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Remote Viewer Talks to Jesus, Spies on Aliens.

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08/19/2010 10:02 AM
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Remote Viewer Talks to Jesus, Spies on Aliens.
Remote Viewer Talks to Jesus, Spies on Aliens.
[This story by staff writer Thomas Ropp ran in Phoenix newspapers on March 3, 1996.]

On June 19, 1994, Jesus told Courtney Brown that humans help extraterrestrials because they, like us, are going through a difficult time.

Yeah, I know. But before you totally dismiss this, please read on:

Brown is an assistant professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta, specializing in non-linear mathematical modeling of social phenomena.

He's also a "remote viewer" - he says he has the ability to shift his awareness, allowing him to accurately perceive information at great distances across space and time.

Initial interest in the phenomenon originated within the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1970s, but the bulk of research was conducted by U.S. Army Intelligence. The Army recently admitted using remote viewing in the '80s and '90s in an espionage operation called Stargate.

But something unexpected came out of the Stargate era. Some military remote viewers became bored with Earthly targets and began turning their psychic probing to bigger enigmas.

In his book "Cosmic Voyage" (Dutton), Brown writes about how he and other remote viewers have made telepathic contact with two races of extraterrestrials, plus "subspace" helpers called the Midwayers, and important spiritual teachers - like Jesus and the Buddha - who at one time lived as humans on Earth.

He even reached God. Sort of.

"If anyone had asked me four years ago if I'd ever write a book like this, I would have said you got to be nuts," Brown said. "And I suppose I'm in a situation where I'm probably going to catch hell for a couple of years. You know what happened to Dr. John Mack."

Mack is the Pulitzer Prize-winning Harvard professor and psychiatrist who studies people who say they've been abducted by extraterrestrials. In 1994, Mack wrote the controversial book "Abduction," which supported many of the abductees' claims. Harvard wanted him fired.

The reaction at Emory University has not been as severe for Brown. But apparently no one there is bubbling over with ebulliency, either.

Jan Gleason, of Emory's news and information bureau, said the official position is "no one is judging it" and that "Emory president Bill Chase is committed to academic freedom."

The unofficial proclamation is that no one is reading it. Gleason said she had not read "Cosmic Voyage" and knows of only one person who has.

Ed Stackler, Brown's editor at Dutton, said he doesn't necessarily agree with Brown's findings.

"It's difficult to prove these things," Stackler said. "But I wanted to acquire his book because I found it fascinating, and I knew the author had strong credentials in remote viewing."

Stackler said sales of "Cosmic Voyage" are exceeding expectations.

Much of Brown's cosmic wanderings has focused on the UFO phenomenon. He said he and other remote viewers have corroborated important information about extraterrestrials and their interest in humans.

He believes the dominant extraterrestrial is the one abductees have been describing for years as short, gray, with praying-mantis-shape heads and enormous black eyes. In UFO parlance, they have become known as "the Greys."

Brown remote-viewed the Greys in their ships and on the moon and has even gone back in time and witnessed the destruction of their home world. He believes the Greys are so advanced that they're aware of his "astral" presence when he's remote-viewing them. He's learned this about them:

Greys communicate telepathically in a collective consciousness or group mind. They have been abducting humans (Brown says he's witnessed this) in an ongoing genetic engineering program to benefit both humans and their own species.

Brown believes the Greys are attempting to speed human evolution and enhance our spirituality by creating humans with some Grey genes. Brown believes the idea behind this is that if humans can evolve faster, we may still be able to divert a forthcoming total ecological collapse on Earth.

But the Greys also need us, Brown said. He thinks they have reached an evolutionary dead end. In order to survive, they need emotions and they need to be more individualistic. They need human genes.

Despite the fear abductees have experienced, the Greys are benevolent, Brown said. They are gathering and preserving our disappearing plant and animal species for re-establishing on Earth at a time when humans have evolved into better caretakers.

The Greys are building a new Earth-like planet where some humans will be relocated as our environmental trouble rapidly accelerates in about another 50 years.

The second group of ETs on Earth, who look more like us, are descendants of Mars refugees. At one time, Mars had an atmosphere similar to Earth's, but it was destroyed by a comet or asteroid. The Greys helped survivors relocate underground in several Earth locations, including in caverns underneath Santa Fe Baldy, just north of Santa Fe, N.M.

Brown believes our first United Nations' sanctioned contact with extraterrestrials will be soon and will be with the Martians of Santa Fe and not the Greys.

"The Martians have been set up with a level of technology that is about 150 years ahead of our own," Brown said. "It would be beneficial for both our races to make contact."

Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo had no comment.

To understand the Midwayers, we must understand the essence of ourselves.

Brown believes at least two forms of life exist - physical and non-physical (subspace). Humans are composite beings. Our physical forms are inhabited by our subspace forms. Physical life forms are temporary - they eventually die. The subspace aspects persist, apparently forever.

"Our human souls are simply our subspace selves that existed before we became physical and will continue to live after our physical bodies decay and slough off," Brown said.

He says advanced sentient races like the Greys understand this, and they actively communicate across the physical-subspace divide, often using technology to bridge the physical and subspace gap. Most humans, on the other hand, are not advanced spiritually enough to perceive both realms simultaneously. Life for us is what most of us experience through our five physical senses.

Brown believes that humans who have become UFO abductees might actually have volunteered their services while in their subspace aspects -- an agreement they can't remember while living in physical human form.

Midwayers, according to Brown, are subspace beings just outside our physical viewing range. However, occasionally they appear to humans as ghosts or angels.

Brown said the military originally discovered them while remote-viewing non-physical targets from "The Urantia Book," a book of spiritually oriented revelations that mentions the Midwayers.

"The military was shocked to discover these Midwayers actually existed," Brown said.

As far as Brown can determine, the Midwayers are something like guardian angels, assigned to Earth to work with the subspace aspects of humans to promote human evolutionary potential.

Much of Brown's experiences in remote viewing sound amazingly similar to episodes from the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation." He said there's even a galactic federation in subspace. Humans, of course, are not members, but the Greys are full members in good standing.

The "Star Trek" connection is not by accident, Brown insists. In an attempt to get humans used to a bigger world where we are not at the center, Brown said the Midwayers and ETs have influenced the writers, producers and power brokers of "Star Trek" and other popular TV shows and movies. He even has witnessed ETs implanting an idea into a Hollywood mogul's mind as he dreamed.

"He woke up the next morning with this great idea for a story, never realizing that the idea wasn't really his," Brown said.

One of the great surprises to Brown and his monitor (remote viewers usually work in pairs) was the ability to target people who had died. Naturally, Brown focused on the most influential, including Buddha; Guru Dev, a great teacher of meditation; and Jesus.

Brown said he's not trying to change or denigrate anyone's religious beliefs, but is only reporting what he and other remote viewers have come across.

His contact with Jesus was especially moving.

"He was wearing a gown, and he was somewhat translucent," Brown said. "His hair seemed to be made of light. I soon got the impression that Jesus wasn't this austere fellow I grew up believing he was. He seemed quite friendly, and I detected a sense of humor."

Brown said he also had the feeling Jesus was expecting him.

Jesus' message wasn't all that different from that of 2,000 years ago: All things are a manifestation of God's love, and no life form is more important than another. The only difference between bees and bears, humans and extraterrestrials is their degree of evolution. Humans, Jesus told Brown, must help others in their evolutionary path. This includes extraterrestrials.

"Jesus didn't just say we should work with them," Brown said. "He conveyed the clearest concept of a command that I have ever received from any being while remote viewing."

Jesus also said that humans have free will.

The only time Jesus appeared upset, Brown said, was when Brown asked if non-Christians had to call on him to evolve fully.

"Quite forcefully, he stated that a name is nothing," Brown said. "Everything depends on personality development. Understanding and loving God is the important thing. That is what carries us through evolution."

Brown said he and his monitor had tried to steer "Cosmic Voyage" away from religious topics. But that became impossible when the idea of evolution toward some central point reappeared wherever they looked. Moreover, religious themes kept overlapping with what they thought were simple extraterrestrial concepts.

In one session, he and his monitor couldn't resist trying to target God. He received no definite answers this time, but was left with a series of

"In my view, God has many aspects," Brown said. "But we can only understand parts at a time."

Brown believes our ability to understand each aspect of God depends on our own level of evolution toward what some call "God consciousness."

"It seems that God is sentient and literally exists in fragmented form in evolving life and everything else," Brown said. "It is as if God experiences joy in creating matter and life from his own substance and then living life through the experiences of species everywhere."