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""Always to be some christian who thinks they know it all."

FWIW - I am not a Christian, just one who is learned on what the real truths are. Are you? I think not. If so, you wouldn´t even be making that comment. Just school yourself, do a little research, and do it with open eyes, open heart, and open mind, and you´ll find out that we have all been deluded, are living under a fog, and are in real danger of not only losing our lives and possessions, but more importantly, OUR SOULS.

THAT´S what the real deal is .... how many souls can LUCIFER (i.e., ETs, Greys, Aliens, etc.) obtain in his war against the True God. It´s the same old story since the beginning - thw War in Heaven with earth in the middle between The Most High God and His Angels and Emisaries, and Lucifer, Satan, the rebellios angels and demons. These socalled ETs are not alien life forms at all .... just Lucifers in one of their many guises. And this I did not know until some years ago, for I also believed that the ETs were just that: alien extra-terrestrials who were coming here to benefit mankind. I was wrong. So, too, are you and anyone else who believes that these socalled aliens are here for our benefit.

The war rages on. Which side will YOU be on?"

First off. Once again you do realize you are talking to people on the INTERNET right?

Secondly, have you ever met an extra-terrestial? If not how can you say what their intentions are or are not?

Thirdly, are you sure you are qualified to be able to speak with righteousness about what or who God is?
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