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Message Subject How to make gold from lead.
Poster Handle cjrocks
Post Content
You can turn lead into gold by bombarding it with protons, or maybe alpha particles, but it is very unlikely that any process will result in turning lead, with more protons, into gold, with fewer protons.

No isotopes of lead are fissionable, so neutron bombardment won't work. Alpha and protons, should they stay in the nucleus, will increase the atomic number, not decrease it. Positrons are anti-electrons and unlikely to get past the electron cloud without being annihilated, literally, in a "cloud" of gamma rays.

At best, a stream of electrons shot into the nucleus could convert some protons into neutrons, and lower the atomic number. Each lead atom would have to have enough electrons interacting with three protons to convert then to neutrons. The mass number would stay the same, and the atomic number would decrease by 3.

82-Pb-206 + 3(-1e-0) --> 79-Au-206
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