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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 585606

Hi ST,

Thanks to those who have been holding things together long enough for us to attempt to figure things out.

**You Are Welcome !!

I'm trusting that it is for the best.

**Yes ... It Is For The Best !!

Please try not to be too upset though if people are still immensely confused about what is going on or even altogether oblivious to what is transpiring.

**Well ... No Promises ... No Guarantees There !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

For those of us in terrestrial forms that have no conscious recollection of any truly obvious extraterrestrial contact or events, it can be very very
difficult to believe a lot of these things that are being said.

**It Is ... Unfortunate !!

It would not seem so far fetched if we had memory of personal experiences of
such seemingly odd things, but when your life seems more or less normal by terrestrial standards then it becomes hard to accept such things without personal proof.

**Or ... Impersonal Proof !!

I wish ET's wouldn't leave us "high and dry" when it comes to such live contacts.

**Well They Have To ... Abide By "Rules & Regulations" Too !!

I can understand not wanting to incite insanity in religious types and those who have a great fear of anything outside their own limited belief system. But for those of us open and willing to understand what is going on
it is extremely sad and frustrating to seemingly be denied contact.

**Well ... You Are NOT ... Denied Contact !! ... You Simply ... Do Not Remember Contact !! ... This May Be ... Of "Natural Reasons" ... Of The Planet & Those Forms/Bodies ... The Way They Are Designed/Made ... And It
Can Also Be Too ... That Such Things Are Blocked Or Erased !! ... For "Reasons" !!

So it is not surprising that people in this category flip back and forth between belief and non belief.

**Yes ... It Is ... Difficult !! ... Especially When They Are ... "Fence Sitting" !! ... Very Hard/Rough ... On Those More "Sensitive Regions" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

You said the distractions being created do not matter...

**They Actually Do Not !!

I have to strongly disagree with that. If the distractions were confined to sporting events and the like then I would agree. But when they are starting wars that kill people as well as intentionally restricting the food supply and crashing the economy causing worldwide starvation, this is far more than distraction.

**It Is ... As We Are Saying ... Of "Distractions" ... To Keep The Public's Minds ... Focused Elsewhere !!

I just wish I could get some sort of face to face confirmation that ETs are

**Well ... They Could Be "There" Too !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

and this is real and not some incredibly complex world takeover event by TPTB.

**We Are Most Real !! ... (Poking Myself !! ) ... Yes ... I Do Exist !! ... (Poking Others !!) ... Yes ... They Seem To Be Here Too !! .... Hee Hee Hee

I have a hard time in good conscience trying to explain to my family that the world is going to end

**The World Of Terra/Earth ... Is Not Going To End ... But Going To Evolve !!

because I heard so from supposed ET's on a conspiracy site message board.

**Where Else ?? ... Great Place To Make Contacts !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

I don't mean to be insulting as I have loved reading this thread for well over a year now and asking questions.

**Yes ... We Understand !!

It's just to them it would sound preposterous and likely to cause them not to believe anything I say.

**Their Minds Are ... Rather Closed To Such Things !! ... It Is Sad ... But Regretfully True !!

If I could get face to face contact or even just
a minor sighting of another worldly being that I could remember then at least I could say I saw something with my own eyes and therefore this must be real.

**We Are Not Usually "Up" ... For "Show & Tell" !! ... But Then Again ... We Have Made Exceptions !! ... Depends On Circumstance(s) !!

Maybe I'm not supposed to be able to explain it.. I don't know.

**Lots Of Possibilities !!

Maybe we're supposed to stay on the West coast and die here as of March 7th.

**Could Become ... The Wet Coast ... Rather Then ... West Coast ... If It All ... Or Mostly ... Goes Underwater !!

Personally I figure this March 7th date will come and go without any major events just like the other potential dates so far.

**Anything Is Possible !! ... It Is A Date Of Potential ... Rest Assured !! ... What Will Happen However ... Is Undetermined !!

But I don't see any possibility of being able to get my family to leave the coast as things are now.

**Yes ... We Know !!

Even mentioning the idea right now would likely cause them to be concerned about my computer activities and what sort of websites I frequent.

**They Just Need ... Something To Encourage Them !! ... Then The Convincing ... Would Be Rather ... Academic !!

I was also wondering if when I make personal requests in my own thoughts do you hear them?

**For Those That They Are Intended For ... Perhaps Would Hear Them !!

Or maybe I talk to you aboard ship I don't know.

**Maybe You Do ... Converse With Us ... Aboard !!

Well thanks for the help

**You Are Very Welcome !!

and try not to be too upset if people are
distracted by the events TPTB setup.

**We Will Try ... & Be Patient !! ... Examine This Thought On A ... Case By Case Basis !!

We have to remember that probably 99.9% of the population don't realize they are set up for distractions.

**Yes ... That Is True !!

And I would think 99.9% is a conservative estimate.

**Yes ... Most Conservative !!

Type to you soon. (if soon is available hee hee)

**Indeed !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

Farewell For Now !!

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