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Message Subject I'm living in a insane asylum.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Are you sure about the synthetic stimulants though man?

I've been doing synthetic stimulants over the last 3-5 years, and my GOD how they have helped me.

As long as the stimulants don't over ride your WILL, I think they are excellent tools.

Weed was the first thing that helped me, and slowly I will probably drop the stimulants and go back to smoking some pure non genetically modified cannabis.

Cannabis, Shrooms and Stimulants will probably be my key.

When I say stimulants, I don't mean cocaine. That I don't think should constitute as a stimulant, because it's not a complete stimulant, it does other crap to your brain as well as stimulate, so I don't consider it a TRUE stimulant.

I also think you need stimulants to overcome certain mental and physical hurdles that the Elite have placed in our path.

I think our bodies have had their opiate receptors destroyed purposely, so we can't feel "Happiness" withou stimulants rewiring the opiate and pleasure receptors.

I will make a thread about this.

Discuss more.
 Quoting: RazriN

You are probably right about this. The things I said about stimulants are true for me. For some reason my spirit and body tell me to avoid them. I shouldn't have projected that onto other people. I would encourage people to be careful though and not explore any drugs unless their inner guide leads them into it.

I think drugs are a tool and if applied to the wrong person will not heal but damage. All the things I've learned I probably could have learned without drugs but I do believe they have really accelerated the process.
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