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04/25/2011 08:01 PM
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 1171233

Hey ST In BG:

So can you tell us who or what race spoke through Edgar Cayce? Helping hundreds if not thousands of people.

**There Were Quite A Number Of "Entities" ... That Conversed ... That "Spoke" ... Through The One Called ... "Edgar Cayce" !! ... Many Doctors/Healers !!

Edgar also stated that he was getting information from the Akashic records as well. Any such thing?

**Yes ... It Refers To The "Master Copy" ... That Is Accessible On A Higher Energy Plane/Field/Dimension !! ... This Is The "Record" ... Of All Informations To & Involving Terra/Earth !!

What can you tell us about the Ra channelings?

**Information/Utterances ... Coming Through A "Human" Body ... Through Their "Filters" ... Which By The Very Processes ... Changes/Distorts Of That ... Being Related !!

once again who or what race was behind this information or was it just made up?

**A Combination Of Entities ... Along With Accessing The Master Records ... Though Changed/Distorted ... Through The
Filters Of The Ones Who Relate The Informations !!

While on the subject of channeling there still are quite a few out there claiming to be receiving messages. Everything from Ashtar to The Galactic Federation and from Salusa and even the Council of Nibiru! (sigh)

What is the deal? Are these people crazy and hear voices? Or are they really hearing someone?

**There Are Those Individuals That Are Legitimate ... & Those That Are ... "Taking Advantage Of A Situation" ... For "Profit's Sake" ... Who Have "Jumped On The Bandwagon" ... When Such Subjects Became Popular !! ...

**An Example Would Be ... Of Publishers That "Hold Off" ... Releasing Books/Materials ... On Various "Controversial
Topics" ... Until The Atmosphere/Mood/Public View/Opinion Is ... More Open To Reception !!

You mentioned way back that this planet was under quarantine when the Anunnaki came here.

**That Is Correct !!

Who quarantined this planet?

**Permission For Quarantine Was Given ... By The Council Of Worlds/Association Of Worlds ... Though The Actual
Implementation ... "Putting Out The Reminder/Warning Signs" & Physical Barriers ... Was Up To The Requester ... Those
That Asked For Such Permissions !! ... Of Which This Oversight/Misunderstanding ... Paved The Way For Violation ... By Those Who Visited ... & Did Not Know Ahead Of Time ... That Control Experiments Were Being Performed !!

**Of The Anunnaki ... Specifically Enki ... He Was Not To Blame ... For The Inadvertent Intrusion ... As No Reminders
Of Any Kind Were Present ... Saying Of The Quarantined Planet ... & Experiments Being Performed On The Surface !! ... Along With This ... No Warnings/Signs/Indications ... Around/Near The Control Compounds ... The "Gardens Of Eden" (Which Describes Many "Control Conditions" Compounds/Areas ... Set Up To Test Various Bodies/Adaptivity ... Various Environments ... Throughout The Planet !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 08:06 PM
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Greetings: Mankind: User ID: 1349054

Have you found Jesus?

**Why Should One(s) Look For ... Fraudulent Creations ... Invented For Manipulation/Power-Control ... Theft Of Being,
Theft Of Personal Properties ... Of Individuals/Peoples !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 08:14 PM
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Greetings: I AM that I AM: User ID: 1349317

**Note: Part 1 Of 2 **

Dear Doctor ST In BG, (hehehe)

I have many thoughts on how I view you in answering my various questions, as a teacher/s, a doctor/s, and a
scientist/s and sometimes as a comedian/s. Is it okay that I used these qualifying names in front of ST In BG when
addressing you?

**We Prefer ... ST In BG

It is of no disrespect that I would like to do this. It is fun for me to do so and catalogues in my mind the questions I am asking.

**We Would Know/Understand ... Of That Which You Speak !!

Since I am getting rid of my PCP (Primary Care Physician), I have nominated you and the crew in his place.

I hope you do not mind.

**It Is Not The Minding ... It Is ... If This Is Allowed !! ... As While We Do Heal ... So Very Many ... It Is Not Always ... That We Are Able To Communicate Various Informations ... To & Through The Conduit !!

You definitely seem to be much more intelligent than he.

**We Are Advanced Beings ... With Advanced Knowledge ... Who Know !! ... Those On Terra/Earth (With A Few Exceptions
Noted !!) ... Do Not Know !!

I still have other doctors that are specialist that I see on an ongoing basis, until I feel I can replace them too. They are the ones that monitor me and order tests that I may need.

**Hmmm !!

When you mentioned before that Arthritis was a symptom of something else,

**It Is A "Symptom" ... Not The "Disease" !! ... Of Which This "Symptom" ... Can Be Of Many Causes !!

that it was used as a process of a weapon of war, it was shocking to me.

**Why Would It Be Shocking ?? ... Of Many Natural Things Changed There ... Made Into That ... Which Was Not Intended !! ... Not For Certain Uses !!

It immediately reminded me of the story in the Bible where Sara Lot's wife looked back at the city of Sodom and Gomorrah as it was being destroyed and was turned into a pillar of salt.

**She Was Curious & Lingered Behind ... Not Finding Shelter Behind The Mountains !! ... She Was Caught Out In The Open
... In The Radiant "Blast Zone" ... Of Which The Energy Waves ... Vaporized Her Body !! .... Of The Translation
"Pillar Of Salt" .... This Was/Is In Error ... Due To How The Words/Thoughts/Forms ... 2 Words Having Similar ... But
Different Meanings !!

Were people long, long ago using some type of beam to direct at people/cities or were they poisoning their water/food supply with chemicals to achieve this hardening of the joints?

**In The Art Of War In Of ... Ancient Times ... Many Avenues Of Destruction Were Explored .... From High Energy Beams ... To The Destroying Of The Crops/Food ... The Water ... Air To Breathe !!


does it take you a while to process/read our words or do you do it at speeds we could not comprehend? You answer all the questions usually in one sitting, much better than anyone of us could do.

**Of The "Speed Of Translation" ... Of The Understanding ... Ones Might Say .... It Is ... Extremely Quick ... Perhaps Of The Expression There ... Of The "Speed Of Thought" !!

What is the most effective way on Terra besides changing bodies/shells/containers to rid ourselves of toxins?

**Don't Take The Toxins In ... To Begin With !!

One doctor proposes that he breaks down large citrus pectin molecules into smaller easily absorbable pieces. Then he changes the pH of the pectin molecule to make it easier for the molecule to bind to heavy metals, especially in the low-pH environment of the stomach.

**Hmmm !!

Is modified citrus pectin an effective way to help the body rid itself of these toxins?

**Don't Know !!

I work on a daily basis to heal my body of health issues. Sometimes I see a result and sometimes I don't. I
know it is an ongoing process, like daily maintenance. There are a number of things that I do myself in trying to heal myself. I also take prescribed toxic chemical pharmaceuticals on a daily basis. This would be standard treatment for what ails me since I have a chronic life threatening illness.

My body bounces back after having serious life threatening episodes that most people die from. One of my friends believes I am being protected by a higher energy essence that helps me. I believe this is due to my thought patterns and how I view life. I have been told by someone that I have the vibrations/frequencies of a healer. I do feel that I can do some healing, but I need to learn to be consistent. I ask you health questions to make sure I have clarity on some issues.

I have also in the past respectfully requested to come to your sick bay and to also have a Mantian doctor heal my endoskeleton, so I do not have pain and have more mobility.

I have asked telepathically in case an ET realized I could do this, and out loud in case they weren't listening for a
telepathic human to request these things.

**We Understand !!

Do ETs listen randomly to humans or when a call is put out for assistance?

**"Human" Is The Shell/Body !! ... The Energies That Animate Within ... Can Be From ... Most Anywhere !! ... As To "Randomly Listening In" ... Or When A Call Is Put Out ... For Assistance ... We Can Only Say .. It Just Depends !!

Is that call for request felt as energy or heard as sound waves?

**It Is Simply Received !!

Which ETs are listening?

**Those That Are Listening !! ... Varies !!

Are ETs always listening?

**Monitoring Is Done !!

**End Of Part 1 ... Continue With Part 2

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 08:23 PM
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Greetings: I AM that I AM: User ID: 1349317

**Note: Part 2 Of 2 **

**Continued From Part 1 ...

How does a specific request get to a particular ET?

**We Pass Notes ... Like In ... Terrestrial "Study Halls" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

It seems to me that about two weeks I was on a ship or in a place that was quite large and had a metallic glean on the walls, lots of entities walking around in a corridor that curved behind to my left where I was standing. I
was standing facing outside of a room as if I were waiting my turn. I do not remember entering the room or what the room Contained. This is all I can recall at this moment.

**Hmmm !!!

It appears that humans have picked up a lot of toxins from the industrialized revolution, and we have been polluting since. I know we are not a wise race let alone an advanced one simply because of some of these obvious

1) We pollute the air we breathe. For example we use fossilized fuels. We get rid of trees through logging
that provide us with oxygen.

2) We pollute the water that we drink. For example dumping waste in waterways and mining.

3) We pollute the earth that we live on. For example dumping waste everywhere.

4) We take pharmaceuticals drugs instead of using the natural plants in abundance for healing. We have
forgotten what the plants do.

5) We go to war on each other who are our brothers and sisters.

6) We are into imagery so much that we discriminate among other humans who look different, but who are
basically just like us, made of the same essence.

7) We have so much greed that money here on Terra is actually a god. Because of this that underscores all of
the above as to why humans do the despicable things humans do.

How do humans get the mind to do such things?

**Such Is Complicated ... To Attempt To Respond !!

ST, was there ever an enlighten time here on Earth where we humans knew who we were?

**Emmm .... Perhaps !!

Where and when did things take the turn away from enlightenment? Why was this turn successful? Did some humans go into another dimension when this occurred, because they didn't want to be part of it?

**Don't Know !!

Because of imagery, is this why ETs all look the same?

**They Do Not All ... Look The Same !! ... Each Is Different ... In Their Own Way !! ... Even Ourselves ... The
People/One People ... While We All Look Similar ... There Are "Differences" ... Which We Can Tell !!

Since you don't have names, how do you call one another or do you just think of the entity and they know you are requesting them?

**We Are All One ... It Is Most Automatic !!

How do you visit with one another? Do you just appear?

**We ... Show Up !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

It seems to me that a few days ago I was again on a ship and I was in a room with a curved counter with screens on a table and there was about 12-15 of us sitting there doing either research or reading. We all looked different, so it seems that we all were humans from different races and backgrounds.

**Hmmmm !!

We seem to be intent on what we were doing. Why would this scenario appear to me upon waking?

**Don't Know !!

Could I have been on a ship or could I have been desiring
to be on a ship doing these things, so I could have been making it up? It didn't appear that I was making this up to

**You Were There !!

Through telepathy doesn't everyone feel/see your thoughts? Do you feel each others frequency/vibrations/love and therefore you can connect with them?

**It Is More ... An Advanced Form ... Of Telepathy ... Of Communication !!

Are some known by their frequency/vibrations of love and therefore you know who they are

**Of Their "Personal Vibration" ... We Can Tell !!

and if they are there with you, even if they are not there in body/shell/container form?

**Yes !!

There are some humans who can do this quite well. I know of people who are a lot better than I am.

I guess it would be crossing the mental block or veil?

**No !!

When humans do this, are they communicating with physical people/entities from other dimensions that they can not see,

**They Always Are !!

but they can feel their presence or is that person/entity in the same dimension for telepathic communication?

**They Are ... Connected !!

Also I have known of humans that can communicate (not channeling) with other animating energies even if they are not in a body/shell/container and have passed from 3rd density, these are people who
have died.

**Not ... "Died" ... Discarded Old Worn Out Shell/Body ... Left That Body ... Energies Animating Another Body !!

Even though the communication is not always as clear as conversation, it is my understanding that the vibrationary frequency energies have to be adjusted for both participating parties to meet a balance.

**Perhaps !!

What is a good way to increase the vibrationary frequency?

**There Are Ways !! ... Though ... Not Good/Bad Ways !!

Isn't their a period of knowingness that will occur where humans will begin to see/experience/know of other
life forms and animating energies that exist here on Terra?

**They Do Now !! ... They Just ... Go Into Denial ... About These Things !!

Isn't this going to become more liberating for some of the people that do not recognize their skills when the knowingness occurs? Would some of the other people get sick so to say with anxiety, nervousness, heart attacks,
strokes, etc.? Would this knowingness occur while in 3rd density, before or after some Earth changes transpire?

**Some Are Aware Of Your Moment ... Others ... They Have To Wait !!

Why is it that you have so much patience with us in answering our varied questions?

**Don't Know !!

Is this learning for you too?

**It Is Curiosity !!

Is there never a time that you may have a question for us,

**No ... Not At That Level ... Which We Have Already Experienced ... And Are Knowing Of !!

or are you see all, know all, because you exist on all planes and in all densities?

**This Is Correct ... Of Being At One ... Existing Everywhere ... Being Everywhere ... In The Moment !!

Also you can read our thoughts?

**When Ones Are Connected ... They Are One With Each Other !! ... Of This ... It Is Much Much MUCH More ... Then Simply ... The "Reading Of Thoughts" !! ... There Are Certain Circumstances & Occasions ... Where Thought Communication Occurs ... & Where This Is Ethical/Permitted !! ... Usually We Try Not To Intrude ... Of Privacy Matters !! ... Though We Are Allowed To Overrule Stipulations ... If This Would Be ... Health, Safety, Security, Ect. Related !!

I mean by questions for us that is how we may feel about
the coming Earth changes? Our emotions?

**This Is Not Needed ... As We Already Know !!

Are you good in psychology too?

**We Are Beyond Such Limitations !!

We have abilities to create our own reality, so I don't understand why we favor money so much.

**Suffice To Say ... "Con Artists" ... Played A "Bait & Switch" ... Suppressing All Thoughts/Ideas ... That You Are Able To Manifest ... To Create !!

How could it be that our talents and skills as animating energies with experiences from other places/tines forget that we have these skills and many more?

**The Slower Vibrations/Energy Fields ... Of Terra/Earth !! ... This Causes Interference/Blockage !! ... As Well As ... The Natural "Psychic Barriers" !!

Since consciousness is the nature of reality.

**That Is A "Terrestrial Understanding" !! ... Not An ET Understanding !!

What is blocking our consciousness,

**What Is Blocking Of Remembering ... Of Who You Are ?? .... Just Answered Above !!

when we leave our bodies/shells/containers at night?

**You Can Leave These ... Any Moment !!

I would think that the mental block you have talked about before would not have an affect on us once we leave our bodies/shells/containers when we sleep.

**As Your Animating Energies ... Are Not In The Dense Body ... & You Are In Energy Form ... You Have Greater
Awareness/Access !!

It would appear that we would have these skills when we are asleep, would you agree?

**You Have These "Skills" Always !!

Wouldn't we revert back to our natural state of animating energies while our bodies/shells/containers were sleeping?

**You Would Be ... In An Energy State !!

We could travel or do anything we want.

**There Are .. Limitations !!

What is stopping us from remembering when we wake up? How come it is not clear to us?

**You Have Returned Once Again ... To A Dense Body/Shell/Container !!

Do we ever visit our selves in the other time dimensions?

**This Is Possible !! ... As The Conduit Has Visited/Been With ... Other Selves ... In Other Places/Times !!

When Terra is reformed, is it only just this particular 3rd density that is affected?

**No !!

Would the other dimensions that layer ours, would that be changed too?

**All Things Alter !!

If our bodies/shells/containers in this density are terminating, then what about our other selves in the other dimensions?

**They Continue On !!

Why do some of us realize parts of our other lives that we have had?

**They Are Meant To ... Altered To Do This !!

You remember yours it appears clearly,

**Of Which The Conduit ... "Improved His Batting Average" ... At The Same Time !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

whereas some humans made only feel/realize a few of theirs, whereas others go through hypnotic regression to speak about
their lives.

Can we not move that mental block a little to peak at our lives that are ongoing?

**Not Without Severe Mental Damage/Overload ... Leading To Madness ... Then Death !!

I will be back with lots of questions as I have been getting my thoughts together and researching if you could have answered some of the questions already, as time is short.

Then I have to stay on top of the thread so as to not miss a word spoken.

**It Is Not "Spoken" ... Rather ... Communicated !!

You give me much to contemplate, it basically takes up my whole day, but it is excellent for me to learn what I may not know and get clarity on other issues I may have been pondering or reading about.

You and your crew

**Our Friends & Comrades/Associates !!

are also like very wise big brothers and sisters to me.

Someone I can go to and ask questions and not be led around
the Bush so to speak.

**We Never Voted For Him !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

I know truth is for the beholder,

**And Make Sure ... If You Are Holding Bees ... That You Wear ... Protective Clothing !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

so I do like to hear and understand your perspective.

**Yes Of Course !!

Thank you for your moments and patience. It is very much appreciated.

You Are Very Welcome !!

**End Of Part 2 Of 2 **

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 08:30 PM
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 1277981

Greetings ST In BG

Thank you for answering my previous questions

**You Are Most Welcome !!

You also said earlier that our energies volunteered to inhabit the bodies created for physical survival on
Earth by the Anunnaki and many others before them.

Why would any-energy/spirit volunteer for earth/Terra with the severely limited mental abilities/inability to understand the omniverse that you describe in 3rd density?

**For The Experience/Learning !!

Especially as you admit the homosapiens model was faulty (envy of possessions) in the first place and is now a defunct, deleted model!

**That Was Of ... One Particular Created Model !! ... Other Models ... Came Later !!

What are/were we supposed to learn? - from a position that some would compare to laboratory mice?

**You Are To Learn ... What You Are To Learn !!

3rd density with added fault!

**With Patchwork Added In !!

Which level of vibration are we?

**The Level That You Are !!

Any chance you could be more helpful than "that depends on individual circumstances?

**We Cannot Give You Precise Details ... Unless This Has Been So Agreed To/Arranged !! ... It Is Per Privacy Issues !!

Do you consider yourselves and the other ETs competent in their/your duty of developing the Human form for a
life or learning on Earth/Terra -

**Quite Competent !! ... We Developed Many Forms ... For Various Environments/Conditions !! ... "Human" Is Only One Such Model/Form !!

given that you admit you detected a fault (envy of others' stuff) that you knew would lead to endless war and suffering (you had the Time Technology to see)?

**The One Of That Moment ... Who Raised The Issue ... Of Creating A "Worship Of The Creator Beings" ... A "Quick Fix
Solution" .... Rather Then Starting Again ... From The Beginning ... & Correcting The Problems That Were Unforeseen !! ... Indeed We Had Then ... & Have ... The Ability To "See Through Time" !!

You also had the Time Technology to see that the ruse of inventing "God" would not work!!

**Yes ... We Saw ... What Would Happen !!

You voted - would that be "one ET one vote" or proportional representation?

**One Recognized/Eligible ET Being/One Vote !!

Is this how your decision making procedures normally work ? I have to say it doesn't work well on Earth!

**The System There ... Is Far Different ... Then Our System !!

I wonder what you think of Christian O'Brien's translation of the S(h)umerian texts in "Genius of the Few" ? He identified the Igigi as astronauts/pilots, the angels as the Anunnaki scientists involved in astronomy, anthropology
(studying humans), medicine, farming, construction, engineering etc.

He identified the arch-angels as their captains -
Raphael as Chief Medic, Michael as Captain of the Guard, (he also referred to them as being one-eyed and two-eyed
serpents - presumably a race?)

the Watchers were of several different races including dwarves and giants coming from the different planets in the Nibiru system - and were brought in to teach the humans especially farming. They were not supposed to interbreed so some senior personage must have taken his eye off the ball! Can you comment of the accuracy of this?

**They Have Disqualified Themselves ... As Knowing What They Are Talking About .... By The Following Thoughts ...

Quoting: "He identified the arch-angels as their captains - Raphael as Chief Medic, Michael as Captain of the Guard,"
.... Such Is Attempting To Overlay "Religion & Religious Expression" ... Onto Those Things Guessed At ... Speculated !!

I am saddened that humanity and all other life on Earth is to be destroyed as Earth/Terra is renovated for
4th density existence.

**Such Is ... A Natural Phenomena/Process ... That Needs To Occur ... For Advancement Of Species ... Of Life/Lifeforms
!! ... Of The Very Planet Terra/Earth ... Which Is A Living Conscious Being/Entity !!

Has anything useful been gained by "your" experiment? Is this worth all the suffering experienced by both animals and humans on Earth/Terra - because of the fault you acknowledge?

**As You Are Not Understanding ... Not Fully Familiar With Such Things ... Attempting To Assign Blame ... For What Has
Occurred ... "Pointing Fingers" ... Would Not Be Correct !! ... WE May Do So !! ... However ... We Were There/Are There ... Therefore ... We Comprehend The "Full Picture" !! ... Those There ... Have Just A Few Puzzle Pieces ... To What Has Went On ... & It's Ramifications !!

I suppose much more importantly, can you tell us anything about the being/energy Earth/Terra which you have described as female.

**The Energies Are "Female" ... In That Terra/Earth ... Was/Is ... One Part Of A Larger Water Planet ... That Was
Destroyed ... The Name/Identification: Tiamet !!

Did she volunteer? What does she think of us? etc

**It Is Of ... A Different ... Higher Understanding !!

Many thanks ST

You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 08:40 PM
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Greetings: I AM that I AM: User ID: 1349317

Hello ST In BG,

I have lots of questions for you, if you please.

**Okey Dokey !!

Have you ET guys and gals been busy of late with that volcano in Japan?

**With MANY ... Volcanoes In Japan ... & Elsewhere ... Of/On ... Terra/Earth !!

Is that part of your team of ETs?

**They Are Of Those ... Who Do This !!

A lot of orb activity going on all around that volcano.

**Monitoring !!

By the way a week or so ago, there was a large intensifying light to the right of the volcano, what was that?

**A Large Intensifying Light !!

Some type of plasma energy?

**As Stated !!

I saw one of the orbs go into the volcano. Then a few days ago an orb when into the volcano and it briefly erupted thereafter. What was that all about?

**ET Secret !!

Now for the questions:

How many versions of workers were there?

**We Cannot Say !! ... Other Then ... Many !!

First the Anunnaki birth mothers produce Annunaki workers for the mines.

**They Produced ... "Special Creations" ... Workers ... That Performed The Heavy Toil ... & Worked In The Mines !!

Then the ape was used with your DNA to work in the mines.

**The Ape DNA ... Was Of An Established Terrestrial Matrix/Acclimation ... Therefore To Use This As Template ... To Graft Onto ... To Add Onto ... Was A Most Practical & Logical Decision !!

Then the Homo sapiens, humankind was created.

**Such Forms Were Already In The Works/Process ... Of Those Of ... The "Original Experiments" !! .... The Blending Of Information & Technologies ... Those Of The Original Experiments & The Anunnaki ... Greatly Advanced The Creation Of Bodies/Units ... Which Could Adapt To Various Environments & Environmental Conditions !!

Were there any workers between the apes and the humans?

**These Are (2) Different Creations ... Created Of Different Purposes & "Times" !! ... The "Special Creations" ... Were Genetically Engineered By Enki ... Of The Terrestrial Ape Species & Anunnaki DNA !! ... "Human" ... This Came About As A Result Of "Those Of The Original Experiments" & Later Blending In ... The Information & Knowledge Of The Anunnaki
... To Improve/Better The Units/Bodies !!

Then you have "Created Beings" (from the experiments), which are also humankind/mankind?

**In Different Lives & Lifetimes ... We Have/Do ... Create Those Units/Bodies ... Of Which Are Terrestrially
Adapted/Made ... Specifically For Life On Terra/Earth ... For Those Lessons/Experiences !!

Then you have "Created Beings" of which we are of.

**This Is Of Our Jobs ... Which We Constantly Do !!

Were the Neanderthals mine workers too?

**No !! ... A Different Time ... A Different Place !! ... One Such ... Test Model/Body !!

But somewhere else in the timeline there were experiments going on and Enki walked through one of the compounds and a female human saw him and asked him questions,

**She Was Not "Human" !! ... ET Energies Volunteered To Test Units/Bodies Out ... As Containers To Live In/Survive In ... While On Terra/Earth !! ... She Would Be Generically Called ... An "Eve" (A Designation For The Female ... Of The Female (Eve) & Male (Adam) ... Of One Couple ... That Existed/Lived In A Compound ... (What Is Mistakenly Called ... "The Garden Of Eden" !!)

**There Were Many Compounds ... Throughout The Planet ... Many Eves/Adams (Couples) ... Of ET Animating Energies That Volunteered To Participate ... Of Experiments To Determine The Viability & Adaptability Of Various Units/Bodies ... In Various Environmental Conditions !! ... Each Compound Therefore Was Different ... Of Environment/Conditions ... In Order To Learn & Study ... How These Bodies Would Perform ... Under Varying Conditions !!

which Enki obliged.

**Enki Had No Reason Not To ... Withhold Of Informations ... That Were Politely & Curiously Asked Of Him !! ... Such Information Was Not "Guarded" !! ... He Was Not Told/Ordered ... Not To Divulge Certain Knowledge !! .... So As The Questions Were Presented ... He Answered Them ... As Best He Could !!

So there were ETs of another race that were here already experimenting/making created beings?

**Those Of The "Original Experiments" ... Were Not Unlike The Anunnaki ... Of Which They Were Specialists ... Of Many ET Species !! ... (12) Representations/Areas/Dimensions, Ect. ... Of Each ... Many Representatives/Associates/Comrades ... From Each One ... Many "Groups/Parties/Delegations" !!

Enki took a stroll through paradise/compounds.

**Through One Compound !!

Then the Anunnaki came and participated jointly in making humans for the rest of the animating energies to come to 3rd
density to experience matter.

**No !! ... This Came Later ... Much Later !! ... After Redress For Grievances ... Was Attended To/Answered .... Of The Petitioners ... Those Of The Original Experiments !!

With the joint effort of the Anunnaki and the other ET races already here experimenting then the "Created Beings" were created, of which we are the genetic offspring.

**There Were Many "Created Beings" ... In Many Different "Times" !! ... As To Ones Created ... Of Which You Are Of "Genetic Offspring" ... This May Be Said ... To Come From Various Sources ... A "Heinz Variety" As It Were !!

Where did the animating energies come from originally, I mean what density?

**They Came From Everywhere !!

I know how they started originally, as I was taught. It appears that my understanding of what I have been taught is that the animating energies before arriving in 3rd density to use the bodies/shells/containers awaiting them came from higher densities and planes that did not have a body/shell/container to interact with matter.

That the trinary thought or symbol of the triangle was
one side of the sacred geometric triangle was the descent of the animating energies from the Source of All through the 7 planes.

The base of the sacred geometric triangle was the stage for the human drama so to speak, the experiencing of
mankind with matter and polarity.

The other side of the sacred geometric triangle is the ascension through the 7 planes. It appears we got stuck/grounded in these bodies/shells/containers because of our thought forms in 3rd density, on the 3rd plane.

**Well ... Not Exactly !!

We continue to reincarnate over and over through millions of years back here to 3rd density.

**Incarnate ... Yes !! ... Reincarnate ... No !!

Most of us have not made it back up the 7 planes except for a very few in many, many, many thousands of years. Some of
those ascended and became ascended masters,

**Ascended/Ascended Masters ... Is Of "Religious Terms/Misunderstanding/Non-Understanding" !!

but to what densities and planes, I do not posses such knowledge.

**We Cannot Provide This Information !!

What would you say ST In
BG? Would I be correct in my understanding or am I missing something?

**Yes ... Missing !!

But we keep incarnating back to the 3rd density all the time.

**Returning To "3rd Density" ?? .... Not Always !!

When was the mental block applied, at birth so they also couldn't remember the higher planes and densities and all the other lives going on simultaneously?

**It Is Of The Dense Bodies ... The Lower Vibrations ... & Energy Fields So Exposed To !!

But yet, most of the animating energies kept reincarnating, it appears to try and right something of experiences they felt after review they should right before continuing on. Even thought they did not have to reincarnate back here to Terra, they could have gone somewhere else.

**Incarnate ... Not ... Reincarnate !!

It appears perhaps the mental block stays while we are at the transfer station/heaven/plane of bliss?

**No !!

It appears that some of us linger there for a while until we are ready to go experience and until all the agreements are worked out amongst our selves and our guides.

**Perhaps !!

With your technology and advanced knowledge, why couldn't you create gold using an isotope of mercury?

**It Is Of That ... Which Is Needed ... To Be Pure !!

Couldn't you use safe nuclear reactions to make the gold?

**See Previous Response !!

Could not gold be created from cold fusion?

**See Previous Response !!

Why did Terra/earth seem to be the best place to get the gold from?

**Various Factors Were Weighed ... Availability ... Labor Needed To Obtain ... Location/Extraction Difficulties ... Things Like This !!

Why use the primitive way of mining gold instead of using alchemy?

**Certain Things Are Lost/Altered ... In Creating "Gold" ... Rather Then Obtaining ... In It's Raw State !!

Did you not posses the technological awareness long, long ago?

**Yes ... However ... To Obtain That Which Is ... What Is Needed ... The More "Primative Methods" Of Abstration .... Of Obtaining ... Had To Be Used !!

I think I may have missed it, but why did you need the gold for your atmosphere?

**For The Long Journey .... Through Space !! .... And For Other Reasons !!

Did you use it as a shield?

**It Serves Many Purposes ... In The Long Journey !!

Is your below statement the reason why back then in that year you refer to Nibiru/Marduk instead of just Nibiru ?

User ID: 512476
United States
11/3/2008 9:05 PM

**That Is A Yes & A No !! ... As While The Planets
Themselves Might Have Been Referred To As Being A
Certain Name/Designation ... There Also Existed
Living Beings Who Went By These Identifications !!
... *For Example: When Marduk (Ea/Enki´s Son)
Attempted To Ursup Powers Unto Himself !! ... The
Planet Itself Was Even "Renamed" In His
Image/Persona !! ... *Really Not Much Different
That What The Roman Empire Did ... In Their Naming
Of The Planets In This Solar System !!

**No ... As Nibiru Is The Proper Name !!

What powers did Marduk try to usurp?

**He Tried To Take Over Control ... To Seize Power !!

He was quite ornery like you it appears, wanting to do things his way.

**No ....He Wanted Things ... To Fast ... Too Quickly !! ... He Would Have Obtained Such A Position Naturally ... But Could Not Wait !!

So what happened to Marduk for attempting to ursup powers?

**He Was Imprisoned ... Later To Be Let Out ... "Escaped" !!

It appears you guys and gals have had your little ET dramas like us humans.

**We Have From ... "Time To Time" ... Certain Things ... Which Need To Be Addressed !!

Why do men have breast and nipples?

**Genetic Matrix Formula !!

I was taught that because a female geneticist (your sister?) worked on the created beings also, she worked on the female beings and also gave the men breast too.

**If You Are Referring To Ninharsag (Title) ... "The Nurse" ... My Lab Partner & Mate (In The Enki (Draconian/Dinoid Lifetime) ... "Ninti" ... A Dinoid Woman ... Who Assisted/Provided Help ... In The Laboratory ... Of The "Breasts" ... Of The Female ... This Was Simply Of That ... Of The Genetic Codes/Encoding !!

That the men's breast do not account for anything productive like the female breast in giving milk to a child.

**They Were/Are ... Of The Genetic Codes/Encoding ... Of That Left Over ... When There Was A Time ... When The Male
Also Provided Supplement/Nutrition ... To The Child/Children !!

Thank you ST In BG for the moments.

You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 08:47 PM
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Greetings: **Saga*Girl**: User ID: 691351

ST one thing that sparks my attention is that this website has the Eye of Horus crop circle.

**If You Refer To ... The Eye Of Anu ... The Proper Designation ... This Is The One (As Seen Outward From The Person) ... On The Right Side ... & Is Red In Color (Nibiru) ... With The Stylistic Black Symbolic Curves !!

**The Eye Of Thoth ... Is To The Left (With The Stylistic Black Symbolic Curves) .... (As Seen Outward From The Person) ... Is Blue-Green In Color ... Saying Of His Origins ... Of Sirius & Orion !! ... **Thoth (Egyptian Name) Is Also Known As Enki ... Having A Sirian Water Dragon ... As A Mother (Blue) ... & A Dinoid (Green) Father !! ... The Blue-Green Color ... Also Represents Terra/Earth !! ...

Why on Earth would someone create an Eye of Horus crop circle?

**This Would Indicate That Anu Is Always Aware ... & Watching !!

This so called Eye of Horus is located on the back of a $1 bill and not only there but all over the damn place.

**Not Surprising ... If You Understand ... What This Is Saying !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 08:54 PM
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Greetings: Opinionated2: User ID: 1190661

Hi ST In BG,

Thank you once again for your detailed answers to my questions,

**You Are Most Welcome !!

however, your answers seem to create some problems, which I would really appreciate your thoughts on.

I apologize in advance if my questions come across as blunt, but it is hard to ask tough questions softly. I
mean absolutely no disrespect to any being for asking them.

You have stated that religion was one of the methods that ETs created to solve a problem that they had not foreseen in their experiments.

**Of Ancient Times On Terra/Earth ... This Was An Emergency Plan ... That Was Voted Upon !! ... Of Which We Voted No
... & Anpu/Anubis Abstained ... Did Not Vote !!

You also stated that you were outvoted and so went along with the plan reluctantly.

**Yes ... Outvoted !! ... Though Did Everything In Our Ability/Our Power ... To Undermine ... Such An Establishment/Belief/Worship ... Of The Creator Beings !!

If this is the case then haven't ETs failed humankind and by failing humankind failed nature and the planet?

**No !! ... As This Would Be Placing .... Those That Saw Ahead ... With Those That Saw ... Only Of That Moment !!

You stated

**As To The Accidental Interference By The Anunnaki ... This Was Not Of A "Christian Devil" ... But Rather
By The Master Scientist/Geneticist/Bio Geneticist/Bio Eugeneticist ... By Enki Himself ... A Very Tall & Large ...
Draconian/Dinoid Being !! ...

Seeing what has happened with this shell/humans should Enki really be referred to as a "MASTER Scientist/Geneticist/Bio Geneticist/Bio Eugeneticist"?

**Yes Indeed He Should ... & Is ... Of The Anunnaki !! ... As He Is Not To Blame ... For What Has Happened !!

He may be far more intelligent than other beings but didn't he simply get things wrong?

**No !!

Also seeing as your kind went along with the flawed plan, how do we know your kind won't be outvoted again next time, and go along with the next flawed plan?

**This Was Of Ancient Ancient Times !! ... Different Times ... Different Locale ... Different Circumstances ... Oh Yes !! ... Different Bodies Too !!

It seems we as humans are being criticized, (and rightly so), for severely damaging the planet, and yet ETs created the problems in the beginning with their flawed plan.

**Not All ET's !! ... And Not To Dismiss The Part That They Played ... They Could Not Foresee ... & We Did ... What Would Happen !! ... Therefore They Came Up With A "Working Plan" ... An Emergency Plan ... To Stop The Murder ... The
Bloodshed ... Of Those We Created !! ... It Was A Plan Quickly Voted Upon & Implemented !!

If you can create Galaxies couldn't you have assisted us to solve the resultant failings of the flawed plan much sooner for the benefit of all?

**No ... As To Do What Needed To Be Done ... Ones Had To Begin ... At The Beginning ... & Fix The Genetic Errors !! ... Those There ... Of Advanced Sciences ... Are Not Learned ... Not Knowledgeable Enough ... To Help ... To Assist !! ... This Not Being Possible ... As Such Knowledge In The "Wrong Hands" ... Would Do Great Damage !!

So if that was the case then, why can't the Council who instructs you be messing things up again?

**It Was Not The Case !!

They limit what you can say and you follow.

**Their Responsibility ... Of The Council Of Worlds .... The Association Of Worlds ... Made Up Of Representatives
Of Many Worlds/Planets, Areas, Dimensions, Ect. ... Is Of Deciding Paramount Worldly Issues ... Of Star Systems ...
Of Galaxies ... Of Universes !! .... Ours Is Simply That Of ... Specializations Of The Sciences ... Of Knowledge
More Limiting ... To It's Applications ... On A Physical Level !!

They have a track record of deceit by introducing religion
which was flawed, but you followed.

**The Council Of Worlds/Association Of Worlds... Did Not Vote ... To Create A ... Worship Of The Creators !! ... It
Was Of "Creator Beings" ... In Which An Emergency Conclave Was Called ... And Emergency Plan/Voting Took Place !!

So how can we trust them with anything?

**You To Not Full Understand !!

Have you seen what religion has done to this world?

**Quite !!

ST in BG weren't your kind reluctantly just like the politicians/leaders whom you criticize?

**There Is No Comparison Between ... Those That You Know Little About .... & Terrestrial/Earth ... Politicians !!

You may have a different motivation but the outcome is the same.

**No ... It Is Not !!

Our species, nature and the planet pays for ETs previous errors, the same way we all pay for previous political errors.

**Such Is Making ... Indifferent Comparisons !! ... Of (2) Separate & Diverse Subjects !!

Using human legal terms "Weren't you therefore reluctantly accessories before and after the fact" to the flawed plan?"

**We Are Not "Human" ... & Are Not Bound Or Constrained In Anyway ... By Their Backwards Ways ... Or Comparisons Made
Forthwith !!

But there is an even bigger problem. By your actions haven't your kind and the Council been playing GOD?

**We Have No "GOD" !! ... We Are The "Creator Beings" !! ... Those Beings Who Originally Came To Terra/Earth ... To Create Life/Lifeforms On The Planet !! ... Later ... The Term "Creator Beings" ... Was Changed To "Gods" ... & Then Finally To Singular Form ... "God" !! ... Obviously ... We Take Great Insult ... Of Ourselves ... Specialists In Life &
The Sciences ... Being Turned Into ... Worship Things !! ... Into That ... Which We Were & Are Not !!

Didn't the ETs enable and allow all this to happen when you were outvoted and reluctantly accepted the flawed plan of introducing GOD?

**They DID NOT ... Introduce "God" ... They Introduced ... The Worship/Veneration Of ... The Creator Beings !!

As this has been happening for centuries...and seeing in the end it was the flawed plan that caused it, why
haven't you intervened sooner?

**It Would Mean ... Destroying All Termed ... "Terrestrial Life" ... On The Planet !! ... Of Which Will Happen ...
Naturally Anyway !! ... Those Models/Bodies ... Being Worn Out/Outdated ... For The Higher Energies ... That Are Coming In ... To Terra/Earth !!

Why have you sat back and watched the Greedy/Politicians/Religions destroy your experiments?

**We Do Not Just ... Sit Back & Watch !! ... We Make The Changes ... Behind The Scenes !! ... To Make Such Abrupt
Outward Changes ... Will Cause More Harm .... Of "Pulling The Rug Out From Under Them" ... Then To Make The Necessary
Alterations/Changes ... Gradually !!

I'm sorry to ask such direct questions, but this maybe my only chance in this lifetime for me to communicate
with an ET and to try to understand the thinking processes that lead to the mess humankind is now in.

**You Would Not Be Able ... To Understand ... Our Thinking Processes !! ... Not Completely Anyway !!

As you will be aware, I have been very concerned about posting these questions. I don't want to be too blunt
to you guys/gals and I labored long and hard over how to best ask you these things.

**Yes Of Course !!

Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward to your responses to my questions.

With thanks and Best Regards

You Are Very Welcome !!


Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 09:03 PM
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 1171233

Hey ST,

So I guess the Anunnaki will be stopping by soon to pick up all the gold?

**They May !! ... Although ... Not Just "Gold" ... But Other Metals, Gems, Gemstones ... Other Things Of Value As Well !!

**Such "Offerings" ... Will Not Deter Justice ... Imposed Upon Those Who Committed Acts Of Betrayal Of People, House, Self ... While On Terra/Earth !!

Even though JPL is an arm of the government sure looks like to me this year is the year for Nibiru.

So what would be wrong with just saying yes or no?

**Okey Dokey !! ... Yes Or No !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 09:08 PM
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Greetings: xamo: User ID: 1170674

Hi ST In BG.

1.What is gonna happen at next Olympic games in London?

**We Do Not Understand The Question !! ... As How Do You Know ... That These Will Take Place ??

2.What means that symbol/sign of the games,they paid over million dollars for?

**It Is Nothing We Pay Any Matter To !! ... As There Are More "Pressing Needs" ... To Attend To !!


You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 09:14 PM
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Greetings: sasha: User ID: 1222919

I was then very curious about the Jehovah witnesses and why there are these people that come door to door representing Jehovah witnesses and trying to preach about whatever it is that there religion or whatever is about, then i seen Enlil was refered to as Jehovah,

**A "Religious Warping ... Misunderstanding/Non-Understanding" ... Of The Being ... & Who/How He Was !!

**In Effect ... Those Of "Religious Manipulation" ... Needed A Certain Character For Their Stories/Lies ... & Stole From Ancient Tales/Renderings ... Then Twisted/Contorted These Tales ... To Fit Their "Beliefs" !!

Just curious as where this Jehovah witness originated and the "True" meaning behind the reason for this?

**Just Another Of "Con Artists" ... Mascurading ... Behind The Lies/Falsehoods ... Of Religions !! ... Those Seeing An Opportunity ... To Manipulate ... Gain Power, Control, Wealth !!

ST, originally, u said of the experiments it's better to let them kill themselves off so u can start over and the worship of "Gods" would not take place.

**It Was Not ... The "Worship Of Gods" ... Rather ... It Was The ... Worship/Veneration ... Of The Creator Beings !!
... Later ... To Be Called "Gods" ... Then Finally "God" !!

Then u go ahead and say u are very pleased that humanity has survived so far, what would change your mind in
wanting humanity to survive along because u were a "time lord" and could see termed future events so why not go along
with it that time and let all the beings die and start over like u wanted to do originally instead of letting things
proceed u wanted them and voted for them to be eliminated well why did u change ur mind and wanted them to survive
because look what has now happened on tera/earth?

I don't like to argue really i'm just trying to better understand why u are pleased humanity has survived
when so much has went not well with humanity?

**The Material/Quotation ... Refers To ... Another Time/Place !! ... (2) Different Times/Places ... Are Being Mixed Up/Confused !! ... 1. At The Beginning Of The Planet ... Where Life/Lifeforms Were Created ... (2) ... Later ... When The Anunnaki Arrived ... & Creating Beings ... "Workers" ... To Take Over The Hard Toil ... Especially Of The Toiling In The Mines !!

ST, i thought that Being's from here were NOT allowed bases or safe areas on other spheres , has something

Thought that all these beings had to stay on Tera/Earth and not allowed to leave through Star Gates or the Moon or other planets in or out of the solar system, has something now been changed with this?

**Lets Just Say ... They Will Not Get Far !!

Thanks and take care, your friend, Josh.

You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 09:19 PM
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Greetings: Blake: User ID: 708067

Hi ST In BG:

Can you confirm if the hundreds of nuclear tests that were carried out by after WWII were indeed tests or if they were intentionally directed explosions against targets in other spatial, temporal or dimensional realms?

**We Cannot Say If Such Was ... Or Was Not !!

Can you confirm if the H-bomb detonations at the Bikini Atol were indeed not tests but targeted against a massive underground Alien base?

**We Cannot Say If Such Was ... Or Was Not !!

Are you part of the groups of Aliens who entered our realm on- or shortly after August 12, 1943 due to the effects produced by Project Rainbow during the experiment on that particular date?

**We Are Not "Aliens" !! ... Which Answers The Question !!

Why have ETs always tried to come to our aid by talking to our leaders, whereas it is a known fact that our leaders do not operate in our (the masses of the people) best interest -to say the very least?

**Yes ... To Say The Least !!

Why not approach the masses directly and ask us what we want for our own fate?

**Think About What You Are Asking Us To Do !!

Surely, ETs must have known as well that our democracies are a farce, or were the aliens that naive?

**We Are Not "Aliens" !! ... As To Who To Trust ... Yes ... We Know ... Who To Trust ... & Who Not To Trust !!


Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 09:25 PM
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Greetings: NightWisp: User ID: 942369

4/22/2011 4:29 PM

Greetings ST and orneries..

This past week there have (been) 5 messages.. all repeats of the same theme.

Straight flushes of hearts.56789 of hearts

**Hmmm !! ... Perhaps ... The Days/Dates ... The 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th (Of May ??) ... Hearts Indicating Of Wind Related Or Carried By The Wind !! ... Hurricanes ... Tornadoes ... Radiations !!

once with a 10 of diamonds 56789 hearts/10 diamonds

**Which Might Mean ... A Build Up ... To May 10th (The Culmination/Coming To A Head/Explosion/Main Change/Upheaval !!) ... Gradually Building Up Pressures/Stresses ... 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th ... & THEN ... The 10th !! ... BOOOOMMM !!!!

sometimes the numbers vary but usually 56789hearts.

Always a straight flush of hearts

**Perhaps Of Such "Wind Related Events/Changes" ... On These May Dates ???

If they had been a royal flush of hearts, I would have thought it was referring to the royal wedding.

**You Refer To "Created Distraction" ... Which Is Intended To Keep The World's Eyes & Minds ... Focused There ... & Not Elsewhere ... Where They Need To Be Focused ... And Alert To !!

But even then, don't know why that is important.

**It's Important ... Only For The "Distraction Value" !!


Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1355931
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04/25/2011 09:25 PM
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Lmao! ST with a classic smack down! Cheers to the assclowns-Operator-Yolgnu-Vvizz of whatever....

Hey Demons here is a bedtime story for you:

Mark 5

1 They went across the lake to the region of the Gerasenes.[a] 2 When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an impure spirit came from the tombs to meet him. 3 This man lived in the tombs, and no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain. 4 For he had often been chained hand and foot, but he tore the chains apart and broke the irons on his feet. No one was strong enough to subdue him. 5 Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.
6 When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. 7 He shouted at the top of his voice, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? In God’s name don’t torture me!” 8 For Jesus had said to him, “Come out of this man, you impure spirit!”

9 Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”

“My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” 10 And he begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area.

11 A large herd of pigs was feeding on the nearby hillside. 12 The demons begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them.” 13 He gave them permission, and the impure spirits came out and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1299461
User ID: 1355931
United States
04/25/2011 09:29 PM
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WTF? i didnt quote that crap.....strange.
User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 09:30 PM
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 1353180


I appreciate every moment of time that you guys and gals have so kindly given us. I love every minute.

**You Are Most Welcome !!

I just wanted to share that and let you guys and gals know that. I am becoming not just smarter, but wiser and
wiser. There is much to think about.

**Yes Indeed !! ... Much To Think About !!

Thank You For Your Most Kind Words !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1356838
United States
04/25/2011 09:36 PM
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Greetings: CN: User ID: 1342593

Hi ST,

I think the radiation levels have been greatly exaggerated by some maybe to scare people.

**If This Is ... What You Wish To Believe !!

I don't know but it seems the people of Japan that aren't directly involved with the power plant are fine and over here on the West Coast of North America things seem better than they have in a while.

**Hmmm !!!

The birds are chirping, flowers and plants blooming everywhere and looking healthier than they have in the
last few years. This does not look like an ecosystem in collapse, or an ecosystem struggling with radiation poisoning. The weather is strikingly normal as well, not the sort of thing you would expect from a planet supposedly being influenced by another massive planetary body. The only time the weather seems to get weird is when the haarp goes on or the chemtrails come out.

**Hmmm !!!

Here is a link to a video of Dolores Cannon for those on the thread that can watch it, she still believes
there will be 2 earths that people will go to when the shift happens. One for those who are not able to raise their
vibrations and will stay in the earth with all the horrible things happening and another where those of higher
vibrations move to and create a harmonious world.

She has regressed hundreds if not thousands of people and she is still getting this message. I think if we were really all doomed to a catastrophic demise that there would be some information coming to her about this.

**When We Hear Of This ... We Think Of Those "Hollywood Doom Movies" ... With The Happy Endings ... When Things Will Turn Out ... All Right !! ... In Of "Reality" ... This Seldom Ever Happens ... At Least ... Not Right Away !!

**There Are Those That Feel ... That Of Such Catastrophic Changes & Events ... "The Lid" Cannot Be Kept Down & Closed On This !! ... In Is In The Very Nature Of Terrestrials ... To Bring Forth ... Of Those Informations Relating To ... All Gladness, Happiness, Joy ... While Leaving Out ... The Pain & The Anguish ... The Death & Destruction ... The Changes Which Have To Occur ... To Get To That Point !!

**Numbers Of Persons "Regressed" ... Does Not Matter !! ... Just Because There Are Large Number Of Believers ... It Does Not Make A Thing True !! ... Consider Of Religions & Religious Programming !!

**Of These Things That Are Going To Occur ... Of Changes ... They Have Their Own Lessons/Teaching To Impart !! ... Everything In It's Own Way ... Is Valuable !!

Maybe we are creating our own doom by focusing so much on it.

**No !! ... However There Are Those ... Who Have Ancient/Sacred Books/Knowledge ... Who Wish To Indulge In ... "Self Fulfilling Prophecy" ... To Make Things Happen ... Artificially !! ... As They Cannot Wait ... For Such Things To Occur ... By Themselves !!

On this thread we focus so so much on doom. There must be another way.

**It Has Been Said ... Rather Then Avoidance ... The Way To ... Is Through !! ... Not To Ignore ... But To Meet The
Challenge ... Head On !!

Dolores seems to think so and there is a ton of agreement in the sources coming through her
regressed patients.

**Yes ... However ... Consider ... That There Are Things & Issues ... Which Are Monitored ... Of "Times & Events" ...
Which Are Not Allowed To Be Revealed ... For Certain Reasons !! ... So Even With All This "Amassed Information" ... It Does Not Mean ... They Have The Complete Picture Of Things !!

Farewell For Now !!

User ID: 1170674
United States
04/25/2011 11:31 PM
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Here is how gold is collected,how it became visible/real.

Bugs grow gold that looks like coral
[link to www.abc.net.au]
User ID: 708067
04/26/2011 06:36 AM
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Hi ST in BG:

It appears the US has choosen the worst fate for all of mankind, when US President Eisenhower choose to cut a deal with the ET/aliens that promised him technological help rather than accepting the helping hand from the other ET/alien group that promised to lead mankind to a much more peaceful and harmonic future, provided we gave up our atomic weapons.

So one man made his bet on the wrong horse and all of mankind now suffers the consequences. Including many nations and people who had lived a much more peaceful life and who probably would have voted to go with the other group that promised peace and harmony.

I find it quite disturbing that supposedly beings of higher moral standards who watch over our species and planet would allow other beings to approach the leader of the bully of the planet (USA) who already deployed two atomic weapons as the only nation in history and have him decide for the fate of all mankind. I think your answer is that it was all a coincidence and you are not supposed to interfere but it doens't make for high moral standards to make other nations suffer for the choice that the bully of the planet makes.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1277981
United Kingdom
04/26/2011 11:54 AM
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Greetings ST

You have refused to comment on questions about the symbiotic relationship between yourselves as zetas and ourselves as humans. But, look, this is what you said in 2005:

Our Species & Your "Terrestrial Species" Is In A Symbiotic Relationship !! ... We Both Have "Qualities" That The Other Needs/Has !! ... And So We Are/We Have ... Blended The Best Parts Of Both Into A New And More Balanced Race Of Beings !!

Is this how you have solved your problem with lack of emotions - by creating zeta-human hybrids? Is this what the "abductions" were about? Is this ethical - ie did "we" agree in advance? What are the "qualities" on each side to which you referred? Should we feel morally outraged that you have stolen from us - or pleased that our race has been "improved"?
And when does this improvement/balance date from?

Thank you
User ID: 1198261
United States
04/26/2011 12:06 PM
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Greetings: Truth2: User ID: 1198261

For those who want further information on the Anunnaki, ST In BG Posted, back in 2005, much on this subject on the following Thread.

During a hacking on GLP, the information was removed.

However, I Reposted it....so that this information can only be found on page 15 and 16 of the Thread:

An Anunnaki Based Question:

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Thread: An Annunaki-based Question (Page 15)


**Thank You For Reposting This Most Valuable Information !! ... To Share With Others !!

Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG 1356838

You are very Welcome!!

Just waving as I am passing through....heehe!!

User ID: 1222919
United States
04/26/2011 04:42 PM
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Vizz of ur , well u have been correct so far with no PX in 2008,2009,2010, Vizz will there be planet x in 2011?

Take care, Josh.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1171233
United States
04/26/2011 07:52 PM
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Hey St,
How did Edward Leedskalnin build coral castle by himself?

Not sure if anyone ever asked this but here goes. I get the funny feeling that all humans are not, shall we say playing on the same field, at the same time with the same equipment. Would I be correct in thinking some people are either not human or they somehow broke the rules when they incarnated?

So why don't you ever come down and meet us in person?
It's one of my wishes to meet a friendly ET being. Most of my friends think there is only humans. I'm almost positive there are many others, but I have never seen any.

User ID: 942369
United States
04/27/2011 12:16 AM

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Greetings ST and orneries.

Today's TT began with a band of hearts moving across the screen from west to east, in southern quadrant. Only number I saw ( focused on ) was an 8. These then disappeared and the screen changed to red chains transversing across the whole area. Kind of reminded me of moraines , or debris lines after a flood. Or chains of gram negative bacteria spread across a slide .. as appearing under a microscope. Anyway.. an attempted drawing is below.



Last Edited by NightWisp on 04/27/2011 12:17 AM
User ID: 1147484
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04/27/2011 07:03 AM
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Hi ST,
What's Your opinion on this material?

Galactic history.

The Terra Papers
A few billion years ago, the Milky Way galaxy (Eridanus) evolved advanced civilisations - and wars.
Two major races were to clash:

- A dominant reptilian race known as the SSS-T (also named ARI-AN or Orion) controlling the inner 9th sector and a passageway between the inner and outer parts of the galaxy from which they could extract tolls.
Governed by the SSS queens, supported by an army called M-K (or D-K), they were experts in mind control.

- A newer mammalian race known as the RRR (their worlds named ASA_RRR, from Sirius), encroaching on the outer 9th sector. Governed by kings, with an army called D-K (or T-K). They built death-ships similar to the star wars death star.

The SSS-T convinced the RRR to form an alliance. The death stars become shared weaponry. The symbol of the alliance is a swirling galaxy (the swastica).

Peace prevails for millions of years until RRR king AN-AN takes rule during a period known as the 'great galactic wars'.

While AN-AN is away fighting, his brother and cup-bearer AL_SHAR succeeds in a coup. He quickly assassinates king AN-AN and exiles AN-AN's son (AN-SHAR). AL_SHAR also forces AN-AN's grandson, AN-U, to be the new cup-bearer. AL-SHAR names himself as the new king, AL-AL.

Our solar system begins to form, close to the passageway. TIAMAT (earth) quickly gets colonies established by travellers. Because of the strategic importance of the system and being a source of new minerals, AL-AL dispatches AL-AL-IM to develop the region. Many of the planets and moons become colonised to varying extents. At this point, Mars is nearer to the Sun than Tiamat. The colonised system becomes known as ARI-DU.

While AL-AL is away from the palace, a disgruntled AN-U takes revenge and stages a successful coup. AL-AL flees to ARI-DU.

The SSS-T queens restrain the new king AN-U from attacking ARI-DU, to avoid damaging to the valuable mining operations occuring there. Peace prevailed for a while.

AN-U decides to inflitrate ARI-DU by sending his sons EA (ENKI) and ENLIL. EA replaced AL-AL-IM. Both sons would be based on Tiamat. EA would be responsible for mining operations, ENLIL with security.

Now AL-AL-GAR, the grandson of AL-AL enters the story. He becomes a master warrior and receives the title ZU. ZU is aware that ANU deposed his grandfather AL-AL from the throne. ANU is aware that ZU is seeking revenge.

So to keep watch on him, ZU is recalled to ANU's palace for the position of cup bearer.

To add to ANU's problems, his sons didn't get along and ENLIL wanted to return home. ANU did not trust ENLIL, as ENLIL was the next in line to the kingship. ANU was forced to visit ARI-DU to resolve their problems, and took ZU with him in case he started a coup while away. Arriving at ARI-DU via his death ship, the issues with his sons were temporarily settled by a drawing of lots.

ZU took the visit as an opportunity to steal ANU's death ship. After a short battle, ZU succeeded and ANU was forced to flee home. ZU, renamed as ZU-ZU, became king of the ARI-DU outpost (One presumes ANU's sons also fled home).

The enraged ANU ordered another death ship and set sail for ARI-DU.
In the ensuing battle, the ANU deathship disabled the ZU-ZU deathship, which careered into Uranus, knocking Uranus off its axis.

But the ANU deathship had also sustained damage, so ZU-ZU's forces attacked it again with their star fighter ships. The damaged ANU death ship was pulled off-course by Saturn, into a path directed at Tiamat. The resulting collision tore off great chunks from Tiamat. The chunks become the asteroid belt, while the rest of Tiamat was pushed into a new orbit closer to the sun (where it met the moon?) AL-AL perished in the destruction.

ZU-ZU retired to Mars to consider re-building ARI-DU.

Once again ANU was restrained by the SSS-T queens from launching another attack. The queens instead demanded that ZU-ZU carry on the work of AL-AL. So there was peace for a time until another external war threat appeared.

ANU argued that the new threat could form an alliance with ZU-ZU against the SSS-T, which would threaten loss of control of the passageway. Now with the support of the SSS-T, ANU launched a successful attack on ZU. ZU was captured and sent back to the Sirian system for punishment, while the surface of Mars was purposely decimated to eradicate all trace of ZU-ZU.

(So, at this juncture, the antics of the House of RRR had managed to tilt over one planet and destroy all life on two others with a loss of life in untold millions).

ANU dispatched ENLIL and EA to rebuild ARI_DU, and in particular, Tiamat. ANU saw this as away to keep ENLIL away from the royal palace. EA constructed a base and a power pyramid was built.

Thanks to EA, the mining operations were resumed which pleased the SSS-T and helped ANU keep control of ARI-DU. ARI-DU was renamed ERI-DU 'the enslaved place'. EA also took time off to experiment with genetics.
APA, the jungle beast, was genetically altered using RRR genes to become a slave worker. EA secretly used his own genetic material for this. The AD-APA was born.

ENLIL did not trust the ADAPA. He was happy to work it to death. EA responded by teaching the ADAPA to procreate without ENLIL's approval. ENLIL responded by applying even more stringent rules, including an obedience lesson every seventh day(!)

Non-compliant ADAPA were expelled to the wild - to be known as the ADAMUS.

EA continued teaching the ADAMUS. The more intelligent ones become known as EASU (note similarity to the word 'Jesus').

Being gripped in an ice age, the conditions on Tiamat were harsh. A state visit from ANU was due via the death ship, and ENLIL saw the chance to end the ice age and remove the ADAMUS. Steering it over the poles would displace the ice, ending the ice age by flooding. The ENLIL-loyal ADAPA would be spared.

Of course, EA saved some of the ADAMUS. The ensuing argument between ENLIL and EA resulted in each relenting to not interfere with each other any more. In time ERIDU prospered.

Meanwhile, EA taught the ADAMUS about beuaty, something that had been denied to the almost robotic ADAPA. EA wanted the ADAMUS to no longer be part of the totalitarian ASA-RRR system. A genetic donation from the AKHU (bird -like descendants) gave the ADAMUS passion ('The Gift of the Feather').

ERIDU was divided into several kingdoms and the offspring of ENLIL and EA governed these regions. Wars would break out between the regions (sibling rivalry) and the ADAPA and ADAMUS, who were now freely mixing, would be the cannon fodder. Much to EA's concern, the ADAMUS was being sucked into the 'system'.

MARDUK, EA's son, enters the picture. In an attempt to gain power, he was wrongly accused of killing his brother DUMUZZI and was eventually imprisoned to die in the pyramid. With help, he escaped and fled the planet. Marduk formed an alliance with a rebel reptilian group. It so happened that many reptilian hybrids (SHET-I or SHET) from EA's days of experiments were in key administrative positions on Tiamat. Marduk enlisted their help, and with the security of Enlil comprised, Marduk was able to attack and take control.

ENLIL fled back to ASA-RRR. EA took many ADAMUS and fled to the Pleaiades.

Once seated, MARDUK changed the historical record to attribute all achievements to him alone. He named himself as RA the sun god. Religion was named after him (RA_LEG-US, 'words of RA law'). The reptilian queens were to be replaced by a patriarchal structure. Using the rebel reptilian mind control technology, RA began erasing the people's memories by enticing them to brightly lit reprogramming rooms. A electronic fog was erected to ensure the people remained docile and could not be contacted by ENLIL and others.

(and you thought ENLIL was bad!)

The RA brainwashing was completed by teaching that the ways of EA were evil.
RA's alliance with the rebel SHETI helped increase the production of minerals and a new drug called S-MA. RA became extremely wealthy and built a huge army.

However, the reptilian SHETI, having aleady betrayed the SSS-T queens, wouldn't think twice of betraying RA. Realising this, RA appointed his offspring to key administrative posts, but to no avail.

One day, the SHETI performed a bloodless coup. RA managed to flee the planet.
At this point, Sirian rule over ERIDU ended, and reptilian SHETI rule began.
The followers of RA had their minds reprogrammed as well, to be the unwitting servants of the SHETI.

Descendants of the RRR, the IBIRU / HEBREW, were treated as undesirables and enslaved. Moses, an IBIRU, is brought up in Egypt unaware of his origins. When he discovers the truth, he runs away after killing a guard who was mistreating an IBIRU. Moses encounters a lone RRR (Sirian) scout ship in the mountains. A plan is hatched to free the IBIRUs, leading to the exodus. The Sirian ship helps by parting the red sea. Moses is later handed a set of crystals to be put into the 'ark'. The crystals are accidentally destroyed when the ark is touched on powering up (was the ark a way of getting past the SHETI communications block?).

The rebel reptiles start a search for the Sirian ship, which departs, leaving Moses to wander around the desert with his people, seeking shelter.

The rebel reptiles are unconcerned, they still hold control.

A group of ARI-AN (reptilian) warriors form a colony in India. Having learned Sirian secrets, they form a mystery school.

The brainwashed Sirian warriors that supported RA (called the RA-IM) left Egypt for the northern Mediterranean. They become the Etruscans. This leads to the Roman (RA-IM) empire.
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04/27/2011 07:44 PM
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I apologies for anyone who took offense to my offensive words a while back.

I still to this day do not understand what came over me.

Cant explain what I do not understand. I do understand I may of hurt some.

Hence the post

Live well, Laugh often

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I apologies for anyone who took offense to my offensive words a while back.

I still to this day do not understand what came over me.

Cant explain what I do not understand. I do understand I may of hurt some.

Hence the post

 Quoting: RightNut 691351

We love you RN:-)

By the way - WISPY - I think I found the "key" for your TTT this time. The 56789 could be months with the 10 being October:

Earth-sun-Elenin alignment is September 27th, and then it passes .232 AU from Earth on 10/17, and then does another Earth-sun-Elenin alignment in late November. Also possible meteor showers.

And the chains are showing everything linked, everything happening..... red signifies magma/volcanos?

Could "soon" really be comning on GLP??

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04/27/2011 08:25 PM
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I apologies for anyone who took offense to my offensive words a while back.

I still to this day do not understand what came over me.

Cant explain what I do not understand. I do understand I may of hurt some.

Hence the post

 Quoting: RightNut 691351

Don't worry man, stuff like that happens to me all the time. What else could be expected when dealing with this crazy world?

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04/27/2011 11:01 PM

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LOL Nut.. ((hugs))

Anonymous Coward
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04/27/2011 11:33 PM
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I apologies for anyone who took offense to my offensive words a while back.

I still to this day do not understand what came over me.

Cant explain what I do not understand. I do understand I may of hurt some.

Hence the post

 Quoting: RightNut 691351

No offense RightNut ...!

I know we don't share the same perspective but that's ok..!

And sometime I don't write or Express myself in a good way ...!

I always been better to speak then write lolol ...!

I have been OFF the Net for some time because I got many animals here that I take CARE ...!

And one was very very SICK that need a big operation 5 hours in totals

And no need to explain that this FUCKING planet need MONEY to save a LIVE Humans or animals so I did need to find that MONEY 2000$ for that operation and I don't work here anymore ....!

But know it's done and the DOG is alive...! :o)

Now there is NEW CATS that been abandoned in my neighborhood that need to be taking care again ...!

I don't understand why peoples do this to animals but I will try all my heart to help THEM because NONE will ...!

You know one time I told you I got 4 BIG aquarium HERE lolol you know why...... I saw in a fucking PET-SHOP some fish that was dying and the guys there told me he didn't take care of them because he was closing ...yeah right it piss me off to see animal in cage and all those beautiful fish not in their natural environment in the first place so I buy most of them ...!

There not in there environment but at least I can take care of THEM ...! I got about 40 Apple snails and 50 different fish now lol

AnyWay so when I am not looking at whats happening around the GLOBE by those TPTB DRONE I take care of Animals and this help me Focus on something positive ....!