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Message Subject I'm living in a insane asylum.
Poster Handle RazriN
Post Content
I agree with you. I think we are all infected with mind viruses almost like computer viruses. I've only done shrooms once but I've been using a lot of sythetic medicines that have been helping me to destroy some of the brainwashing.

We've been lied to about everything, including the incredible powers that we have. This week I broke through another level and healed all of my allergies and lactose intolerance. It was a Jesus type healing, it happened in an instant and I think this is only the beginning.

Love your posts Razrin.
 Quoting: Reality is BS 1068979

Holy shit thats awesome.

Can you advice me on synthetics I can use to break out of the asylum im trapped in?

Ecstasy helps, but it was only useful for stage 2, I think i'm ready to make a break out of this prison for good. Permanently.

These mind viruses are very deadly. I notice they like to live on and replicate themselves by making YOU infect others around you.

Dangerous stuff.

Also some people invent mind viruses which control you, especially women. Or governments. Sometimes Governments create conspiracy theories as a method of controlling the end user.


Discuss dude.
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