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Message Subject I'm living in a insane asylum.
Poster Handle MonWho?
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Smoking weed is an inherant trap. Use it to get your mind out of the trance but then you have to stop using it once your eyes open up. Yes I agree with shrooms in a sense that they must be used with the intent of expanding your outlook not to just get high. It isn't the way they were meant to be used. Just as "Church" is a weekly dose, as to Shrooms have to be ingested after the past trip's experiences are all properly absorbed and understood to the best extent possible by your sub-conscious. You will feel when you are ready for the next step/dose. I have found there are two desired type of trips on Zooms for myself, the partial shine where you can still be in the right mind to compare the two realities rationally, then the complete removal of your conscious from todays reality, this would be the "de-programmer" that would be the mental de-tox. But dont forget the partial shine is very important to critique your day to day living activities and see where you can improve your defenses against their Zeitgeist.
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