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Message Subject I am the architect of the illuminati, ask me anything...
Poster Handle Macchendra
Post Content
how does the illuminati kill billions at once

THEY don't, that is not their work. The scandal of appearing to is part of what drives the ouroboros, which causes the dividing of time, the new heaven and earth, and the salvation of humanity.

why cause a disorder to create?
rather expand on creation?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 947925

It was always there, part of the original timeline. God had placed his son in the timeline where he had not been before. The purpose of this salvation was to save us from our sins.

Nuclear war, when it comes, is self-defense on all sides: fully justified under the law. And it comes because we use police and military to make others pay for their sins.

We do this because:
we do not forgive those who trespass against us.
we do not turn the other cheek.
we believe that Jesus was lying when he said "the meek will inherit the earth".
we do not take the evidence of the sacrifice as proof we are safe.
we want to do as police and military did to Christ.
we are trying to save ourselves.
we seek to impose our judgment with violence.
we choose life under the law; over life under grace.

Why is it self-defense on all sides? Because the threat of violence is equivalent to violence. Just ask any convicted extortionist.
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