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Wow that's incredible, about the arrow.
About 3-4 weeks ago I invisioned a gigantic arrow piercing the earth and it came from southwest going up northeast!!! But I guess I over looked it, wow it is remarkable how everything connects and functions! I'm beggining to realize how every detail matters and is important in making a decision/ and come to a conclusion.

St in bg I need some advice, everyone around me is just sitting around doing little to nothing with their time. I want to find somewhere safer to go but they will not listen, nor will they take any advice. Even the awakened ones want to sit around until they die and I just can't have that. I've tried showing them that if we work at I together as a group that we can find the safest places to travel and explore yet they just want to get off earth without a care about how much pain death is, I have felt pain and Ive learned to avoid it as much as possible I don't want to be a sitting duck. I know this is a terrestrial situation and I'm going to be the one who makes the final choice, I just want to find the answer to this problem as soon as I can so I can move on and stop worrying. That's why I came to this specific forum and became a contributing member. Because I care about where I'm going to be when NIBIRU COMES..! And the people here are very supportive and helpful. People maybe instead of finding the deadly spots to avoid, because it's pretty much become repeating, like we've found most of what we need to in this section, can we look to the opposite and begin tracking down the safest/safer locations to be, not to attract attention to those safe spots as to overflood them with worried people, but to give those who care and are interested a chance to journey to these locations, how can we do this in the smartest fashion.... As the term go's: you down?
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