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Message Subject The New World Order Of Satans Design Explained, Ritualized Child Molestation Everywhere, Even Underground, Kid sexers
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most people get the evil agenda that they want. The govt will own your children or the UN does-they want the USA to sign the treaty on this issue (giving up parental rights over to the UN), then once that is done we will see a huge child takeover either making them soldiers and or sex slaves for the pervs. Obama gave the UN immunity so people will never have a say or recourses. Then once they are done totally messing with all the young ones and making them mind control soldiers there will be no normal humans left that think for themselves. Implant them and GPS them just in case a few are not capable of being controlled. It is a sick sick plan going on and we know many other cultures already let people mess with babies under their laws or simply could care less about them.
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