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10/06/2012 07:18 AM
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in his forum but I am not throwing out any of his art. I think Neal Adams ednpnxiag earth theory' is crackpot but I am holding on to the few pages of his art that I have, forever. I don't agree with a lot of Bill Maher's opinions but I think he is very funny and I enjoy his show. I used to read Scott's blog about three years ago but I really didn't enjoy it and stopped. I recall that while some of his posts were funny, I found others off putting. I still think Dilbert is funny. On the other hand, it is much more enjoyable when you can appreciate the artist as much as the art. I give my support and encouragement to those artists and tend to buy more art from them. It is also the reason why I read this blog daily.
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United States
10/06/2012 08:45 AM
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Someone beat me to it but I will run with Vanessa cardui, just for a point of dinefrefce (and possible points).Do I get credit if this is a first attempt, and I spent an hour trying to search butterfly egg pictures on google?

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10/06/2012 08:58 AM
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Reposting ST In BG's posts pages [ 302-340 ] continued:

Hi ST in BG, What causes hyperstension/high blood pressure?

**On An "Energy Level" ... Existence Of "Energies" Within Terrestrial Bodies ... That Are Not Allowed "Outlets Of Expression/Full Expression" !! ... Of This Then Certain "Nervous & Mental Condtions" Develop Outwardly ... Which Are Looked Upon As Being Anything From ... An Annoyance ... To A Kind Of Insanity !!

**Added To The "Physical Level" ... There Could Be ... Genetic Predisposition/Genetic Weakness Of That Body Form ... Health & Condition Of The Physical Body (Such As Those Things Taken In ... Which Have Caused A Slowness/Increase Of Flows ... Chemical Changes/Interference With Body Functions !! ... These Are A Few Things !!

And are there any medication or cure?

**Yes ... But On A Holistic (Whole Body, Mind & Spirit) Approach ... A Natural Approach ... To Each Individual Being !! ... As One Thing/Symptom Observed ... Does Not ... "Tell The Tale" ... Of What Is Actually Going On !!

Can we consider all Humans and ET from all over the different galaxies, dimensions, space-time's as a part of one unique brotherhood ??

**My People ... The People/One People ... Have A Very Ancient ... Call It A Philosophy ... But It Is More Then This !! ... It Is ... Soom Sha taal ... Roughly Translated (Into American English) It Means ... All Things Are Connected Everywhere ... From The Smallest To The Largest ... From The Largest To The Smallest !! ... All Things Are Connected ... All Things Are One !!

**So Of The Many Things That Exist ... In Physical Shells/Bodies ... In Non-Corporeal ("Energy States") & Other Forms .... We Are All "One" !!

Thanks **You Are Most Welcome !!

Hi ST in BG, Love and emotions are something that is different for everyone

**One Espouses ... One Uses The Word "Love" ... Without Understanding At All ... What This Is ... Or What This Implies !! ... This Word Is Bandied About On Terra/Earth ... Used In Happenstance ... In Dialog ... In Conversation ... Without Thought ... & Without Meaning !! ... There Is The Implication That There Is One Such Meaning To The Word "Love" ... One Such Standard Definition !! ... This Is Not So !! ... It Is An Attempt To Define ... Using A Place Word ... That Describes Emotions ... Describes Feeling(s) !! ... Of That ... It Will Always Fail !! ... As "Emotional Expression/Feelings" ... Are Not That Which Is Conveyed Through "Words" ... But Rather Through Thought & Energy !! ... This Is A Different Thing Indeed ... Versus Attempting To "Box In" ... With A Word ... Of Which To Each Individual ... Has Many Such Meanings & Representations In Thought ... In Which The Person(s) ... Are Trying To Relate To Another/Others ... Their Beingness !!

and it is something one has to experience. **One Must First Understand !!

It can't be put into words because trying to do so will only create confusion.

**It Is An "Idea" ... And Is Open To Interpretation !! ... As Such ... This "Idea" Cannot Be "Captured" By Word Form !! ... As It Is A "Representation Of An Idea" To Begin With !!

Emotions are the driving force behind the creation of our thoughts and desires
**We Understand Of This Way !!

It makes me concerned when you state that the Zetas are in charge of creating the next form of vessels for the soul

**For Energy Essences ... For The Collection Of Experiences Of Lifetimes ... & Connections Of These Lifetimes ... Which Make Up The Being ... The Personality ... The You !! ... To Say "Soul" ... Would Delegate This ... To One Word ... Which Does Not Express This Thought Fully !!

**There Are Many Different ... Those That You Call ... "Zetas" !! ... From Different Times ... Different Places In Our History !! ... The Ones Who Are Performing The Upgrades ... The Creation Of The New Bodies ... Are Of Those Advanced ... Who Have Full Emotional Capability ... Within The Said Zeta Forms !! ... So There Is No Need To Be Concerned ... That They Would Create Error ... By Not Understanding ... The Emotions & Emotional Expressions !!

Can't you just help us activate our 12 strands of DNA?

**You Are Being Upgraded !! ... The 12 Strand DNA Combination ... Is Not Understood !! ... So All We May Say ... The Reason That This Is Not Fully Manifest In Your 3rd Density Reality ... Is For "Practical Reasons" !! ... Think Of What Just "Skin Tones" & Language/Ways Of Expression Have Done On Your Planet !! ... The Misunderstandings ... The Created Fears & Loathing !! ... Imagine What Would Happen ... If Suddenly Some Or Parts Of One's Latent DNA Were Activated !! ... A Mutation/Change Into A Different Life Form ... With A Changed Look & Way Of Communicating !! ... Such An Activation ... In A Paranoid Culture ... Would Be A Prescription For Madness, Violence, Destruction & Death !!

ST In BG, "Bashar" of the Essassani said that teleportation was possible for humans.

**Many Things Are Possible With Correct & Proper Training/Teaching !! ... Which Includes ... What You Are Allowed To Do ... And What You Are Not Allowed To Do !! ... As A Terrestrial Example ... One Can Be Given The Keys To A Car ... But That Doesn't Mean ... One Has Proper Knowledge Of The Workings Of The Vehicle ... Nor Has Knowledge Of The Responsibilities Attached To ... Driving A Car !! ... In This ... It Is The Same !! ... There Is The Knowing How To Do This ... And The Responsibilities That Come With
This Also !!

Did humans used to be able to do this? Why cant we do it anymore?

**There Were "Selected Individuals" Who Have Done This ... And Those Alive On Your Planet In 3rd Density ... Who Have This Privilege !!

**It Is Not A Matter Of Can't !! ... It Is A Matter Of ... Being Ready ... And Properly
Trained/Schooled !! ... One Of Your Terrestrial Expressions State ... "With Great Power ... Comes Great Responsibility" !! ... And So It Is !!!

Bashar has also stated that the first ET group to have contact with us will be similar to the group that flew the ship over phoenix during the "phoenix lights" incident, can you comment on this?

**For Us This Seems More Of A ... "Jumping On The "Phoenix Lights" Bandwagon !! ... Rather Then Saying/Stating ... What Will Happen ... What Will Be !! ... It Is Very Easy To State In Vagueness ... That ... "The First ET Group To Have Contact ... Will Be Similar To The Group That Flew The Ship Over Phoenix (Arizona) During The "Phoenix Lights" Incident !! ... This Says To Us ... Very Little !! ... We Would Ask ... Who Were Those That Were Aboard The Craft(s) ... And What Did They Look Like ?? ... Where Were They From, Ect. ??? ... So ... We Do Not Trust The Statement ... Other Then To Feel ... It Is Speculation/Guess !!

Why not deal with the "bad guys essence only and leave the rest of mankind to progress and learn?

**The Problem Is ... Not Everything Is Cut & Dried !! ... There Is An Overlapping Between What You Would Call ... Good/Bad !! ... There Are Many "Degrees" Of This ... On Either Side Of The Line !! ... So Of An Assessment ... A "Judgment" If You Will ... One Has To Weigh All Factors Involved ... Not Just Those That Are Obvious & Before You !!

Hi ST in BG, In the last years it have been a lot of claims about "people channeling " why ??
**Yes ... This Is True !! ... The "Why's" ... Could Fill Many Of Your Libraries Of Books !!

how do we know who is real or fake? **It Is ... Not The Easiest ... To Discern !!

are they here to assist us in the last Earth 's moments ??

**Some Are Here To Assist In The Ride Ahead ... Others Are Here ... To Take One ... "For A Ride" ("Deception") !!

how come some messages are contradictory about future events ??

**There Is No "Future" ... In Non-Linear Existence !! ... It Is All "Now" !! ... However To The Point Being Made ... There Are Things That Are ... "Set In Stone" ... And Things That Are ... "Mutable" ... Changeable ... Depending On ... "Certain Factors & Variables" !! ... The Wisdom Is ... To Discover & Understand ... What Cannot Be Changed ... And To Accept This !! ... To Know Of Those Things That Could Be Changed ... "Depending On Circumstances & Ability" & Whether One Should Alter ... The Course Of Events !! ... In All Things ... In Doing ... & In Not Doing... There Is ... Great Teachings & Learnings ... To Be Found !!

There is a "channeling entity" called "Matthew" said there will be NO DOOM , NO Nibiru or any catastrophic near event ?? is it real ??

**Really In "Denial" Yes !! ... Not Willing Or Wishing To ... Face ... That Which May Be Unpleasant !! ... Possibilites ... Some Of Which Have ... Depending On Actions/Inactions ... A Greater Percentage ... Of Happening/Occuring !!

are his claims truth or just another new age product ??
**Not Truth ... Just Not Wishing To Face "Fear" !! ... To Wishing To ... "Look It In The Face" ... Stare "Eyeball To Eyeball" ... And Say ... Yes ... I Know Of These Things !! ... I Know Of These "Possibilites" !! ... & Within The Abilites I Have ... To Change ... I Will Do My Best ... To Make Sure ... That Such Senerios ... Do Not Occur !!

**Fear Is Not Being In Ignorance !! ... The Idea/Premise/Power Behind This Emotion ... Is Of Avoidance !! ... Of Not Wishing To Face ... Or Even Acknowledge ... That Unpleasant Things ... Can & Do Happen !! ... One Can ... Hide Their Head In The Sand ... Hide Underneath The Covers ... Or They Can Stand Up ... Face Up ... To That Which May Be ... Frightening & Scarey !! ... Only To Find ... That The Only Thing Fearful ... Is ... That Which Is Unknown ... & Not Understood !!


What will happen to all Jupiter's Moons and the people living there?

**As To Jupiter's Moons ... And Any Living Beings That Might Be There ... We Cannot Say !! ... We Have Only Shown To The Conduit ... Images Of The Blue-White Sun/Star ... Formerly Referred To As Jupiter ... And Of A Fading (Now In An Orange-Red State) ... Sun/Star ... Of Which You Call Sol !!

Is this Dual Sol system necessary to our change to "4th dimension"?

**You Misunderstand !! ... As There Is A Common Confusion Between ... Density & Dimension !! ... Density Is The Degree Of Solidity That You Have !! ... As An Example ... You Exist In A 3rd Density Body ... A Flesh/Shell Container ... That Houses Your Energies/Energy Essences !! ... These Bodies Were For The Lessons Of This Vibrational Plane ... That Of Polarity ... Of Opposites !! ... Now ... The Planet & All Life Have "Sped Up" ... And The Vibrations & Energies Being Exposed To Are Higher !! ... These 3rd Density Flesh Bodies ... Are Not Designed For Exposure To The Higher Vibrations ... Of Which Breakdowns Would Occur !! ... So ... New Bodies For The 4th Density/Vibration Experience ... Have Been Created ... And Your Energies Will Be Moving/Transferring Into Them !!

**If One Was Able To Witness In A Slow Motion The Whole Event/Process Of Change ... It Would Seem Like Terra/Earth Separates Into 2 Bodies ... 1 Planetary Body Stays In 3rd Density ... While The Other Evolves & Passes Into Another Dimension Plane/Area !! ... To Which In This Area ... There Will Be A Whole New Level Of Discovery & Wonder !! ... As This Would Be A Higher Elevation ... Of That Which You Are Used To !! ... A More Advanced Perception & View ... Which You Could Not See Or Experience Before ... On The Level You Were !! ... *Of This Then Will Be A New Home That Awaits ... Amongst The Stars ... That Will Present New Lessons/Teachings To Learn ... In Your New 4th Density Bodies !! ... And That Is Of ... The Lesson Of Time !!

Do the zetas have a caste system?

**Not A "Caste System" ... All Are Respected For Their Positions ... Their Duties & Responsibilities !! ... Of These Things ... It Is Known Who/Which ... Take Care Of Certain Matters ... What Specific Areas They Address ...Or Who Is In Charge Of An Area !! .... We Are All Connected To One Another ... So If One Being Is Not Able To Assist/Answer ... The Query Can Re-Routed Instantly ... "Passing The Request" ... To A "Higher More Experienced Authority" Who May Be In The Same Room ... Or Somewhere Else Aboard Ship !! ... They Will Then Respond To Need(s) ... Being Able To Help & Assist ... In A Greater Capacity !!

Shouldn't I or anybody else be able to communicate with an ET (and remember it) if we want to?
**Communication Is Not Difficult !! ... Remembering Would Be ... Do To The Denseness ... The Particular Lower Vibratory Plane ... That Exists On Terra/Earth ... Along With It's Energy Fields !! ... Included With This ... Of The Physical Forms ... Are Built In "Safeguards/Filtering" ... Which Would Prevent "Psychic Shock & Overload" !! ... While Here ... Where We Are ... This Would Not Be A Factor !! ... On The Planet However ... Such Is In Place For One's Protection !! ... The Lowering Of These "Screens" By Accident Or By Artificial Means ... Without The Needed Preparations/Understanding/Guidance ... Is What Has Labeled & Committed Many ... To Places Of Confinement ... Do To Their Outward Perceived Madness !! ... In Truth They Are Not "Mad" ... But Psychically Overloaded ... Of Which The Feelings ... The Experiences ... The Connections To All These Other Lives & Lifetimes ... Come Rushing In At Once !! ... The Nearest Approximation Of Undertanding Would Be ... As If Your Computers ... Had A Data Overload ... And Started To Act In A Chaotic Manner/Fashion ... Or Shuts Down Altogether !! ... This "Shutting Down" ... Do To Being So Overwhelmed ... Can Also Happen To The Person/Individual ... Depending Upon Degrees Of Experiences Lived ... And What Can Be Handled !! ... Madness ... And Eventual Death Would Be The Result !!

I feel let down because I always want to see at least a ship or have someone visit me.
**You Have Been Aboard ... On Quite A Few Occasions ... Having Been Given The Tour !! ... Though You Do Not Remember This !! ... Also You Have Been Visited ... Of Which These Memories Are Blocked !!


**This Would Be Grouping Together ... All Beings ... Referred To As "Zeta Reticulian(s)" ... With Differing Genetic Combinations ... And Branches, Sub-Branches, Sub Sub-Branches ... Originating With/From ... The Purebred (Genetically Complete/Whole) People/One People ("Zeta Reticulians") ... And Assuming ... All These Beings Are The Same ... They Are Not !! ... It Has To Do Greatly ... With The Genetic Mix !! ... Times, Places, Experiences !! ... Even With The "Purebred Zetas" ... There Can Be Differences !! ... So We Cannot Tell You What ... The "Zeta Reticulian Agenda" Is ... Because Of This Thought ... There Is No Such One Thing ... One Way Of Seeing & Doing !! ... Our Peoples In Whatever Forms They Inhabit/Occupy ... Are Quite Diverse !!
Are the Reptilians different to the Zeta in features?
**Yes Indeed !! ... They Are Usually Taller ... 8 Foot Tall Is Not Unheard Of !! ... Of A Greater Mass/Size ... Scaly ... Usually Of Greens, Browns, Brownish- Yellow !! ... Yellow Slit Type Eyes ... That Can Expand To Full View ... Or To A Narrowness !! ... Non Discernable Ears !!

Have their been conflicts with the species?
**There Have Been Discussions At Times !! ... Even With Those We Work With ... Have Contact With ... There Are Always ... Differences Of Opinion ... Of Which These "Points Of Contention" Are Discussed ... And Solutions To Problems Reached !!

**Also There Have Been Difficulties With Offshoots ... "Renegades" ... Who Have Split Off ... From The Whole ... And Have Wished More Of An ... Aggressive Posture !! ... While They Are Rather "Growly" ... They Too Have Their Purpose & Reasons ... For How They Are !! ... Of Which They Can Be Reasoned With ... In A Way ... That Will Allow For Their "Expression Of Natures" ... Without The Need For Violence ... Unless Such Situations Are To That Point ... When "This Expression" Is The Last Option/Choice !!

Religion for me is all the ideas that awake a human from their chained state in reality, it informs about the true nature of humans, that they are not only biological beings but also spiritual ones.

**Religion" For Us ... Is Distortion !! ... It Shackles The Mind ... The Heart & The Spirit !! ... Into Believing ... Just What Those Of "Religion" Want You To Believe !! ... Not To Think For Oneself ... But To Obey Falsehoods & False Principles !! ... To Believe In That ... Which Is Used ... For Manipulation & Control Purposes !!

"Religions"... Do Not Inform About ... "The True Nature Of Humans" ... They Never Have !! ... Because Their Basis Is "Belief" ... Rather Then True Knowledge !! ... Which Is At The Root/Foundation !! ... They Are "Fragmentary Leftovers" ... Of Beings That Visited Your World ...Long Long Long Ago ... In Your Linear Time !! ... And As Such ... Each Stalk ... Each Branch ... Took Their Own Tiny Fragment ... And Built Onto This !! ... Not Stopping To Realize ... That Their Frament ... Was Only One Small Part ... In A Huge Mosaic !! ... Both Benevolent & Controlling Religions/Beliefs ... Have Sadly Failed ... In This Understanding !!

Religion is that does humans love humans (the gold rule Jesus said us).
**And How Do You Know "Jesus" Said This ???

When you eliminates religion humans attack humans, you can see this in the today world especially with the youth in the great cities.

**Such Is Their Nature ... And Of The "Flaw In The Matrix" ... Which Could Have Been Corrected ... Long Long Long Ago ... In Your Linear Time ... Had "Others" Voted Differently ... And Went With The "Long Term Solution" ... Starting Again From Scratch ... With The Created Beings (Who Were Murdering One Another !!) ... And This Time ... With A New Matrix ... Fixing All The Flaws/Errors ... That Had Shown Up !! ...

**One Being "Communicated Strongly" Against The "Short Term Solution" .... The Plan To Create ... A "Worship Of The Creator Beings" .. He Saw "Down The Road" What Would Happen !! ... As He Could "See & Move Through Time" !! ... He Know Of The ... Bloody Wars Upon Bloody Wars That Would Be Fought ... Over Differences In Philosophies ... Over "Created Beliefs & Belief Systems" ... Of Which Supposedly ... Their Personal God Or Gods Supported !! ... And Yet While His "Words" Were Listened To ... They Were Rejected ... And The Errors Were Not Corrected !! ... Being Passed On To Generation Upon Generation Upon Generation !!

Perhaps trying eliminate religion to better maintain divided humans?.

**Regretfully ... Such Things Have Become "Too Ingrained" In Their Lives ... To Simply "Pull The Rug Out Under Them" !!

The Church is not 100% bad people nor they are trying bad things.

**Such Is Not Bad Or Good !! ... This Is Simply Built On Falsehoods & Fabrications !!! ... The People Themselves ... Are As Of This ... Merely Sheep To The Slaughter !!! ... Smiling ... While They Are Being Used & Manipulated ... And "Taken For A Ride" !!
But to say they are 100% control freaks is not understand what moves a man to decide give their life serving in church.

**We Didn't Say They Were 100% Control Freaks !! .... Simply Following The Program ... Through Which Others Lives ... Have Been Controlled & Manipulated ... & ... "Continuing The Tradition" !!

When someone say all the men in church are "evil" makes me rising flags with "beware" writing in them.

**We Never Used The Word "Evil" To Our Awareness !! ... However ... They Are Most "Unaware" Of The Basis For Their "Set Beliefs" ... And Rather Then ... Question Their Reality ... These "Set Beliefs" ... They Would Rather "Parrot The Words" & Follow Along ... As This Is Easier Then ... Having To Think ... Having To Really Think !! ... And Take Personal Responsibility ... For Ones Actions !!

My intention is not "create evidences to keep those of religious beliefs hooked" but point your inconsistencies.

**We Feel Perhaps ... Rather Then Attempting To "Nit Pick" ... And Look For "Inconsistencies" ... Energies Would Be Better Spent ... Understanding The Roots & Basis For Your "Beliefs" ... In The Need To Support A "Religious Figure" That Had No Basis In Reality !! ... There Was Another Being ... Of Which Is At The Root Of Such Created Composites/Legends ... However The "Newer Version" Of "Jesus" Was Not He !! ... And The Stories/Happenings/Adventures ... Were All Changed/Altered To Reflect This !! ... While The "Older Originals" & Dedications Were Destroyed !!!

I think people here can do their own thinking

**We Would Hope ... That They Are Able To See/Perceive ... That There Are "Explanations" & Understandings ... That Rightfully & Truly Explain ... Things & Events ... For What They Were/Are !! ... Other Then What Has Been Promoted & Popularized ... In/With Religion, Religious Teachings & Religious Circles !!

and decide what resonates in their interior.
**Yes ... Hopefully To Be Able To "Filter Out The Distortions" ... And Find That Which Resonates As Truth ... Within Their Beings !!

The ancient Maya calendar ends on December 21, 2012 of our modern calendar written as in the long Count calendar or galactic calendar?

**Well No ... This Would Be Incorrect !! ... For You See ... That You Are Doing Of The Terrestrial Expression ... Mixing Apples & Oranges !! ... The Termed: "Mayan Calendar" (Actually Of Aztlan !!) ... Is An Astronomical Recording Of The Passage Of "Time & Events" ... As Seen Through Witness To These Events ... & The Understanding ... That All Things Are Cycable ... And That Which Once Was ... Will Be So Again !! ... *The Problem Is With Those That Have Intent To Comprehend It's Meaning ... Is That They Do Not Have The "Aztlantian/Mayan Mindset" ... And Therefore Make Errors/Make Mistakes ...Attempting To Blend Other ... Non-Related Materials With This !! ... Such As ... The Gregorian ("Religious Based") Calendar ... Of Which Is A "Guesstimate" Of When Their "Christ Figure" Was Born !! ... (Which Actually Was A Different Story Then Was Told ... & Happened Long Before Their "Guess/Date" !!)

**The Aztlantians "Mayans" ... Knew Of The Return Of The Cleanser/Destroyer ... And Their Record Is A Forewarning To This Time ... That Of The Great Upheavals/Changes !! ... This Is Only ... "The End Of Time" ... In Respect To ... That All Will Be As One Again .... & Understand ... That All "Time" Is NOW !! ... It Has Always Been This Way ... Even With Living In/Under ... Artificial Controlling "Linear Time" !! ... A Terrestrial Invention !!

**The Actual Birth Of The True Being ... As Alluded To ... In The Marking Of "The Christ Figure's Birth" .... Was That Of A Boy Child ... Who Was Artificially Created For A Teaching Mission ... Via Anunnaki Mixed Genetics ... And Subsequent Artificial Insemination Of The Birth Mother !! ... Anunnaki Representatives Visited This Mother & Child ... To Check On Their Health ... And To Implant The Male Child With A Chip ... That Would Give Full Knowledge Of This Being's Mission ... Once It Reached A Certain Age !! ... At That Time ... Nibiru Was Prominent In The Sky & Approaching ... So This Was 1 "Star" ... And The Other ... Was A Scout Craft ... With A Bright Light !! .... *This Is One Passage ... Of Numerous Passages Of This Planet/World ... In Which Those Of Aztlan ... The Maya (Refugees Of Aztlan) ... Knew Of So Well !! ... As The Upheavals Helped To Destroy Their Land !!

This has been counting down for approximately 2000 years.

**It Has Been "Counting Down" ... Far Longer Then This !!

ST in BG, can you comment why during abductions **Not "Abductions" ... Detainments !!

the 'grey' type ET's put their face right up close to the humans face, what is going on?
**A Direct Form Of Communication !! ... Another Reason ... (As With Our Conduit) ... To Facilitate Biological Repairs !!

Why are little girls being sexually molested by ET's? This has been reported many times.

**You Would Need To Describe The Incidents More Clearly !! ... When One Says "Sexual Molested By ET's" ... This Is Making An Assumption ... That What You Perceive (Within A Terrestrial Body/Understanding) Is So ... Is Fact ... When ... There May Be Something Else Entirely Different ... That Is Going On !!

What is the black box that is frequently reported during abduction cases?
**During Case Of "Detainment" ?? ... We Cannot Say What This Is ... Or Used For !!

What is the light wand used for?
**One Purpose We May State ... Is For Healing !! ... A Multiple Purpose Instrument !!

ST In BG, I read something stating that even mother Teresa is a fraud, and most of the donations didn't go to the poor nations but went to the Vaticanís bank account's, is this true?

**This Would Not Be Surprising !! ... Our Conduit Always Felt "Distrust" Toward The Individual & The Works ... As He Felt ... There Was Something That Was Not Correct With This !! ... Something(s) Hidden ... Going On ... Behind The Scenes !! ... That Which Was Not Revealed !!

The dollar is almost worthless,

**It Always Has Been So !! ... You Have Heard The Terrestrial Expression ... "Not Worth The Paper It's Printed On" ?? ... Well ... ??? ... That About Sums It Up !! ... As This Is More Of "Promissory Note" ... A Promise To Pay ... Versus An Actual Substance/Value ... That Has Worth ... In That It Can Be Used In Technology & Industry ... Or In Food/Production !! ... It Is "Belief" & Designation Of The Amount ... Backed Up By Government ... That Gives Such Value !! ... If Either Cease ... The "Belief" ... The "Designation/Value" Of That Which Is Printed On The Paper ... Or The Backing Of This Fiat Currency ... Then There Would Be Immediate Collapse !!
do you recommend buying gold, or will this be also worthless, when the pole shift nears,

**This Has Value ... But Only In It's Use/Uses !! ... And If This Had No Use/Uses ... It Would Be Valueless !! ... The Reason TPTB (Otherwise Known As ... Those Who Committed War Crimes !!) Want The Metal ... Is That It Is Their "Belief" ... That This Could Be Used To "Bribe" The Anunnaki (Who Will Be/Are Returning) ... Into Buying The Freedom ... Of Those Who Did Injustice To This Planet & It's Life/Lifeforms !! ... To Prevent The Anunnai From Bringing Upon These Criminals ... Anunnaki Justice !! ... This "Plan" However Has It's Flaw In Thinking !! ... As The Guilty Parties Will Be Punished ... Justice Will Be Served !! ... And As For The "Bribes" ... Of The Gold, Precious Metals, Gems, Crystals ... They Will Be Taken Anyway ... & Will Not Lessen The Crimes Or The Verdict !!

Is their anything else you could tell me that would bring myself to even greater believing that Nibiru and the pole shift are real?

**Read Of Your Ancient Histories ... The Evidences Are There ... From Many Civilizations ... Many Witnesses !! ... This Is A Cyclatic Event ... An Event That Reoccurs Over & Over Again ... When It Is The Moment ... For It To Do So !! ... When One Age Is Closing ... And Another Age Becons ... Another Journey Awaits !!

Thanks for reading,

You Are Most Welcome !!

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10/06/2012 10:07 AM
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Steve,Thank you for your comment. Though I unseadtrnd your pov in taking a detached scientific view of this, to me there is a difference between what nature does and what humans do. We cannot (in most cases) control nature. Nature is, well, natural and we need to have faith that although there are natural disasters, that this is part of embodied life and that ultimately there is a balance. But when people do violence, they are upsetting, unbalancing nature. So if a meteor causes a crater on the moon, that is one thing to me, but if people deliberately do violence to the moon, that is quite another to me--on an ethical level. On Earth, it's like comparing a hurricane (a natural occurrence) to dropping an atom bomb. Though they might both cause enormous damage and loss of life, they are not both ethically the same. The first is part of the natural order of things, the second is not. Another thing that concerns me is that there doesn't seem to be any overwhelming scientific need for this information AND even if there were, they don't seem to have investigated other, less violent ways of getting the same info (Amy suggests one, sending a couple of people up there to dig; I'd suggest another--send a robot (like LEM)to dig.) I also remember that scientists in WW II were not aware of how much damage an atomic bomb would cause and I wonder how accurate the NASA scientists estimate of damage to the Moon are. After all, the Moon is responsible for the ocean tides. If that gets thrown out of kilter, the effect of global warming on the ocean is going to look like small potatoes. These concerns are in addition to the symbolic image of doing violence to a planetary object that represents beauty to so many and is sacred to some.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/06/2012 10:14 AM
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I always love z happy ending:

Thread: I have a dead alien in my garden! help me!
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10/06/2012 11:41 AM
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I knew it! Multitasking is not a modern dissaee! Here's another good one: Try as you will, you get behind in the race, in spite of yourself. It's an incessant strain to keep paceâĦ And still you lose ground. Science empties its discoveries on you so fast that you stagger beneath them in hopeless bewildermentâĦ Everything is high pressure. Human nature can't endure much more. A quotation from last week's newspaper? No. This ran in the Atlantic Journal on June 16, 1833.
Anonymous Coward
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10/06/2012 01:15 PM
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I am going to re-post every single post that St has mad over the last 98 years here,

Who cant waite to re-read it all,

Amy will be pleased, its only 68 trillion megabytes worth lol
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10/06/2012 03:52 PM
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I am going to re-post every single post that St has mad over the last 98 years here,

Who cant waite to re-read it all,

Amy will be pleased, its only 68 trillion megabytes worth lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25072628

Awww, it's nice that you give your contribution to keep this thread top 1 in Alltime Popular GLP threads ;)

Thank You!
Anonymous Coward
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10/06/2012 04:20 PM
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Hi ST in BG:

What can you tell us about Project Rainbow, a.k.a. The Philadelphia Experiment? You don't have to confirm or deny if it's true or not. I know it really happened. Just would like you to elaborate as much as you can on it and how it relates to 21 december 2012. Also, please elaborate on the time-loop we got trapped in as a result, if you can/are allowed to.

Thank you.

User ID: 24499924
Korea, Republic of
10/06/2012 09:53 PM
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Hi again ST and ET friends,

I feel great having been received your daily nightly communications these days. Yeah! it's NICE! sometimes I just want to stay in bed dreaming ALL day! haha!

I requested again to know more about Nibiru and the current situations, in which I was shown that everyone here was getting prepared in very hurry, because when we saw our people one by one , two by two just dead gone disappeared; so we worried who would be next...we were trying to stay together, also packing moving to somewhere that thought to be safe. Some friends wanted to carry more than what they needed, so he didn't come with us. Some people got very scared, and locked themselves in some special 'safe' rooms, also prevented all contact (underground bases? the place looked narrow with tiny entrance); I saw myself several times trying to get in to communicate with them but I couldn't get in. I was worried that later they may be stuck buried inside , how stubborn they don't listen.

Hmmm...so our ET space people 'running on their legs', our Earth people here packing moving ... time is growing short definitely!

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10/06/2012 10:07 PM

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Excellent thread here: Thread: Breaking my vows of secrecy for you


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10/06/2012 10:16 PM
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I am going to re-post every single post that St has mad over the last 98 years here,
Who cant waite to re-read it all,

Amy will be pleased, its only 68 trillion megabytes worth lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25072628

it's 'trillion megabytes' of ET communications , it's unexpectedly surprisingly shocking that someone still not want to WAKE UP and absorb...how! how! how! how! how! how! how! how! how! how! how! how MUCH more could someone keep dragging their illusive empty brainless 'luggage' ? So there the 'super light' reposts for you to 'enjoy' some time left.

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 Quoting: BoroBoro

Hi Boro, I followed the link you gave, and read the OP's first post (under the name SolarSon)...he said he belongs to some Secret Orders and wants to reveal the 'Truth', but when I read the next post of his, it turns out he's having mental problem, with a 'strange' religious mind about reality.

How about your opinions? thanks for the interesting Read.

[quoting someone's question to SolarSun]

OP this idea has been bandied about on this site lately ("soul trap" thread, and a few others) I am interested. I figured out awhile ago that this world is deception wrapped in deception, clothed in subterfuge. This has left me little hope, as there is no possible way to disseminate the truth from the lies here on earth, there is only the voice of my truest essence within - that of love/creator.

Please tell us how to break free. Can we even do it on our own? As of right now the only plan I had in place was to not go into the "light" upon my death. I plan to ask to be returned to the original source of my creation, or first source/god.

Will that even work!? And can I escape this prison/farm without dying in this physical body?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4738313

[quoting SolarSun's reply] bolding his strange concepts with my question marks. This "(...)" means that I cut some parts out
Wise plan as far the Light goes (????)! Very few have the slightest idea about that, you have good chances in what is to come.
But back to the Light - and how to act in your dying moments (???), of crucial importance to know if you ever plan on moving on and free yourself!

One of the most important things to do is to maintain your individual awareness and conscious thought process as your Spirit separates from your Body(...) In fact, learning to separate your Spirit from the Body is crucial (...) (?????)

To the contrary of popular belief, the Soul is NOT inside the physical Body - the Soul exists in a slumber in other outside-realms of Existence (???), way beyond the Sphere that encompasses all the physical and lower levels of illusional spiritual worlds. The Soul is however CONNECTED to the Physical Body, the Mind & Spirit that occupies the Body.

In a manner of speaking, it is the Consciousness that is captured within the Physical body, and not the Soul, whereas the Soul itself can be considered a different "body" all together. (???)

If you are LUCKY, you can manage to escape at Death (???) by doing as you ponder, asking to be returned to first source (...)to experience yourself as your highest individual self though, or simply as your true Soul (???).

(...) I recommend you all to study and practice both Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection on a regular daily basis. You will be glad you did. (...) Eventually this alone can start triggering alertness in your dreams, and make you become lucid as you fall asleep. (???)

You can never escape anything while still in physical body(???), although you can have a taste of what is to be experienced beyond the physical body. (...)

But you can never be free until you dispose of the physical body since you can only be alive and conscious in one place at a time so to speak - and your Soul is NOT a physical vehicle like your current body. It can never exist within the physical (????). Just as the physical can never exist in the non-physical.

 Quoting: SolarSon

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Hi Amy,

I understand why you may be confused. ST always talks about the falseness and deception of the various organized religions. I agree with him. This poster "Solarson" is in effect saying the same thing. He talks about how religion is fake and used to try and control us.

In religion people will talk about souls, spirit, angels, god etc...

ST will say we are Animating Energies.

I think solarson in his context is describing the same thing as ST. Animating Energies = Your true Self, Your Soul, Your Spirit etc.. just without the religious tie.

In any case i just finished reading solarsons posts (31 pages) :-)

Found many similarities to ST in BG posts.

For me I read everything that gives a feeling of truth or part of truth. And much of what solarson is saying ring true for me, just as much of what ST says rings true also.

Kind Regards


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10/07/2012 03:13 AM
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Reposting ST In BG's posts pages [ 302-340 ] continued:

Hi ST In BG Thanks for your time and patience, specially with debunkers and spammers .
**You Are Most Welcome !!

It's a whole new world in this thread!
**Yes ...There Is Much Information ... That Is Relayed Here ... Of Our Transmissions ... & Of Posters Who Wish To Query ... And To Share !!

Dang, I may have to go to page one and catch up. See you all in a week or so, unless I have a pressing question. **We Understand !!

Or I could pull an all nighter? **Perhaps ... Several ... All Nighters ??
Looks like a fun read.
**There Are Many Readers ... Who Find Our Information/Transmissions Valuable ... And They Especially Enjoy Our ... "Sense Of Humor" ... Which ... Is Part Of Our Natures !! ... Hee Hee Hee !! ... So Indeed ... They Find This Fun !!

I have some questions : There are many books and ppl who claim that Earth is a 3D experience place for soul learning **Of Your "Current Reality" ... This Is True !!

but it seems for many people those experiences are about suffering : hunger, pain , fear , war , illness , poverty , etc .
**They Asked To Come Here ... And In The Asking ... Knew That In Order To Be Here ... They Had To Endure !! ... Of Which Many Are Using This "Staging Grounds" ... To Work Out ... Their Differences & Misunderstandings !! ... To Face These "Issues" ... Straight On ... & Deal With Them Now !!!

Was that the original plan ?? why ?? who changed ??
**That Was Their Choice !!

In the other hand , there are other ppl who theorized about the Earth like a place where we are feeding with our emotions/feelings to "our creators "

**While This Kind Of "Sustenance" Applies To Some Beings ... It Does Not Apply To ... "All Beings" .. And That Is Why We Usually Don't Wish To Discuss ... As This Misunderstanding ... Would Be Simply Used ... To Brand "All ET Beings" ... Who Do Not Abuse Or Misuse ... Who Are Kind Of Natures ... In The Same Light ... Of Those Who ... Think In Differing Ways !!

and moreover that many of our recreational activities such as watching TV, movies, news, reading books , newspaper are just "WAYS/FORMS" to provoke us more feelings/emotions and "feed" our creators . is that true **It Is Possible !! ... Along With "Other Uses" As Well !!
could you elaborate and explain it ?? **Not In Detail ... No !! ... As Intimate Discussion ... Would Cause Confusion & Misunderstandings Of The Natures Of ET Beings & Peoples !!

Hello ST In BG, Why do you get approval from the Council of Worlds?
**In The Beginning ... This Is Who My People Went To ... For Help & Assistance !! ... As They Were "Master Geneticists/Genetic Engineers" ...An Agreement Was Reached ... To Which A New "Blended Race" Would Be Created !! ... Of This There Would Be Option Given For Volunteers To Participate ... Who May Or May Not Be ... "Family Connected/Related" ... In Which To Participate In The Experiments !! ... The Volunteers ... Like All Beings On Terra/Earth ... Are Extraterrestrial Energies ... Within Terrestrial Corporeal Shells/Bodies !! ... And Of Those ThatAgreed ... Before They Transferred Into 3rd Density Bodies ... They Knew They Would Be Borrowed To Help Out ... When It Was Time !!

Why not get approval from us instead? **This Was Done !!
We are the ones directly involved, not the Council of Worlds.**Both Are Involved !!
They don't own us, we are individuals with free will and souls so why ask them?**It Is Not A Matter Of "Ownership" ... It Is A Matter Of ... This Is The Request ... They Asked/Made Of Us !!
**Along With This ... We Also Upgrade & Create New Bodies ... Which Are Needed ... For Those That Are In Need ... Of These ... To Learn Lessons/Teachings ... Through Experiences ... In The Physical Densities ... And Will Be Exposed To Differing Environmental Conditions & Energies, Vibrations ... That Would Be Found ... On A Planet ... Or In Space ... And Of A Particular Dimension/Space/Area !!
**You Are Individuals Who Have Exercised Their "Free Will" ... By Deciding To Help ... To Volunteer !! ... So You Asked Us !!

If we could stop Nibiru, we would. **No You Would Not !! ... It Would Not Be Permitted !!
That should give you an idea about how we feel about what you say is going to happen. **We Understand ... However Nibiru ...Like All Things ... Has A Role To Play ... A Function ... Which Is Part Of The Whole !!

Hi ST in BG, With all respect for your race and others races I would like to ask some questions. may I ? **You May !!
There is a lot of bad literature about zetas and Draconian ET.
**Yes ... This Is So !!
basically those claims are about abductions for genetics , eating human meat, experimenting on ppl body , etc .
**We Have Heard Of These Misunderstandings & Non-Understandings ... And Plainly ... Of Those Who Wish To Distort & Twist ... & Make Up Stories ... To Promote Their Own "Beliefs & Agendas" !!

In the other hand , there is many positive about them : Smart, researcher, healer ET. **Very True !!
Where did it come from the bad reputation ?? is it any truth in that ??**There Are No "Bad Reputations" Or "Good Reputations" ... All Beings ... Are As They Are !! ... As An Example ... Is The Whole Of The Terrestrial Race ... Bad ?? ... Good ?? ... Or Are These Individuals ... Who By Many
Factors ... Have Been Thought Of ... And Labeled As Such ... Do To Others Non-Knowledge & Non-Informations !! ... By Their Own Assumptions & Guesses !! ... By Their Own ... Fears Of The Unknown !!

Are there some rogue ET in those races ?? How is this possible ?
**There Are Beings & Branches Of Beings/Races ... Who See Things Differently !! ... Of These They Are Considered ... Not Of The Main Group ... Who Do Things & See Things In A Certain Way !! ... They Are "Rogue" ... Only In That They Have Their Own View ... And From This ... They Choose What Actions Or Inactions To Take !! ... Rather Then "Rogues" ... They Would Be Better Described As ... "Independents" !!
Are some ET a threat for humans ??
**There Are Those ... Do To Their Views/Attitudes ... And Simply Their Natures ... Who If Let Loose ... Would Be A Threat To Not Only ... Terrestrials/Humans ... But To Other Races/Species As Well !! ... Know Though ... There Are Those Who ... Keep A Tight Reign On Things ... And Do Not Let Such Beings ... Get Out Of Hand !!
It seems like the ET's mostly "detaining" humans are the Zetas.
**Yes ... Those That You Call "Zetas" ... Are The Ones Mostly Heard About !! ... Although There Are Others As Well !!

Why are they doing it?
**For A Number Of Reasons !! ... Primary To Borrow Those That They Have Agreements With ... In Which Of Their Cooperation & Help ... The Studies, Examinations & Samples Taken ... Will Help To Upgrade/Improve ... The Newer
Bodies/Models ... Of Which The Energy Essences ... In The Next Stage & Other ... Stages Will Be Moving Into !!
Why can't they just ask us if we want to go on board instead of paralyzing us so we cant move or yell.
**The Asking Has Already Been Done !! ... Agreements Have Already Been Made !! ... It Is Unfortunate But The Very Same "Psychic Barrier" ... That Prevents Your Non Remembrance Of Other Lives & Lifetimes ... Also Prevents
Knowledge Of Such Agreements !! ... To Remove Or To Lower This Natural Protective Psychic Barrier ... Is To Invite Madness ... Then Death Of The Subject/Person !! ... We Would Not Do This !!

**For Those That Are "More Advanced" ... More Aware Of Their Agreements & Connections ... There Is Knowledge ... When They Are Asked ... When They Are Needed ... To Come Aboard !! ... For Others ... Do To Their Non Awareness Of Their Agreements & Of Their ET Selves ... It Is Necessary To Borrow When It Is Advantageous To Do So !! ... As To The Paralyzing ... This Is Necessary To Prevent Those We Borrow From Hurting Themselves ... And From Hurting Ourselves !! ... As In Their Conscious Awakened State ... Unless They Are Aware & Know Of Us ... This Would Induce Panic & Fright ... So We Take Precautionary Measures !!
Seems like there is a huge infraction of human free will here.
**There Is No Infraction Of "Human Free Will" ... As "Human" ... Is What You Call The Exterior Protective Body Form !! ... "Human" Is Not Of The Energy Essences Within .... Only Of These Experiences Gained While Being In That Form !! ... That Which Is Within ... Is A Collection Of Experiences Of Lifetimes In Many Bodies ... And Of Their Connections !! .... Which You Would Call Extraterrestrial !! ... So Of Those That Are Being Borrowed ... They May Be ... Of These Same Beings Who Are Doing The Examinations ... Though Just In A Terrestrial Body !! ... Such As Is The Case With Our Conduit !! ... Who Is Both The Patient & The Doctor !!

If they just asked Iím sure people would help them.
**Procedures Are Done ... According To How They Have To Be Done !! ... Until Such A Moment Has Been Reached Of Awareness !! ... Then A Greater Understanding & Cooperation Can Be Achieved !!
I would like to ask you some questions ,no offense whatsoever !!
Why the hell were ETís thinking when they helped Hitler to fabricate weapons /planes and some racist ideas about a superior race ??

**You Mean ... Giving These Beings ... Certain More "Advanced Knowledge & Devices" ... In Exchange For Permissions To Borrow ... To Obtain ... Biological Samplings ??

**Of Those Who Did This ... This Was ... We Will Say ... "A Branch" Of ET Beings ... Who Felt The Proper Thing To Do ... In Order To Obtain What They Needed ... Was To Barter/Exchange With The Peoples Of The Planet !! ... As Through Determination ... It Was Felt That Such Qualities Of Strength Needed ... Would Be Found In The German Peoples !! ... Hence The Contact With The German Government At That Time !!

**It Was Realized The Warlike Charactor Reflected By This Government ... And That The Language They Spoke Was Of "Military Thought" ... So ... It Was Felt ... That The Method/Medium Of Exchange ... Would Be Of This Information/Knowledge ... & More Advanced "Tools" ... For Their Ends !!

**Though What Was Not Told To Them ... Is Such Information/Knowledge Used & Equipment ... Were More ... As They Say On Your World ... "War Surplus Items" !! ... And Rather Then Function ... The Devices Would Tend To Blow Up If ... Attempts Were Made To Use These !! ...This Warring Government Was Helped ... But To Their Own Undoing !! ... And Permissions Were Granted !! ... Later It Was Found/Determined ... That No Such Permissions Were Needed In The First Place With "Ruling Governments" ... As This Was Done Per Being ... So This "Charade/Farce" ... Need Not Have Happened At All !!

Why did not ETs help to avoid wars **They Needed To Learn By This Method !! ... The Futility Of Wars, Killing, Death & Destruction !! ... The Waste & Hopelessness Of This Path !! ... This Lesson Is Still Not Learned !!
and human hunger ?? **We Have Attempted To Help In These Areas ... And Have Been Rebuffed !! ... We Still Continue To Help !! ... Otherwise Those On Your Planet ... Of That Which They Have Now ... Would Have Died Out ... Long Long Ago !!
Why do ET always/mostly help fascist world government ?? **They Don't !! ... Appearances ... Such As Stated Above ... Can Be Most Deceiving !!

**This Is Not Taking Into Account ... Those Energies On Terra/Earth ... Enclosed Within Terrestrial Bodies ... Who Were From Lucifer/Maldek !! ... However ... They Too Will ... See The Light !! ... They Will Be Delt With ... In Accordance Of Justice Of Their People !! ... And All That Was Done ... That Was Made Unwell ... Will Be Cleansed, Healed ... & Made Whole Again !!

How did the Zetas learn to develop their emotional bodies?
**They Had An "Emotional Need" To Do So !! ... The Need & Desire ... To Wish/Want ... To Express This Outwards ... Once Again !!
I heard Bashar say that the Zetas aren't 'alien' they are 'human'.
**1st Off ... Understand ... That "Bashar" Is "Channeled" !! ... Originally This Was Of Darryl Anka ... However Others Have ... "Put In Their Claim" To Channeling "Bashar" As Well !! ... Now The Problem With "Channeling" ... It Is Going Through The Filters Of The Terrestrial Being ... Of Which The Thoughts & Ideas ... May Be Changed/Colorized ... Do To Not Understanding ... Wishing To Simplify Things !! ... There Have Even Been On Occasions ... Ones Who Are Not Knowing/Not Understanding Of The Subject Matter(s) ... & "Make It Up" ... As They Go Along !!

**Now Being Of One That Is Truly Extraterrestrial ... Who Has Been Enhanced With Communications Implants ... For These Transmissions ... For This "Mission Of Service/Volunteering" ... Of Which One Is Actually In Contact ... With Live Physical ET Beings !!) ... We Have Found A Great Deal Of The Materials Of "Bashar" ... To Be Terrestrial Based/Directed ... Of Terrestrial Psychological Problems ... Rather Then Actual Interstellar Interests ... Their Concerns & Difficulty !! ... & To Be Honest ... Reading Of These "Channelings" ... There Was This Feeling Of "Pop Psychology" !! ... Not The Feeling ... That One Was Dealing With ... "ET In The Flesh" !! ... And Not How We Feel ... That Actual ET Beings Would Answer/Respond !! ... This Is Just An "Impression" ... Of What We Sensed/Felt !!
**So As To What "Bashar" Says ... And Of The Statement ... "zetas aren't 'alien' they are 'human'. " ... Then Of Ourselves ... We Need To Ask Ourselves The Following Questions !! ...

1. Why Doesn't "Bashar" Know ... Of The Roots ... From Where His Own People Came From ??? ... The Records Are More Clear ... From The Creation Of The Essassani ... From The Blending Of Zeta & Terrestrial ... Then From The Ancient Times ... When These Records Were Lost/Destroyed !!
2. Given The Curiosity That This Essassani Presence ... Does Not Know Of ... This Creation ... Of The Essassani ... We Can Draw The Conclusion ... That This Knowledge/Lack Of Knowledge ... Is Rather Not From Essassani ... But More ... Terrestrial Based !! ... Perhaps "Filtered" ... A Speculation/Guess !!

**By The Singular Thought/Statement ... "zetas aren't 'alien' they are 'human'. " ... Which Of Our View Is Incorrect !! ... & Which Should Be "Common Knowledge" ... This "Incorrectness" ... Does Not Necessarily Invalidate The Rest Of The Channeled Materials ... But It Does Call To Light/Bring To Light ... Certain "Bashar Errors" ... That Have Entered In ... And Have Not Been Questioned !!

Were your ancestors on Apexia humanoid descendants from Lyra?
**They Were Not "Human" ... So How Could They Be ... "Humanoid" ?????
**Of The Ancient Lyran Wars ... Many Beings/Peoples Fled From That Area ... To Settle In The Pleiades ... In Vega ... & In Other Star Systems !! ... Of Our Kind ... There Were Those That Went To The Pleiades ... Of Whom A Branch Of Elenari ....Who Were "Overly Aggressive" As Warriors ... Or Who Were Disliked Or Both ?? ... Decided (Or Were "Encouraged" !!) ... Left Those Worlds ... To Find A Home Elsewhere !! ... They Went To Vega ... Where They Settled On A Planet ... Which Is Called: "Apexia" (American English Equivalent) !! ... They Became The Original Apexian Peoples ... And From Here ... During & After The "Great War" ... Is When The Changes Were Made ... To These Beings ... Physical & Psychological Structures ... To Become What Are Called Today ... Zetas Or Zeta Reticulians (After They Emerged Many Many Many +++ Centuries Later ... Onto The Surface Of This World ... To Find That Their Home Had "Shifted" ... Into Another Star System ... & They Now Found Themselves ... In The Zeta Reticulum System ... Hence What They Are Called/Nicknamed !!

Do you work with the Essassani?**In The Form Of "The People/One People" ... Yes ... This Is Done !! ... However They Are More "Observers" ... Who Like Ourselves Are Capible Of "Time Travel" ... Who Have Traveled To Our Time ... To Witness The Birth Of Their Species !! ... **Also The Conduit Has A Life/Lifetime ... As Essassani !!
How do you like it? **It Is Not A Matter Of Liking Or Disliking ... We Understand They Are Of Us ... And They Wish To Learn/Know ... How It Was ... In The Time Of Creation !! ... They Are Curious ... Like Ourselves !!

ST in BG You have facts that the pole shift will happen soon?
**Well From Space ... We Have Nibiru "Under Observation" ... And Are Constantly Collecting ... Analyzing Data ... And Calibrating/Re-Calibrating... The ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival !!)
Do you reside in the US? **We Reside In Many Places !! ... The Conduit Yes ... Is On The Land That You Call ... The United States Of America !!

what keeps you from being attacked by the government or agents that want to silence you?**We Think By Now ... They Know Who We Are ... The Termed: "Real McCoy" !! ... And As Such ... We Are Willing To Some Extent ... To Share What We Know ... Simply By Asking ... Showing Desire !! ... Of This ... The
Sources On Terra/Earth ... And Of Their Known & Hidden Detectors & Satellites (On Earth & In Space) ... Are Not As Well Equipped ... As We Are !! ... Suffice To Say They Are Dependant Upon The Data & Information We Supply Them !! ... It Would Not Be "Advantageous" ... For Any To Impede Or Interfere ... Or ... Have Thoughts Or Actions Of Harm ... Toward Any Of Us ... In Zeta Or Terrestrial Bodies !! ... So The Phrase: "Hands Off" Applies Here !!

**We Understand & Agree With Certain Thoughts ... Of Those On Terra/Earth !! ... As We Too ... Wish To Safeguard This Planet ... And Insure It & It's Life/Lifeforms Survival !! ... To This We Acknowledge The Need & Necessity ... To Not Induce A World Wide Panic ... Which If This Would Get Out Of Hand ... Could Endanger Your World !! ... So We Can Comprehend More Fully ... Why There Are Certain Programs In Place ... And Certain Methods Being Used ... To "Get The Word Out" About Nibiru ... Without Inducing Madness/Insanity & Riots !!

**We Do Not Condone Or Agree With Methods That Were Used ... To Silence Those Of Authority ... Who Would Have Spoken On Nibiru ... To Which People Would Have Listened !! ... This Should Have Been Dealt With In Another Way/Fashion ... Rather Then Termination Of Life !! ... Of This ... Know That All Who Had "A Hand/Knowledge" Of This ... They Will Have To Face Judgment !!

can't you become tracked by government groups, or do the zeta's protect your tracking by blocking any way to track you,
**Let Us Say ... That We Know Who They Are ... And They Know (Well Sort Of !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!) ... Who We Are !! ... And This Is Of Balance !!
the people around you that are from Terra Earth, do they know what you do?**Hee Hee Hee !!! ... The People That Are Around Me/Us ... Are Not From Terra/Earth !! ... Yes ... They Know What We Do !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

you just have a greater purpose on earth, your in human form but have extra special channeling ability? **We Have Purpose ... But We Do Not "Channel" ... As Our Way Is Not "Channeling" ... But You Might Say ... We Are "Online" & Linked Up ... Constantly !!
Is it "technically possible make this transition without a physical and psychological pain for people? **For Those That Have Asked For These Experiences ... They Wish To Go Through The Process !! ... For Others ... They Will Be Removed Via ... Different Ways ... Before These Happenings !!

All problem that many of governors are afraid of a panic of people and possible "terrible" court above governors in the subsequent.
**Yes ... They Are Afraid Of The Panic ... Of The Madness !! ... And That Is Why The Various Distractions ... Wars & Skirmishes !! ... Anything To Keep The Public's Attention Drawn Away !! ... Drawn Away From The Real Concerns ... Their Very Survival ... Of Which They Need To Face !!

Naturally from here and all complications in a present situation. With greater respect for your attention for us.
**Yes ... Seeing Things From A Terrestrial Level ... It Is ... To State It Bluntly ... A Mess !! ... And From Our Vantage Point ... We Can Say No Other !! ... It Is A Mess !! ... A Giant Mess !! ... Which Was Intentionally Created ... By Those Who Knew Of The Arrival ... Who Have Wished To Ensure Their Own Survival ... And To Use Anything & Anyone ... To Insure The Success Of This Plan !! ... Though Of The Terrestrial Expression ... "The Best Laid Plans Of Mice & Men" ... This Will Be Their Own Undoing !! ... As Their Well Planned ... Well Stocked Bunkers ... For Only Themselves ... Will Become Their Tombs ... The Only Thing Missing ... Will Be The Gravestones/Grave Markers !!

Hi ST In BG, Do you see the myth of God like Santa Claus (the Old Man) who give the gift's if people are good or bad.
**This Is A Terrestrial Creation/Story ... Based On Factual Occurrences That Happened ... & Altered For Use In Commercialism !!

**But As To The Point You Are Making ... As Far As "Good & Bad" Thought ... This Is Not How Things Are !! ... This Polarization ... The Understanding Of Opposites ... Are Of The Lessons/Teachings Of 3rd Density Experiences !! ... When One Leaves The 3rd Density Bodies ... To Go To The Transit Station(s) ... To Self Evaluate ... To Find Out/Choose Where They Go Next ... It Is Not That They Are Declared ... Good Or Bad ... It Is Moreso ...Whether Or Not ... They Learned From These Experiences ... Of The Lessons/Teachings !! ... And If So ... They Can Choose To Learn Other Termed: "Higher Forms" Of Instructions/Understandings !! ... Of The Way Of Things ... Of Life !!

You know, children's gonna discovery later that Santa Claus (God) is a fake story.**The Beings On Terra/Earth ... Within ... Already Know This !! ... However Without ... Of Their "Exposures" ... They Are Programmed ... Into Following "Artificial Ways" ... Which Have Been Incorporated Into ... & Used As Replacement ... Of Sacred Customs !! .... *Eventually ... They Will Be Balanced ... & Discover ... The Deception !!

What a Revelation here !!! "Talkshit" are running...and Humanity take a ride...**If You Mean That There Have Been "Deceivers/Manipulators" Who Have Used Such Knowledge (& Continue To Do So!!) ... For Their Own Gains ... To Manipulate, Control ... & Stay "In Power" ... We Would Agree !! ... Those That Are Experiencing Life In The Shell/Form ... That Is Called "Humanity" ... Have Been "Taken For A Ride" ... And Nowhere ... Of Which (If It Was Understood !!) ... That They Would Desire To Go !!

We as humanity on this earth have been influenced and jerked around by outside influences that mean to enslave us.This is know to be a sure as Bush is in office right now. **Who You See In Office ... Is A "Minor Official" ... A Figurehead ... Which Is Not "The Original" ... And Through Whom "Others" ... Are Pulling His/It's Strings !! ... There Is Much More At Stake For Those Of The "Way Below Rankings ... Of The Anunnaki" ... Who Were Here ... To (One Obligation) Set Up World Trade Routes ... And Establish The Free Flow Of Goods Throughout The Planet ... Of Which No One ... No Being ... No Country ... State, Province , Capital , City, Town, Village, Hamlet ...Of It's Peoples ... Would Go Without ... Would Be In Need !! ... *This Did Not Mean ... A Profit Could Not Be Gained ... But A Marginal One ... To Cover The Basic Essentials Only ... Not To Become Wealthy At This !! ... Not To Use Such Contacts ... To Cause & Create Limitations ... To Manipulate ... To Wage Wars !! ... This Was Not Covered ... This Was Not Allowed ... In The Rules Of Initiation Of World Trades/Commodities !!

**Of These Beings Who Have ... "Neglected Their Duties" ... Who Have Exceeded The Bounds Of Their Duties ... Who Have Caused So Much Death & Destruction Of Life & Lifeforms ... Ecospheres ... Pollutions ... Loss Of Freedoms, Ect. ... They Will Be Brought To Justice !! ... The Elders Are Returning ... And They Mean Business !! ... These Beings Know What This Means !! ... Justice Will Be Served !! ... As Any Disgrace That Is Brought Down Upon ... Ancestors ... Houses/Families ... Peoples ... Upon Their Being(s) ... Will Be Swiftly Dealt With ... Of Which In Ceremony ... Participant Has 2 Options ... Either To Take Their Own Life ... By Impalement With A Sword (In Similar Ancient Terrestrial Japanese Fashion !!) ... Or If They Cannot Do This ... Or Cowardace Is Seen ... The Headman Will Decapitate !! ... Of Their System Of Justice ... They Have No Lawyers !! ... This May Seem/Appear To Be Cruel & Barbaric ... According To Your Set Customs & Standards/Culture !! ... But It Is Of Their Way ... Their Ancient Ways !!! ... & If Any Decide To Run ... To Hide ... To Excape Justice ... They Will Be Sought Out/Found ... And Dealt With !!

we have been divided and set at ends with one another to the death ..and they few like yourself that stand around influencing us stand also to laugh at our ignorance. and believe us to be small and worthy of this end.
**It Is Not To Laugh Or Jest At Ignorance !! ... And This Is No Means ... No Disgrace Upon Your Persons ... Who Have Suffered ... Who Are Suffering ... At The Hands Of Such Beings ... Who Are On Your World !! ... However Amongst Us ... There Are Those Of Many Races ... Many Species/Beings !! ... They Are Not Mean Spirited ... Crude Or Cruel !! ... They However Have Been At "Galactic Politics" ... Far Longer Then Your Planet Has Been In Existence !! ... And They See Ones Who Are Literally Playing Into The Hands Of Their Oppressors ... (A Very Old "Game By The Way !!) ... Of Which They Cannot Help But Burst Forth In An Amused & Scornful/Sad Way !! ... "Don't These Beings See ... What Is Right Before Their Eyes ?? ... Are They So Blind ... As To Not To Be Aware Of Their Surroundings ?? ... Why Do They Allow Such Beings To Have This Control & Power Over Them ??? ... Why Do They Follow ... With Such Limited Thinking ?? ... With Such Non Thinking/No Thinking ??? ... Have They No Minds ??? ... *So Every So Often ... These Thoughts Are Passed Along ... Passed Through ... Depending On Who's On Duty ... Or Who Wishes To Add Their Own Comments !!

I believe we have heart and have a spirit and that we are bigger then the mire we stand in and are covered in. **Yes ... This Is So !!
and what i stand now to testify is this. we may not know because of the conditioning we were subject to things we should know about our place in this madness, but I know we are worthy of more then this.

**Indeed !! ... There Are Many Things ... That Your Peoples Are Not Responsible For ... And Many Things ... That They Do ... Share In The Responsibility ... Of How Things Are ... Of Your Current Dilemmas On Terra/Earth !!

and I feel it deeper then you can laugh about it..
**It Is Very Deep !! ... Very Very Deep !! ... And Of Those That Have Some Humor In These Situations ... Sometimes It Just Comes Out That Way !! ... As Those Who Deal In "Galactic Politics & Situations " ... They Have Seen This Kind & Type Of "Goings On" ... Way Too Many Times !! ... And They Feel Sad/Sadness ... That They Cannot Just ... Step In ... And Correct The Situations For You !! ... Of Certain Things & Situations ... In Order To Learn ... You Need To Experience ... To Participate !! ... It Is A Rough Way To Learn ... But Sometimes ... The Only Way To Learn !!

like the puppet on the string who develops the will to cut the strings from himself. how well does he know about what its like? other then a dream and hope and a calling within himself .
**You Will Cut The "Puppet Strings" ... When You Find Out ... When You Realize ... Who Is Making You Dance & Sing !! ... When You Find, Realize & Fully Understand ... What Is Going On ... And What This All Involves !! ...
As What Seems Rather Simple On The Surface ... Such As ... Blaming The "Figurehead" For All Your Problems ... You Do Not See ... What Lies Below The Surface ... As To Who & What ... & What Is Involved !! ... And Who The "Puppeteer(s)" Actually Are !! ... And Of This ... What Is Their Reason ... What Is Their Purpose(s) !!

you can see this as a waste of time all you want. **It Is Not A "Waste Of Time" ... In The Respects Of Questioning ... Of Which We Respond .. As Best We Can !! ... However It Is Very Wasteful ... In Shouting & Raging ... To Peoples From The Soapbox ... From The Podium ... To Express Anger On Issues & Ideas ... Of Which You Yourself ... Do Not Have Awareness !! ... This Serves No Purpose ... Unless It Is Just The Need ... To Vent Emotion !!

there are those who don't get it...and see me as a fool.but does it make one really? **A Fool ... A Jester As It Were ... Only Played This Role !! ... In Times Of "Kings & Courts" ... They Were Wise Ones ... Who Could Be Counted Upon ... For Their Knowledge & Advice !! ... So Of This ... It Neither Makes You Appear To Be "A Fool" ... Nor Act In This Role !! ... Simply One ... As Many Others ... Attempting To Understand ... And Qualify Their Role ... Their Place In Life ... And In This One Section Of A Vast Universe ... Of Great Multiverses !!

Hi again ST in BG. Nice to meet you again. Sincerely. Well Many pages already, I am going to spend several days to reach you all... **Perhaps Longer ??
What I've read already shows you are:
- Friendly, patient **We Try !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!
- Smart **We Are Very Intelligent !!
- Making typing errors **Well It Might Appear As This ... But Usually Such Things Are Do To ... Inadequacies Of The Terrestrial Spell Check Software ...(Provided It Is Installed !!) ... And Our Conduit's Missing Some Corrections ... Do To Being Fatigued !!
- Apparent silly sometimes **Most Times !! ... It Is Part Of Our Natures !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!
I don't understand you can't make guesses. **We Can ... But Prefer ... Factuality !!
My guess is the ETs living in those Moons will move them to a safe place.**"If" There Are ... "Living Beings/Lifeforms" There ... They Will Be Taken To Safety !!
How about the discovery in the Moon - a Monolith in 'Space Odyssey' ?
**It Stated Long Before This !! ... However The "Monolith" ... Was Something ... That They Should Not Have Tampered With ... Or Removed From It's Place !! ... As Of Those So Exposed To The Energies It Gives Off/Gave Off ... Found That They Developed "Cancers" ... One Such Noted Popular "Scientific Spokesperson" ... Who Also Acted In The Role Of American Government Disinformer ... Died From Such Exposures !! ... Of This ... His Death Was The Evidence That Stated ... He Was Not Being Truthful/Honest ... To The Public/"Common Individuals" Who Sought Him Out ... For His Knowledge/Understanding !!
I have not been able to read all your posts, so if you have already answered the following, please forgive me, **We Understand !!
ST in BG please tell us...
Where did the Rhesus factor originate? There is no protein link to the Rhesus monkey. **Because ... It Did Not Originate With ... The Rhesus Monkey !!
There is also a high incidence of O negative in the Celtic
regions and maybe the Egyptians? Is this blood type what they are looking for?
**There Are Those Searching With Benevolence ... In The Curiosity & Desire ... To Discover ... Where We All Came From !! .... However ... There Are Also Those ... Who Are Looking For Certain Factors ... In Which To Isolate Key Genetic Codes ... To Make ... Biogenetic Weaponry !! ... That Is ... Specific Genetic Engineered Diseases/Viruses, Ect ... That Will Only Attack & Kill Certain Peoples ... With These Genetic Markers ... While Leaving Others Unharmed !!

Apollonius of Tyana... was he black/african/negro???
**The Being Called: "Apollonius Of Tyana" (One Of Many Of His Names/Designations !!) ... He Was ... Of A "Special Creation" ... Of The Anunnaki ... A Teacher/Instructor ... A Healer ... Of This ... He Had The Ability ... To Appear As He Chose To Appear !! ... To Alter His Physical Appearance ... And To "Appear" ... As One Wished ... For Him To Appear !!

About holes in the ground in Russia (circles) who made them? Why?
**Those That Are Taking "Soil Core Samples" ... To Test On Toxicological/Pollutant Effects & Minerological Contents Of The Soil !! ... This Would Determine The Health Of The Soil/Land ... And Of The Planet !!
Are you saying George Bush and other political figures have clones?
**We Are Saying ... That Those That You Know ... As "George Bush" & Other Political Figures ... Are "Replicants" ... Not Clones !!
Is that what all that stem cell research was for,
**This Research ... Has Various Applications !!
why do I not hear of stem cell research anymore in the news?
**"News" Is Controlled !!
Man if that were true people would freeeeeeeeeek out if they found out!!
**If They Found Out !! ... And If They Interfered ... They Would Most Probably Be Silenced !!
I read in other post that Reptoids and Dracos eat flesh, is that true?
**Reptoids Describes Beings That Have A Reptilian Appearance & Psysiology !! ... This Would Apply To All Beings Of This Nature !! ... Perhaps You Mean Dinoids/Saurians ("Dinosaur Beings") & Draconians ("Dragon Beings/People") ??

**As To What They Eat ... It Depends On Each Being ... & Their Composition/Makeup !! ... There Are Those That Subsist On A Vegetarian Diet ... There Are Those Who Subsist On A Meat Diet ... There Are Those That Eat Both ... Vegetables & Meat !!

what can you say about the Pleaidians?
**The Plejarans ?? ... Lets See ... They Are Termed: "Humanoid" By Appearance !! ... Communicate Telepathically !! ... Both Sexes Taller & "Well Built/Proportioned" ...In The High 6 Feet Range - 7 Foot + ... Is Not Unusual !! ... They Wear Bold Color Satiny Jumpsuits !! ... Have Excellent Empathic Abilities ... Work In Communication/Translations ... Engineering ... & Sciences !! ... Are Highly Intelligent ... (No Dumb Blondes There !!) ... & Will Make Love ... At A Drop Of A Hat ... Any Hat !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

Why would the group consciousness of the Paa Tal come into third density in ??**Since The Information Is From Alex Collier ... From The "Andromedans" ... It Is "Highly Suspect" !!

**As If These Beings Who Alex Collier Had/Has Been In Contact With Are "Andromedans" ... (Which The Information Is Suspect !!) ... In Our Impression They Need To Go Back To ... ET Remedial Schooling !! ... As They Don't Understand ... Certain Cosmic Basics !! ... Which True Andromedans Do !!

**Realize That "If" (We Are Not Saying One Way Or The Other !!) ... Paa Tal ... Is A Termed: "Draconian Word" ... We Would Not Use It !! ... Simply For The Fact ... That Their Society Is Very Close & One Might Say ... "Ritualistic Of Natures" !! ... And To Take A Part Of Their Ways ... And To Misrepresent This In Any Way (Even If You Did Use This Properly ... But You Were Not Of Their Kind !!) ... Is Asking For Trouble !! ... So ... We Do Not Do This !! ... And Neither Should Others !!

Is the Universe (as we perceive it) Sentient/Alive and therefore All and In All?**Not As Those Of Terrestrial Forms May Perceive & Understand !! ... Of Your Universe ... Of The Multiverses .... That Exist Throughout The Cosmos ... This Is A Part ... Of All Things ... That Function & Interact ... With One Another !!

Is the Sentient Universe what some perceive as "God" to be honored and respected? **No ... It Is Not !! ... As For Those That Use The Label Of "God" ... Are Using A "False Religious Representation" ... To Explain & Understand ... The "Workings & Ways Of The Universes" !! ... Of These Ways ... Of How Things Work, Function, Operate ... The Concepts Are Beyond The Grasp Of Those Unawakened In Terrestrial Embodiments !!

ST In BG, I see the declining frog population as a huge indicator of mass extinction. **Yes ... This Is One Indication !!
Scientists have determined that a mass extinction has happened 5 previous times on earth **More Then This !! ... They Know ... But Do Not Want To ... "Panic The Masses" !!

A large amount of research is being done on the declining frog population(as much as 43%). Must be a serious indicator of what's to come along with the disappearance of the honeybee. **It Is A Very Serious Indicator !!

But the cause for the decline in the frog population could also be (UV)radiation.**Of Radiations Coming Through To The Planet ... Which Did Not Before !! ... Along With Habitat Destruction ... Pollutions & Other Factors !!

Bones/fossils have been found in Iran or Middle Eastern area, the cradle of civilization that lead to a connection to water and metamorphosis.
**They Lead/Point To Such Connections ... For Body Forms ... So Adapted To These Conditions !! ... However ... There Were Many Kinds/Types Of Biological Environments For Growth ... Which Were Set Up ... For The Development Of These Species ... & Their Necessary Conditions ... In Which They Needed To Live !!

Also, of interest to me are the ancient drawings of dragons.
**Of Those Of Draconians ??
Can they be traced to China? **They Can Be Traced ... All Over Terra/Earth !!
How far back do the Akashic records go? **Of The Records Of Your World ... To It's Beginnings !!

There are some that have said that Jupiter may become a Sun soon...within the next year and a half (earth linear time). Is this true?
**It Already Is ... A Blue-White Star !! ... Though Not Of Your Dimension ... Not From The Vantage Point ... Of Where You Are !!

How would/will it affect the sun? How would/will it affect earth?and us
**When You Move Into The Next Dimension ... Of That Where You Will Be In 4th Density ... Of The Higher Vibratory Plane/Lessons/Teachings ... You Will Notice That In The Place Of Jupiter ... Will Be A New Blue-White Star !! ... In The Vicinity ... Will Be An Aged Sun ... Your "Yellow Star" ... Now That Has Phased ... Into An Orange-Red State !! ... Of Those On Terra/Earth ... One Will Have ... A Perpetual Twilight !! ... That Is ... It Will Never Truly Become Dark ... As It Was In 3rd Density !! ... The Radiations Given Off ... Will Be That Of Difference ... The Surface Of Terra/Earth ... Will Have More Radiance ... During The Daylight Hours ....But Not A Blinding Light ... Of A Different Frequency ... Where One Will Adapt To This ... As Will All Of The Lifeforms Returning ... And The Newer Ones Created !! ... So It Is Not ... That Of A Burning/Scorching ... But Of A Greater Seeing/Viewing !! ... Of An Expanded Spectrum Of Colors & Awareness ... Of Which One Did Not See/Perceive Before !!!

ST in BG , I have seen this type of creature up very close and I have also had a black triangle come very close too me, are these incidents related?
**If The Craft Was ET Related/Controlled ... This Would Be Involved ... With The Business They Have With You !! ... Or Such Interested/Curious Parties !!
**If You Are Being Contacted/A Contactee ... There Would Also Be ... Those Parties On Terra/Earth ... Who Would Be Interested ... Who Are More ... Of "Controlling & Non-Beneficial Natures" !!

and are these sightings significant? **Yes ... We Would Think So !! ... As There Is ... Involvement ... Curiousity !!
Why would they be curious of me? either party?
**The Being(s) Visiting ... Obviously Have Business With You !! ... As To The Nature Of That Business ... This Is Of A Private Natures !!
**As To The "Triangle" ... If This Is Terrestrial Based/Created ... There Are Those Who Are Curious Of "Contactees" ... Along With Those ... Who Are Doing The Contacting !! ... However Such ... Is More For "Controlling, Militaristic & Other Natures" !!
**We Also Do Not Rule Out ... That There May Be "ET Craft" ... That Would Have Such An Appearance !! ... Though Such Would Be Rare !!

And why is my consciousness altering ? and why can I see lights around me? and why do I get blowing sensation on my temple and hand?
**Because You Are Being Made Ready ... For What Will Be !!
strange stuff **Yes ... These Would Be "Strange" ... If You Are Not Used To These Things !!
We have read that it is from "feelings" "emotions" and the energies thereof that ...things are "created"... perhaps false????
**It Is One ... Of Many Ways !! ... Not The Only Way !!
One of our many lessons is to learn how to "control" our various emotions...to a positive...or creative way...and from there learn how to be creative with our energies.... is this true??
**Yes !!! ... That Is A Big Lesson To Learn !!

Did you ever have the feeling of "love" how did you"lose" your feeling of "love"??? **We Have Always Had "Feelings/Emotions" Within !! ... However It Was ... Of Our Ancestors ... Do To "The Great War" ... And A Belief That "Emotional Expression/Violent Emotional Expression" Was The Source Cause ... This Was Changed ... Through Genetic Engineering !!

What happened to lose it.... **The Decision Of The Ancestors ... To Alter/Change Our Bodies ... To Survive !! ... To Repress ... To Control Such Violent Emotions !!
what of all things should we "guard against" being stolen from us...as beings...**You Do Ask Difficult Questions !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!! ... As There Are So Many Things !!!
**Perhaps One Word ... Thought !! .... The Ability To Think !! ... To Be Wise ... To Chose Wisely !! ... To Make Wise Decisions !!
and any suggestions on how to do this?? **Simply Decide To Do This !! ... & Not Let Others ... Prevent You ... From Doing This !!

I do thank you for your time, patience, and help. **You Are Most Welcome !!

Last Edited by Amy on 10/07/2012 06:00 AM

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10/07/2012 03:47 AM
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I think solarson in his context is describing the same thing as ST. Animating Energies = Your true Self, Your Soul, Your Spirit etc.. just without the religious tie.

In any case i just finished reading solarsons posts (31 pages) :-)
Found many similarities to ST in BG posts.

For me I read everything that gives a feeling of truth or part of truth. And much of what solarson is saying ring true for me, just as much of what ST says rings true also.
 Quoting: BoroBoro

Ah...! I see what you mean and I am very impressed you have gone through 31 pages of it, that you are willing to know and learn.

But perhaps you haven't considered ' The feeling of Truth' that he trying to give you, how does it help you?

I hope You NOT merely enjoying some Sounds of 'truth' ringing in your ears. As if you observe well enough you find the inconsistency in his words.

First he states that humanity is like cows in the farm, controlled and manipulated, by some Secret Orders. But why the solution is to have lucid dreams every night to feel free?

Why Not, Instead, we should deprogram fault religions and beliefs that have been enslaving our mind and spirit? and so to see things as how they are.

ST/ ET friends have explained many times that we can't easily connect/feel to our other lifetimes (which are EVERYWHERE in Universes at the same moment) because of the Lower Density we are in.

We are not going to deny Death , right? We have to accept it as a natural thing right? and Death is simply a Change of body, right? We are not escaping anywhere, we agreed to come here physically spiritually to Learn and to Help right?

Have a great time!

Last Edited by Amy on 10/07/2012 03:50 AM
Anonymous Coward
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10/07/2012 06:13 AM
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I think solarson in his context is describing the same thing as ST. Animating Energies = Your true Self, Your Soul, Your Spirit etc.. just without the religious tie.

In any case i just finished reading solarsons posts (31 pages) :-)
Found many similarities to ST in BG posts.

For me I read everything that gives a feeling of truth or part of truth. And much of what solarson is saying ring true for me, just as much of what ST says rings true also.
 Quoting: BoroBoro

We are not going to deny Death , right? We have to accept it as a natural thing right? and Death is simply a Change of body, right? We are not escaping anywhere, we agreed to come here physically spiritually to Learn and to Help right?

Have a great time!
 Quoting: Amy

Hi Amy,

Just some debatable banter... This is me just messing around with a forum friend... No harm intended. So please don't take offence.

Is your last statement not a 'perception' of truth.. Or a feeling of truth? .. In that we change bodys at death? ...

You have taken on ST words and have made them your Truth... You have synchronized your understanding with ST words... How is that any different to organized religion?... As you are appear to accept everything ST says on a level of FAITH... In that you do NOT see...yet you believe.

I have watched you on this forum, and you have even taken on the 'alleged' ET humor... Yet you are fundamentally human!

Why is this?


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10/07/2012 06:55 AM
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Oh Truthseeker, You are Cute ! haha...!

I said my name is not Truth, please don't try to catch me!
But you have made very very cute questions.

how I wish I could 'laugh' differently , say things differently... but whole of my life I have been taught and learnt that way: it is to laugh and to enjoy Simple things...

Why is this I can not be similar with someone some ways?

Why is this you seeking Truth, but can not explain what 'Truth' is , or can you? still You 'worship' your Truth in every of your sentence. Why is this? Is your Truth some kind of a religion to you?
Anonymous Coward
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10/07/2012 10:01 AM
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More alien communications:

Thread: Aliens Are Talking To Me Through My Car Tires!!!!! Moon tilt, orbs, pole shift, UFO, 2012, chemtrails, illuminati
User ID: 25117263
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10/07/2012 10:05 AM
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OK Truthseeker don't be mad at me ... I may have triggered some sensitive issue here... I laughed "haha Hehe" not to make fun of you, I just don't want you to take things too seriously... Because you are Way Too SERIOUS about everything are you!
why don't you change your name to LaughSeeker it would make you look more cuter (smile). Some people try to be tough and straight and then they can't bend can't be flexible. You see a hard ruler very easily broken while the plastic one you can bend it every way you want and much more useful.
Anonymous Coward
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10/07/2012 05:51 PM
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Nibiru update:

Thread: So, where is Nibiru atm?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24545480
United States
10/07/2012 11:25 PM
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More aliens coming forward:

Thread: Thoth.. atlantian egyptian anunnaki 'Extra Terrestrial' - will be happy to answer questions..
User ID: 25162135
United Arab Emirates
10/07/2012 11:36 PM
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Netherlands play good game so far, thay should beat JapanI hope Australia win Ghana and make Group D more inenistrtg,and dont know about Cameroon

User ID: 25152305
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10/07/2012 11:49 PM
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Hi ST / ET doctors , I have been enjoying chewing ...ice! for more than 2 years now. even in the winter ! Do you think it's just my fun habit or anything relate to my body problem? is it harmful? should I stop? my teeth is still fine of course.
Thanks in advance.

Last Edited by Amy on 10/07/2012 11:49 PM
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10/08/2012 01:21 AM
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MY LOVE OF TURUOUISE IS HUGE so my vote is for a turquoise-ish shade. I agree thguoh with this house, nothing too bright, but maybe a little brighter than the pic above just make it pop a little. I have had plans to paint my own outside doors, but I'm scared to death. Ha ha! My house is a 100+ year old farm house, completely renovated inside and the outside nearing completion. It's all white, black roof, someday black shutters, and it NEEDS a pop of color. So a calm turquoise is what I'm wanting Hope that helps.October 12, 2011 6:08 am

User ID: 25167673
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10/08/2012 03:19 AM
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**Hee Hee Hee !! ... Actually ... The People/One People ... The Children ... The Conduit ... Were Rhythmically Into ... (And The Conduit Was "Lip Sinquing" The Words/Singing Along ... ) ... To Music By ... J. Giles Band & Kenny Loggins !! ... Just Arrived Via ...Terrestrial Delivery ... On Tuesday !!

 Quoting: ST In BG

ST, I tried a few more songs of Dreamboat Annie and especially liked The Magic Man!
I searched for the group J. Giles Band & Kenny Loggins, but looks like they are separate bands, and you meant J. Geils Band ? listening to Love Stinks funny song/video hehe.

Thank you for telling me ET favorite songs.

User ID: 25167673
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10/08/2012 03:33 AM
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Ah Also... I was asking ET friends in mind what I need to do coming time , should I make some kind of long term plan here or something because I just don't know how fast Jane and Soon will come; Then I was shown scenes of a friend who keeping things in order, and another person managing to get everything ready in place ... and myself enjoying being busy with hair styling? was dying colorful red brown purple hair... oh! so cool! it means I don't need to worry or overly concern about things? if it's so...wow GREAT!!!! Thank you thank you!
User ID: 10341188
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10/08/2012 04:39 AM
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OK Truthseeker don't be mad at me ... I may have triggered some sensitive issue here... I laughed "haha Hehe" not to make fun of you, I just don't want you to take things too seriously... Because you are Way Too SERIOUS about everything are you!
why don't you change your name to LaughSeeker it would make you look more cuter (smile). Some people try to be tough and straight and then they can't bend can't be flexible. You see a hard ruler very easily broken while the plastic one you can bend it every way you want and much more useful.
 Quoting: Amy 25117263

Hi Amy,

I cannot be mad with you dear...

What is truth? ... Truth is that which stand above all the deception or that which chooses to distract...

Truth is that which resonate throughout eternity... That which is unchangable... For if it changes it is not truth... It is not perception of subjects but the root of all things in its purest form, and the observation of such...

I am very humorous in fact... As I choose the lighter side of life.. Looking for the best in all that I see...

My questions to ST are to validate the facts in his responses... Whilst I find them quite intelligent as I've stated before... It seems like most of Sitchens work with some Egyptology and Sumerian studies thrown in...

What would validate the authenticity of ST would be the following... If you are NOT part of the time paradox... Tell us where the next earthquake is going to strike and at what time... That Amy would NOT be difficult for an ET being residing out of time...

I am neither a believer or disbeliever in what ST says or is... ST still has some hurdles to cross with me to believe he is actually a ET. But this is all subjective.. So this is merely my opinion of the facts I absorbed from this thread

Truthseeker aka laughseeker.... Lol.
Anonymous Coward
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10/08/2012 06:24 AM
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Hey you St's in BG and conduit : )

I was wondering, that would people here on Earth in 3rd density are getting more experiences for their benefit if they go everywhere they can and do as much as they can, rather than just being in one place doing a few...that the more you do on Earth, the more experiences you get and this is important?

Thankyou for now.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/08/2012 09:16 AM
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ST in BG....I have been reading your most interesting and informative posts for a while. I have question, please. Can you tell me your opinion or what you know about "light and sound" spiritual paths. They are reported to be the oldest, since before time, esoteric, and the way back home to where soul originated.

I so appreciate your time to consider this. Thank you.