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Message Subject I am the architect of the illuminati, ask me anything...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'll bite!! Regardless of who or what you say you are. Any man who wishes to keep knowledge from you..wishes to rule over you. I'm an island in a sea of suffering. I wish you peace and leave me the fuck alone. I mean you no harm and will honour my word. Wish others would too. Why cut the cows legs off and tell it to walk and complain that the cow can't walk. What about "dare not speak it's name?" What's the diffence? No different then another other? The Holy Potato and his son Spud in the spirit of the Fry!! Funny that those who know still bow? A higher power rules you all. Now..why work for the enslavement of man? Along with dozens of other questions. Why not create strong minds in man? An understanding of all. Why does ego drive you? A better person? Really? Genes? Must be the bloodline. Your in or your not. I think your not. Just a higher end slave working to elsave the plant to these ruling elite. Remember..once the war is over..and people are encamped. You sir are next. Question is was it worth the material wealth? A wealth that will be taken? So.. member of the order you are not. Perhaps you are the problem with this earth. Whatever agenda is in the works. You know that man is too blind to see it. THIS IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF!!
Things are the way they should be. Sad that happiness and peace aren't a part of it.
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