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Message Subject Chemtrails hang for hours! News Channel tries to calm people down, then scrubs all photos & reports!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because they hung in the sky like blinds over a window, for hours!

Lines just hanging there.

That is why the guy explained it, and showed pictures. But the news site has been scrubbed.

So why do you think contrails cannot last for hours?
Contrails are by definition cirriform clouds, be it artificial.
Natural cirriform clouds can last for mere minuets to many hours, so why not artificial cirriform clouds?

A raster pattern is easily created wit a crossing airway and crosswind blowing the contrails offroute.
 Quoting: Virga 1069312

If you think about it, I posted this thread because the EXPLANATION by the weather guy from a New England news center, CANNOT BE FOUND. It is scrubbed.

That's what's weird. HE took the time to EXPLAIN to everyone they were CONTRAILS, not CHEMTRAILS.

Complete with graphs, photos, etc, etc.

It's gone now.

That's the odd thing--why is it gone, since they took the TIME and EXPENSE to quiet everyone down regarding the long-hanging chem/con/who gives a shit trails in the sky?!
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