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Greetings: Lad: User ID: 546092

How do you get rid of a parasite? i found out i have some type of eggs laid by some sort of... bigger ... parasite inside me, and its draining half of my total energy!! Helpp!!

**Well We Would Employ/Use ... Energy/Directed Energy !! ... On Terra/Earth !!

**There Are Various Ways They Have Used ... To Eradicate ... & Flush The System !! ... There Are "Alternative Approaches" ... Which Use ... Herbal Methods ... Use Of ... Energy Fields ... Magnetic Fields .. "Zappers" ... & Others !!

**Of "Traditional Medicine" (Read "Poisons For Profit" !!) ... There Are Various Chemical Means (Usually Of Strong "Side Effects" (Read: We Cured The Disease ... But The Patient Died !!) ... That Are Used ... To Kill The Parasitical Infestation ... Depending On ... By Examination ... What It Is Found To Be !!

how come most of the crop circles which appear are in Wessex (southern England)? what's so special with this area?

**Well ... That's A Secret !! ... If We Told You (& Others !!) ... It Would Not Be A Secret !! .... Hee Hee Hee !! ... Though I Am Hearing ... Of A Response ... A Moment Please !! ... OH !! ... (Ok !!) .... Hearing
.... Tell Them This !! .... "We Like The Canvas ... On Which To ... "Draw On" !! "

this is out of the book 'secrets in the fields' by Freddy silva, Very interesting topics, hoping you could disclose any information regarding this quote

"Indeed, if only the thousands of other ancient sacred spaces throughout the British Isles could, for they have played silent witness to the thousands of crop circles that relentlessly manifest in their vicinities. What strange attraction exists between these symbols etched on a
canvas of plants and the circles of earth and stone, many of them erected eight thousand years ago under the guidance of forgotten Neolithic "gods"?

Whatever the connection, The early roman catholic church
recognized the importance of such places of veneration to the degree that it issued orders outlawing their use, only later to superimpose its own houses of the holy upon them. For, as it turned out, these pagan megalithic shrines
are not located haphazardly upon the landscape, but strategically, at the crossing points of an invisible-but measurable-electromagnetic energy grid that encircles the earth, at pressure points where the planet's "Data storage" Can be accessed. Or Influenced.

At these terrestrial points, the veil between worlds is thin, and the concentration of energy is such that it influences the rhythms of the human body, right down to its state of awareness. Consequently, for many millennia, both the sick and the shaman interacted with these energies, whos properties have recently been recognized by (terrestrial) science."


**Very Very Curious, Interesting ... & Most Fascinating !!

Can you please interpret + provide some clues + direction for the understanding behind these crop circles which have caught my eye:

[link to www.greatdreams.com]


[link to www.greatdreams.com]


[link to tbn0.google.com]

--this one looks like a magnetic field allowing an object to be blasted off with great force! intense!!!

**Perhaps ?? ... & It Is ... Most Interesting !!!

**For The Moment ... We Would Wish To Refrain ... From "Interpreting Crop Circles/Formations" ... Until The Conduit ... Has Been Built Up ... With Sufficient Energies, Repaired, Ect !! ... As For Him To Transmit ... To Relate These Informations ... Takes Lots Of Energy !! ... Of Which The Physical Energies ... Is Just One Part !!

do you know of the emotion Love?

**There Are Very Few ... On Terra/Earth ... That Understand ... What "Love" Is !! ... Describing This ... As Solely An "Emotion" ... Limits It's Understanding !! .... Of Which Through Various Ways & Means ... We Have Been Attempting ... To Learn ... All There Is To Learn ... Of This ... & Many Other Things !!

can your people/one people feel of this and other emotions?

**It Would Depend On Many Factors !! ... Such As The Chemical Makeup ... Psychological Makeup ... Body/Body Makeup/Design .... & Many Other Things !! ... As You See ... There Are Many ... From Various States/Places In Our History ... That Have Visited/That Visit ... Of Which ... We ... For The Most Part .. All Look Alike ... We Are In Many Ways ... Quite Different !! ... From Each Other !!

**As To Feelings Of The "Emotional States" ... There Are Those .... Of The Changed Apexians .... Who You Know As "Zetas/Zeta Reticulians" (Which Is Not Correct Of The "Label" ... But Tolerated !!) ... Who Still Process Of
This ... Through The Mind !! ... There Are Those ... In Various "Transition States/Stages" ... Who Are Learning/Experimenting .... Perhaps In Various Bodies Of Their Energies !! ... & There Are Those ... Of New Bodies/New Body Forms ... Of The Blendings ... That Have Restored ... Full Emotional Expression !!

Thanks for the comments again ST,

You Are Very Welcome !!

look forward to reading the reply tomorrow

**Tomorrow ... Never Comes !! ... It Is Always Today !! ... Hee Hee Hee !! ... It Is Aways ... NOW !!

Farewell For Now !!

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