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Poster Handle Epic Beard Guy
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The NWO will depopulate the earth. Some say 50% some as high as 95%. It won't be hard, they have the tools already. The swine flu vaccine has left a lot of people more receptive to a mutated virus. It might be the swine flu they use, or they could use a hi-bred with the bird flu. But if you believe they accidentally released 22 kilograms of live bird flu virus instead of swine flu vaccine, you just go right back to sleep. If people had been vaccinated with live bird flu virus chances are it would have recombined to form an easily transmitted very deadly virus that would have reduced the world population by 50% to 90%. This release of bird flu virus by the World Health Organization was investigated as a veterinarian accident! WHAT THE FUCK? The UN wants use dead! When most of us are dead, they can establish their New World Order. BE PREPARED! STOCK UP ON FOOD! HAVE AT LEAST A YEAR OF SUPPLIES, TWO IS BETTER. You will need guns, ammo and training to protect your supplies. If you can, get out of the cities. If you can, get away from the cities far enough that raiders can't walk to you house after they run out of gas. I like 100 miles or more, but you be the judge. NWO is the prevalent thought process in Washington right now. It is the progressive movement, and it includes both Republicans and Democrats, so when you vote, look for the candidate that believes in SMALL GOVERNMENT.
PS: If you really want to scare the local politicians, fly the Gadsden flag! They will notice!
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