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Random writing in the early morning...

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08/14/2010 07:47 AM
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Random writing in the early morning...
an early morning idea, started after reading a quote and also some prior ideas from a few years ago, after reading a book on history...

way back when the early civilization got started around the Mesopotamia area, near Iraq/Iran... there existed one massive tribe, and as the people started to fill up the area, it got crowded, and people when crowded, start bickering and fighting... a small group of people saw this and decided the way to keep them happy, productive and controlled, was to give them the idea of a god, something to worship....

then this group of people itself started fighting each other as to what kind of god to make for the people, and after a few weeks, three different versions of essentially the same god were created

this resulted in the large tribe being split into three and each went their separate ways, vowing to strive for dominance over the rest

fast forward to modern times, a fourth group of people are striving to break free from the powerful and religious and superstitious people that seem to fight each other over invented ideals and beliefs...

will it end peacefully? as each of the three groups hope for? possibly, after these three groups hope for destruction of the rest

meanwhile, in other parts of the world, other groups of people also have developed a belief system and religion, they too desire for dominance over their areas of interest

and then there are the rest, scattered throughout the planet, wondering what it all means...
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