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Message Subject Dan Rather concerning Aliens and Alien abductions---Video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most people don't understand generational satanism. The image of powerful creatures having total power over them is just a childhood memory of their torture as small children. This torture results in multiple personality disorder where these memories are hidden in alternate egos. If the children are later allowed to exit the cult programming they may 'remember' the supressed memories in the less structured nighttime personalities.

It's sad but that's the way it is. Try googling demonic cult programming. This has been arround since the cult of Tammuz began. Tammuz = Baal = Osirus. Study, learn.

So...this makes 'aliens'/et's demonic? Uh, ok...

It is humans that you are referring to that are demonic...


may be more than that............................


It is WAAAAY more than that...

Negativity only entered the ET experience when humans were introduced into it...
 Quoting: Sickscent

BTW, that took place before contact was decided to occur through general populace. That took place when it was discovered that human leaders are corrupt and treaties were broken...
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