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OK, I am enRAGED. I filled in our 2010 census form and sent it in.

About a month ago the "CENSUS BUREAU" started calling here 2 to 4 times a DAY. Left message saying 'This is the Census Bureau, please return this call with case #blah blah'. Different caller each time so I could not block the caller.
I ignored all of them, thinking I owe them NOT one further minute of my time with further invasion of my privacy.

THEN I was stupid enough to listen to a family member who said OOOHHH, you better cooperate, it's the Census Bureau!!!!

WELL, although they CLAIM to be the Census Bureau, this is a 30 minute fucking interview by the CPI asking every god damned cent you have spent since July 1.

I finally asked what the hell this had to do with the CB, she said 'well we are PAID by the CENSUS BUREAU, but we are authorized to do many different SURVEYS' I said 'So I could have REFUSED?' she said YES. She then had the fucking audacity to ask me if they could call back in 3 months to repeat survey, I said "ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!!!!!!!!!" oooooh ok thanks you for your time blah, I had already hung up on her.

BEWARE, and do NOT base your decisions on FEAR. Actually this is a form of HARASSMENT, calling the household here 3 to 4 times a day at times, God help the unfortunate fool if another one calls here, although they claim to have a case number, so they should not be calling back....
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