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Subject Chemtrails hang for hours! News Channel tries to calm people down, then scrubs all photos & reports!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Over parts of New England, Boston, Southern Mass, Northern RI hung huge chemtrails.

People were flipping out, so much so, one of the news stations took the time to EXPLAIN they were CONTRAILS, and not some government conspiracy. He showed pictures viewers had sent in, etc.

NOW, the entire news site has been scrubbed! NO MENTION of it except for these two remnants of his tweets:

Weather Lesson on temp/humidity in the middle/upper atmosphere. I'll show you some neat stuff! #fox25 #contrails
4 hours ago reply

ajburnettFOX25 Great contrails in the sky! Or, if ur the crazy dude from the N. Shore I just spoke with, a Gov. conspiracy to create global warming. #fox25
5 hours ago reply

Found here:

[link to www.myfoxboston.com]
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