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Subject I'm living in a insane asylum.
Poster Handle RazriN
Post Content
The problem is, I can't see it, touch it or even sense it.

The mental insutition of runaway beliefs & false information that clouds all of my actions and decisions.

How do I break out of this jail cell that controls my mind?

How do you get rid of false beliefs and brainwashing?

I'm thinking media fasting and reprgramming my subconscious mind.

I think this is the core power source of the matrix. The insane asylum everyone is currently living in which guides and controls their behavior autonomously.

The walls are made up of:

Erroneous beliefs
Subconscious programming
Brain malware

I think the only cure is shrooms. A heroic dose of them to undo the brainwashing.

I don't think I can escape the prison with MORE information.

So I think drugs is the key to escape.

But I am scared of the changes that will take place after and rebuilding my ego.

Whether you believe what you read or not, it doesn't matter, information still turns into mental phantoms and daemons that run in the background. The brain has no firewall, and even discernment won't protect you against the brainwashing of the NWO. The brainwashing permeates everything. If the internet, tv, media doesn't get you, the public you surround yourself will, or HAARP.

Any advice on breaking the walls and escaping? any advice on creating a firewall?

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