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Message Subject VoiceChat Discusssion 9/6 - John Todd former Illuminati & the truth re rock/roll -**Videos Posted**
Poster Handle Phennommennonn
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The popular "horn sign" Mylie Cyrus and others are so often seen using is sign language for "I love you", a message to their fans. As for secret rooms in studios, I've been in the music industry, as have many of my relatives, and I can assure you, there have not been any secret rooms, Witches (except for myself, as I happen to be Wiccan), or demons present. These include studios in New York, Atlanta, and Nashville. I can't speak for LA, but I do have my doubts about their studios as well. This tale was featured in Chick Publications' "Crusaders" Comic Book Series, and showed the so-called Witches/Satanists (in reality, there is no connection whatsoever between the two) taking a master tape into one of these "secret rooms" behind the "oaken doors". This is the only place I've ever seen or heard of such a claim being made. (The same comic showed "Druids" carrying Egyptian Ankhs, which would be like a Buddhist carrying a Rosary. In other words, the Chick/Todd series isn't just over the top based on their wild claims of demons in recordings, but they're way off base historically, too.)
 Quoting: celtblood

its hard not to believe that there isnt something sinister behind the music.
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