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Message Subject How to make gold from lead.
Poster Handle <John 3:16>
Post Content
Find a thunderstorm over yellow sand.
Put on rubber gloves.
Place two weights from tire shop (lead)
in a glass canning jar.
Dig a hole in sand, about two feet down.
Put the jar in the sand, upright.
Stick a piece of 10' 5/8" rebar in the jar so it points up
at the sky.
Fill in the jar with sand and bury completely.
Make sure rebar is pointing up and end stays at the
bottom of the jar.
It's okay if it's raining hard and everything gets wet.
Stand back. Okay stand way back.
Wait for lightning to strike the rebar.
After a strike, dig it all out.
You'll have a nugget of gold inside the glass.
Just break it out of there, if you want it.

Risk-lighting strike before you let go of the rebar.

Alternate method:

Connect in series, four car batteries.
Place a quartz crystal in the bottom of a jar.
Sprinkle ground cinnibar without gold fleck.
Put mercury on the cinnibar.
Place lead filings on top of that. Fill with water.
Place leads from the closest battery into the water.
Put a charger on the battery furthest from the jar,
Set to low.
Plug it in.
48 hours later, the lead filings should have transmuted.

Batteries emit toxic fumes and need lots of ventilation. They can explode.


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 Quoting: Let's crash the party. 875736

He he he...better and cheaper idea...buy a few thousand dollars of lead bricks...overlay a couple of cms of pure gold and stamp them as 99.999% pure...and put them up for sale for thousands of dollars...take money and buy REAL gold with the money /grin..../BAH!!!
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