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Mankind's Crown of Thorns

Holy A
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08/14/2010 08:52 PM
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Mankind's Crown of Thorns
Mankind's Crown of Thorns

First of all I have to apologize

-My English is 'double Dutch', because I am Dutch,
-I feel sorry also because the story is much longer than I intended primarely.
-I also feel sorry about the contents, because some text may contain explanations that are nearly too terrible to realize.
-Last but not least it is a true story of a doctor, who tried to take responsibility for his patient and only wanted to know the cradle of our suffering.
-The story is - even for myself - too unbelievable to accept, but....
Everything that I was able to prove, I proved on its value.
Even the contents of Bible-stories was discussed extensively with a expert on this field during a period of half a year of intensive collaboration.

May I ask you to humble : read the information with care?
I ask you because it is everyone's story, however most people will experience the walk back only during the last breath. It is the Ego that blocks this deep information.

The walk back through my genealogica tree

[The story of a moldered tree]

During my experimental work - first as being a surgeon and afterwards as being an alternative medical doctor - I became progressively condemned by the medical cartel, the Dutch government and finally by nearly everybody.

Looking back to my absurd walk through life - after a period of 12 years of voluntary banishment and far away from the restlessness of the world - I realized why.

I realized why the scientific world as well as them who believe in Faith condemned me.
I became condemned because I felt between two stools.

Scientists condemned me, because I learned to read the Bible with the help of the old spirit's explaining dreams as being a highly scientific book about the cycles of the Universe.

I became condemned by opponent of science, because atheists have no rights to speak about this Holy Book, without studying theology or going to Church.

I fell between two stools and/or…
I fell in between the two pillars of Hope in order to find the key of eternal life.
I fell between two illusions; the illusion of Science and the illusion of Faith.

Did I fall in the middle of the Truth?

I am the last person to say that I have found the Truth.
I only touched it.

Everything that I try to convert in words violates The Truth or insights that I received from something that was sampled deep inside.
Nevertheless I have no other opportunity, because we have no other way to communicate.

During about many years I tried to write stories about 1001 subjects or facets of life by combining my experimental discoveries in medicine and these explaining dreams.
It is all subjects that everybody can see themselves by peering carefully .

But unfortunately nobody could read my messages.

It was merely equal by telling stories to people, however I was able to react on the emotions of my listener.
But by reaction on the auditor's emotion, it was like I cracked his/her personality.
Than the reaction was only ignoring and taking distance of me.

One reason is the word itself, however "imaginations" in terms of good and bad was another one. Both reasons are narrowly related to each other.

It is because the power of the word itself revolved during our evolution of thinking.
The word itself did not change fundamentally.
But our interpretation changed so much, that it lost its proper value completely.

I give you only some examples :
Holy day became holiday, for God became forgot, technologic revolution isn't evolution at all and genetic manipulation is really plotting.
Now we celebrate democracy in a world of censured rules.
We speak about peace-soldiers, which fight like Hell in order to bring the whole world in the spell of…?
Is it democracy or demoncracy for which they fight?

A second problem is the explaining dreams itself.
Hundreds or even thousands stories of intriguing dreams or visions colour our society.
Many people claim to have a deep contact with disciples or even with God.
As long as one don't accept the origin of such strange experiences, the representative of God - Vicarius Filii Dei - will sanctify these people and the recipients of these dreams will pray themselves to heaven as if they are elects God.

Looking at my explaining dreams, which influenced my life during such a long period, some remarkable points can be said about it.

First of all these dreams came to me at moments of confusion or moments that I felt loosing the conviction of solving a medical problem, in which I struggled myself deeply.

During the first years these dreams came only once a year and always around Carnival as well at the "spring of the new day around - 3-4 o'clock in the morning.
Isn't Carnival originally a fête after "the darkness of a winter-period" for them who survived?
I know now that originally the winter-period "carnates" life-impression in the carne or deep inside in the 'DNA chain' and that during the summer new life impressions are fixed on the 'RNA- component' of our double chain.

This was originally, but after chasing away the period of pondering or meditation during the wintertime this changed a lot.
And as we also banished the night- in which occurred exactly the same - we slowly grew to live life merely at the outside.
So we lost the contact with our inner-being completely.

But we still have our tradition without knowing anymore the deeper content.

Owing to my inaugurations during the night, I have a completely different affection with this fête.
This is one example out of thousands, which made me a stranger in this world.
The winter-period is a period of "depression" of cosmic energy and narrowly related with mankind's depression during the winter-period.

Was it all coincidence, that these dreams came to me around Carnival as a thief in the night?
I don't believe in coincidence.
Coincidences are the "co"-incidences in life , which can show us something of ourselves.
Coincidences are incidents induced by our doing.

This is also a word that lost its proper value completely.
I became a doctor, a surgeon.
This is also a co-incidence, because it was written in my genes.
In everybody all previous life-impressions are really impressed in all our cells and written down in our Bible as incarnation or "eaten the Bible".
This is named: alma, soul, karma and/or hereditive load.
It was my aura or character and induced by the walk of life of my father, grandfather, over-grandfather until… shall I name it Adam?
This phenomenon we name evolution, as it was found that this "karma" influences our genetic cord and creates our character.
It is all unsolved problems in the fights for survival in our genealogical tree.

The first years - in which I had an experimental praxis - the explanations of my "carnival-spirits" were merely my grandfather, who died about 15 years earlier.
His lectures were clear and experimenting on patients always proved to be 100% correct.
My grandfather was a medical scientist as well and his discoveries of brain-research made him a world-famous man.

It was like his brilliant mind was able to link all data together that was not possible for me.

Owing to my fundamental research on genes together with my explaining dreams, it all looks so simple.
It looks so simple because… it is the brilliant explanation of incarnation and reincarnation of ancient wisdom on genetic level.
It is the play of DNA an RNA during cell mitosis.

But may I ask you?
Isn't everything so simple when you know?

Besides a medical researcher, my grandfather [S. T. Bok] was also cyberneticus and owing to his personal friendship with Einstein, he became involved by the play of matter in Universe as well.
I tell you here because this part in me should be developed on a later moment.

During this first phase of my personal life, I was able to discover and/or disclose many fundamental reasons of seemingly irreversible diseases.

Besides the "dis-envelopments" of multiple organ diseases, the foreign body reactions in organ-transplants and cancer, without any doubt the most impressing disclosure was the occurrence of postnatal depression and multiple organ diseases in newborns [diabetes, icterus, pulmonary disorders].
This was found to be the neglecting of women to eat the placenta or afterbirth and easily treatable with injections of embryonic placenta-cells of mammals.

During that period it were all physical discoveries and merely treatable in early stages.
It was all discoveries without using huge scientific laboratories.

Wasn't it comprehensible, that nobody believed my discoveries?

At the moment that I spoke about the origin of my disclosures [explaining dreams], it was like the direct conclusion of my colleagues was : "madness".

What I could do more than quietly going on?
I was a doctor to the backbone and/or it was written in my genes.

By the way: Isn't it a brilliant word by knowing the origin of "in-carne-nation"? Even the word nation - which finds its cradle in native ground - is a superb explication of evolution as well.

But let me go on with the story itself.

Because of the incomprehensible results of my merely experimental treatments, patients were abundant.
The progressive aggression of my colleagues did not harm me anymore.
I was too obsessed by finding the truth of our suffering.

After 12 years of experimental work together with the help of my grandfather, he disappeared from one moment to the other.
He disappeared and never came back.
In his place a new spirit stood up "out of his graves" or more precisely "out of my graves".
It was a monk from whom a clairvoyant once said that he came from Thessaloniki.
He explained me about a book that I never had touched : the Bible.
His explanations were always related to absurd discoveries during these previous 12 years.

He made links that I never could have make myself, because I thought to be an atheist. But I wasn't an atheist at all.
My genes were overloaded with searchers to a higher spirit.

Owing to this extra information, my search into my patients changed dramatically and again it was too amazing for words.
It always was purely true explanations.

First of all I became informed about the evolution of illness itself, which always demonstrates itself in epidemics of "plagues" during the life-time of every culture.

It always followed a fixed way.

It always was : plague [bacterial epidemic] > multiple organ diseases [ now all organ-specialists] >arteriosclerosis > cancer > AIDS > war [self-destruction].

Secondly my interest in purely physical disorders shifted into a mental interest and this was found to be the cradle of our physical suffering.
Owing to this shift I came back to the original research of my grandfather, who never had made this link himself.
Owing to this move in the approach, I became sure that thinking in terms of hereditive conditional brain-reflexes [tricks to survive] was the definite cause of our "Crown of Thorns".

Owing to the experiments on patients it became clear also that the calcified bridge between the right and left part of the brain [corpus callosum] was the origin of mankind's unique quality : thinking.

But there was found to be more.
It was my buddy who told me about the metaphor "Jesus carried the suffering of all people".

Owing to careful observations, it became visible that these mental illnesses or "imbalances" were carried over or transmittable from severe mentally ill to minor ill persons.

Wasn't Jesus the most humble and clean person?

Afterwards this is not so strange at all, if one realizes that somebody with 1000 tricks to survive is much stronger than somebody who hasn't conditional brain-reflexes at all.

But or consequently…

This means that the most "mentally ill" personalities/ characters survive and also dominate the world completely.

Isn't it too absurd for words looking in the nowadays society.

Isn't it really the craziness itself.

Can you comprehend that not any leader will hear such nonsense ?

Finally this period of "spiritual education" made me aware that the plagues of epidemic diseases are fist of all a general one and this is what we name "spirit of time".

That we now "celebrate" the cancerous and aid-s-ing society and are on the way to war is as clear as well. The best example is our social- capitalism.
Whenever you realise that capitalism is based on the power of strongest this system itself is a schizofhenic one.

During these following years subjects like incarnation and reincarnation, the Immaculate Conception and the origin of star-children [like Jesus was] became also completely rational comprehendible subjects.

This monk buddied me during about 6 years and during this time I finally enclosed the origin of mankind's suffering in most of their aspects.

Then I stopped all medical work, because thinking itself was found the cradle of our suffering and I knew that all new advantages to conquer diseases only should lead to more and severe ones.

Like if my personal guide had given his know-how, he disappeared again and my next 'ghost' was not so clear and bright anymore.

This merely invisible figure brought me in the next stage of my alma and/or genealogical tree.

It was like if I peeled myself to the center of my being.

This time I became a witness about the equality-principles of many seemingly different cycles of life on earth and… in cosmos.
From that time I learned to shut my mouth completely about all my "Universal studies".
This found its cradle in a complete lack of understanding of everybody in my environment.

By the way!
Isn't it too absurd for words that we speak about Universities?
Whenever there was one person, who received a Universe-education it really was me.

During time - it was already about 15 years of receiving these explaining dreams - my buddies might come much more irregular.
Sometimes much more frequent and other periods of receiving nothing at all.
It was like if I had to absorb all information carefully, before entering a new class.

It also became much more difficult to link all data together.
It was like I received every time a puzzle with more pieces, that I had to finish before receiving another.

Looking back now, it was even more absurd to realize that together with every new spirit that guided me to the center of our being, my personal life was changing also dramatically.
My marriages broke down and I merely changed my residence as well.
Now I can say about it, that it was my changed energy or aura, owing to which my relationship was broken also.

In 1993 - 18 years were passed - I could not stay anymore in society.
I became a complete stranger for everybody and everybody for me.
From that time I was like a monk and lost all contacts in the world.
But everybody needs personal contacts in order to survive.
Like the bi-polarity of everything that exists [ yin and yang ] , my yin partner was missing.
During one year about I lived in an old ruin with nearly any luxury that everybody surrounds as if this is normal.
I really felt that dying in solitude was my destiny.

Thousands times I asked myself why I received such a Universal education.
Was it only for myself?
I could not believe this, owing to everything that I learned during this long-lasting consecration.
Wasn't it explained to me so precisely, that everybody on earth has a function for the whole community, like every cell in our body is necessary for the whole body?

And as life is precisely balances from the first to the last breath…

From one moment to another a woman passed my pad again.
She was completely lost after Reiki-initiations and bagged me to bring her back to her own emotions.
Herself she said about it: "It is like I lost my alma to live and I feel like a robot. I see my emotions, but lost the contact with it. It is like I my brain is split in two parts.
Her decision for Reiki was made, because she felt completely lost in this chaotic world.

Speaking in doctor's terms she had the "modern decease" what is now a huge problem in children and young adults named autism.
She knew it, but seeing how therapy changed autism into robots she refused all therapies.

However the subject Reiki had my interest previously and triggered me to do strange experiments about this subject as well, I will dedicate some words on autism, before going on.
Like dementia in the second childhood [elderies] autism is the ultimate defense mechanism against the mentally ill and overruling "dictators" of the cancerous and aids-ing society.
All seemingly problems with the unmanageable youth or the new generation nowadays are based on this phenomenon only.
Strange enough this "autism" is again the cradle of star-children or indigo-children as well.

During time the power of Reiki disappeared and…
One never can change someone's character and so we live together as being two strangers in the world for already many years.

About Reiki itself…
It is one of many "coaching" and especially in the business-world in order to give people more power.
All these management-trainings but also all psycho-therapies are based on strengthening of mental power only.

It was found to be an equal strengthening that I was able to induce by opening the calcified bridge between thinking and knowing without solving the Alma or soul primary.
Owing to these brain-experiments - opening the calcified bridge between thinking and deep knowing, I was able to create "falls clairvoyance" and /or false proud.

It was these experiments, which did form more or less the end of my medical investigations.
It was finally these experiments, that proved for me that mankind should grow only to a higher consciousness after resolving their alma, karma or hereditive load.

Wasn't this predicted as well?

From that time I realized why this Reiki could conquer the world.
Nobody will be confronted with his personal shit and only is looking for being happy.
Without going in detail the rage of positive thinking is the general time-spirit and once described as "The pride before the fall".

In the meantime my better part urged me to bring this know-how about the end of our existence into the world.
She really couldn't believe that nobody was interested.
I borrowed this Universe-study already completely and had no any idea or even the power to confront myself again with a world, in which everything seemed oppositely to that what I learned in all these years.

By the way:
Do you know why our partner in life is the better part and why we speak about gentle-man and never about gentle ladies?
Owing to my research it became clear that the partner we choose - we name it falling in love - always is more or less the mirror of our own "mental illness". In other words: she or he is the compensation or supplement of our own deformation.
Therefor our partner always is the better part of ourself.

Looking carefully in nature, women are more domestic and dominate men completely.
It is even more interesting that women generally live longer than men.
How strange for you, this is also part of the Universe in which yin dominates yang also.
During pregnancy women's vitality increases about 10 %.
Is this the cause or the result ?
Knowing that the feminine life in general once evolved out of the masculine one or "women are born out of the rib of men" vitality have to be higher, because all following specimen has an higher survival-force as well.
This is the ancient saying, that women are the perfection and man the imperfection.
Owing to this difference vitality between men and women, men had only one choice to survive: "be gentle…men".
Fortunately for men, she lost this specific power during time, as I will explain later.

But let me go on with my peeling of my genealogical tree.

Finally I yield and started to write.
Then I realized how extremely difficult it was to be complete, because everything is linked to everything.
Again I struggled myself in the deep and…

About three years ago I received my final initiations.
A complete invisible untouchable entity passed by in the night after we switch our house again and settled down in a village of 7 houses named Reveladas or Revelation.
Do you still believe in coincidence?

It is to absurd for words, but every moment that I wrote some difficult phases about this huge puzzle I was confronted by failures or received deeper explications during the night.
-During that period it was like if many equal cycles of our Universe were linked to each other and this process is still in evolution.
-During this last and deepest inauguration or initiation, I became a witness of the most unbelievable stories ever.
-During this last period of explaining dreams, it was like I was sitting in the audience of very Ancient Scientists.
-During this period I received insight about the existence of life on planets as being a recycling of ash from the metabolism of stars.
So we really were born out of dust as was mentioned in the Holy Book of wisdom.
-During this period that lasted about half a year, I became a witness as well of mankind's task to guarantee cosmic eternal life …,
why we had to suffer … and
what was the cradle of our suffering, that brought us to thinking.

Without going in details I can tell you, that - you never will believe me - women's neglecting to eat the placenta was once told in metaphors as being the fall out of paradise. It was the first and deepest cause of suffering, like I found it previously in parts only.

Placenta is a Latin verb and means : "I please".
Placenta is the afterbirth and essential for an optimal motherhood.
In this placenta the basic nutriental enzyme are present.
It was this enzyme on which I started once all my experiments.
It is the native enzyme for all mammals!
It was like all puzzles felt together from one moment to the other.
It is this neglecting of eating the placenta, why women slowly grew to masculinity and started a fight for equal rights!

This fall out of Paradise was predicted as being a growth to equality.
This fall out of Paradise slowly leaded to infertility of women.
She lost her Perfection, as has been told previously.
That's one aspects why the Bibliography or the Renewed Testimonium of Life this time was written in the masculine concept only.

-I became a witness the origin of Faith in general and why all religions are fundamentally equal.
They all found its cradle in what I once named an Atlantis Conference of these Knowers of the Truth of the cycle of life on our planet.
-During this conference one decided to buddy mankind through the last three and most difficult Zodiacs by giving a Pill of Hope.
-I was initiated about the role of Christianity as being a world religion to reach everybody, because it was known to be the last Zodiac of life on our planet.

It was said to be a conspicuous period and different to the previous two Zodiac-periods.

-It was known to be the last phase in the evolution of mankind's thinking.
-It was a change into straight lined thinking and found its cradle in Greece.
-It was a change into the highest level of Ego-survival.
-It was the episode in which mankind should grow to a complete ignorance of his surroundings and described as seeing blindness and hearing deafness.
-It was a period of complete Uni-polarity, which needed a strong counter force.

-For that reason Christianity is seemingly different to previous religions.
-For that simple reason the 10 comments were introduced as being an "artificial" consciousness.
-For that simple reason marriage was introduced as well in order to protect growing children. It was introduced however recent re-search made clear that this restriction [like every restriction] harms the posterity.

-It was introduced to re-establish the Universal Law of bi-polarity as long an possible.
-It was introduced to ensure that mankind should fulfill his cosmic task until the bitter end.

Owing to this final information, I can tell you that Jesus will appear again just before the bitter end of our existence, because…
It was one of the decisions that were made about 6000 years ago.

As far as I know the new Jesus will come within a couple of years and his name will be Confissius.
Confissius means that all life will go in fission or will be transformed to ashes again.
It is this star-child that now receives his proper education somewhere in Tibet.
It is the child - also born out of Immaculate Conception - who will finally thank mankind for his cosmic task and also will explain the unknown part of our re-search as being re-finding the Truth.

Life on planets that ends in "Uranus" is all part of the cosmic play of fusion and fission and also written down in metaphors in the Book of Wisdom.
It is really a bibliography of the cycle of life that ends with our 'Last Will to Predict' or Testament.

-Owing to a bizarre experimental treatment I became a witness of which happens during our last breath. Then the whole film of evolution is turned back in a few seconds, like I did it involuntary during about 35 years.
-During this miniscule moment all our emotions, alma, karma or soul is burned down and this is the light at the end of the tunnel.
This is also written down in brilliant metaphors and completely misunderstood.
Than we will meet God, remitted from all our efforts to survive.

Owing to all these data, I can guarantee that everybody really will find peace and harmony at this last moment.

Wasn't that also predicted as the justifying God?
Isn't it unbelievable?

Thirty years of intensive Universal study during the night.
It is nearly to believe, but I received it all.

However hundreds of superb comparisons - as they are written in the Bible can be given, I don't think that this is necessary.

I will give you here only one nice story about a book that was written so that we could not read it properly.

Do you know why Jesus found himself 12 disciples to inform them about the end of time?
He choused himself 12 different zodiac-types by the know-how that all of them should interpret his proper words differently.

Originally I tried to write the Universal Clock with all its equal wheels down as good as possible.
This resulted in 1001 life-stories and a couple of books.
It all was wasted energy and only helped me to try to lay the puzzle of million pieces again.
I know now that we never should be able to come up to a level of the original Book of Wisdom.

This Book of Wisdom itself in the Perfection and is all written in comparisons and metaphors, because…

-Cosmos is too huge to describe in another way.
-The only possibility is writing in comparisons, because all cycles are equal.
-They are all equal however they turn around each other Uni and Versum.

We never were able to read this book of science, because our straight lined thinking.

It is also this disadvantage that made it sure for the Ancient Scientists, that we should re-find this Universal Truth after loosing the control completely.
Then the same will happen as happens during the last breath.
Then all survival tricks namen alma, carma,soul or hereditive loads will be burned down and dedication [ oppositely to education] force mankind to devotion again.
It is like a depression that is colored by circle-thought of one's own Alma.

Can you now understand why suffering depressions finally leads to re-finding the Truth as well?
it is the ordinary saying of "starving thousands death".
Finally it was my fellowman that brought me in complete isolation, which forced me to re-find the Truth behind our Ego-truth.

I really don't know if I am happy with it, but it happened as it was written down in my genes.
I only can give you back what I received by your doing.

One by one the old souls stood up out of my graves and finally leaded me to the center of our being.

Finally I can say that our life in general is comparable with a tree with many year-rings.

Deep inside our previous souls stand up as soon as the tree is fallen down and the Ego-bast is destroyed.
Than the tree will molder away slowly.
The strongest year-rings are the rings of the years of suffering and they will stay alive the longest.

I feel sorry, but you read a story of a moldered tree, that was fallen down previously..
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/14/2010 09:20 PM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
Holy A (OP)

User ID: 1059436
08/15/2010 08:08 AM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
Thank you...you're a such a genious..
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Holy A (OP)

User ID: 804027
10/22/2010 07:57 AM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Anonymous Coward
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10/22/2010 08:00 AM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
Really enjoy your dissertation.
User ID: 1101502
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10/22/2010 08:48 AM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
Your right it was a we bit drawn out.I would just call it a blessing multiplied by 5 plus one to an infinite number.Less chat more work.Interesting you bring up the rings.Sometimes letting go may be more difficult than you think.Put yourself in the spirits position.Now how difficult have things began.Maybe should should call it a blessing of life and tree of giving.Are you ant good at multiplication.Mathmatics the universal language.TY GB
Anonymous Coward
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10/22/2010 08:49 AM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
Holy A (OP)

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11/15/2010 12:06 PM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
"All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same moment".
Endangered feces
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01/26/2011 12:51 PM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns
Holy A
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04/13/2015 10:03 AM
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Re: Mankind's Crown of Thorns