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In Oakland, Private Force May Be Hired for Security

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United States
08/16/2010 04:36 PM
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In Oakland, Private Force May Be Hired for Security
[link to www.nytimes.com]

In the wake of the city’s laying off 80 police officers last month, Chinatown is leading a new trend in the crime-ridden city: an increase in privately financed public safety. Mr. Chan has asked every business owner to install a street-facing camera. A new Chinatown security force, perhaps staffed by armed guards, could be on the streets as soon as next month, he said.

The layoffs, which helped close a budget deficit of more than $30 million, eliminated a community-policing program that assigned officers to walk their beats and attend neighborhood meetings. Now some residents are pooling resources to restore a law-enforcement presence. The affluent Montclair District in the Oakland Hills and the Kings Estates neighborhood in East Oakland are also looking into private patrols.

Experts say the combination of police and private security that Chinatown is pursuing reflects a new approach to public safety.

Sooo...will they get paid per arrest? I mean a corporation is running it and they are all about profit. What will be the measure of performance? Who will train these idiots? What recourse do private citizens have during arrest, especially in the wake of the latest video of the choking of the deaf customer by private security. More and more we are regressing to feudal times when the wealthy had an expectation of security and rights under the law and the poor had NOTHING.