is coming down the line..
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