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Message Subject For all the khazar-tards who think Israel is 90% European:
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fuck off JADR.


I'm like Israel: Here to stay.

Nobody wants Israel to go anywhere moran. We just want you to stop fucking up everything in the world.

That's the opinion of the useful idiots of radical Islam.

Ah well .. good for you.

Fuck Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. If we could get rid of all 3 of those diseases, our species would be fine.

That's what Stalin & Mao thought ...

Stalin was a filthy kike who protected synagogues and jews like the rest of the bolsheviks.

Nope - he was an orthodox Christian - and he banned religion - replaced it with a different ideology far worse.
 Quoting: JADR

Culturally and ethnically Jewish. What kind a crypto he was is irrelevant.
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