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Greetings: sasha: User ID: 190758

ST is it true that there are/were bones that were/are found by current gregorian year mankind that even are the length from the knee to the foot or from the hip to the knee taller than some full grown adults that are between 5 and 6 feet tall from the Nephilim?

**Those That You Term "Of Giants" Have Been Found !!

I seen pictures just want to know if they are hoaxes or not? the 36 foot tall or so being that was found in maybe Siberia or elsewhere very large in stature.

**There Have Been ... Gigantic Beings Walk Terra/Earth !!

Also i seen or heard like around death valley their were very tall beings that were found in cave's look of fright on their face or so and they died in these bunkers, is it true?

**Don't Know !!

They seem to be many many evidences of gregorian termed in the past where the previous civilizations hid and tried to survive something Earth changing.

**Yes !! .... There Are Those Who Went Into Caves ... Who Tried To Survive There !!

Even there is a thread pinned now about the last axel shift and the freezing/flash freezing of mammoths with food in their mouths.

**Yes ... That Is True !!


You Are Very Welcome !!

and thanks for the email although not much was spoken

**Well ... Not Much To Say !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

ST, is the plant marijuana in the list of items to be replanted on Earth from ET's once Earth shift occurs and the Earth is pristine and pure again?

**This May Or May Not Be One !!

Will everyone be able to smoke this plant to honor the plant?

**Of "Recreational Use" ... That Is NOT ... How One ... Honors The Plant !!

Just curious,

Yes Of Course !!


You Are Very Welcome !!

ST, if we want in 4th density, can we have drum sets and play the drums or other instruments that are currently used in 3rd density?

**In A Manner Of Speaking ... & Within Reason !!

Can we create rhythms like rap beats just not the lyrics as they are not proper, but the hard beats of heavy metal and rap beats if one so desires this?

**We Will See ... When That Moment Arrives !!

Will we in 4th density live in houses and have malls with goods that we are to barter with others or will everything just be there free to have

**It Depends On ... Where You End Up !!

or will others create things they will share or where everyone create what they need and no need to share as they will have everything they need?

**Many Possibilities ... But Again It Depends ... On Where You End Up !! ... Where Your Next "Stop Off" Is !!

will their be many spectacular buildings and structures built on the new clean earth?

**You Will Have To Wait & See !! ... & Be Amazed !!

will there be any physical labor involved with cleaning up 3rd density or rebuilding the Earth with new life and structures and things/items?

**There Will Be .. Many Duties/Jobs To Perform !! ... As To "Physical Labor" ... Not As You Have ... In 3rd Density !!

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

You Are Very Welcome !!

and hope to hear from you soon,

Yoo Soon (You Soon) Was Not Available !! ... Busy Getting Things Prepared/Ready !! ... So We Had ... One Of Our "Representatives" Fill In !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!


Farewell For Now !!

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