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"First off. Once again you do realize you are talking to people on the INTERNET right?

Secondly, have you ever met an extra-terrestial? If not how can you say what their intentions are or are not?

Thirdly, are you sure you are qualified to be able to speak with righteousness about what or who God is?"

1. I think I already answered that.

2. Yes, I have - and there are more than one type of ET. The Greys and Reps are Lucifers and are ruled by one large ET/Gray who loves to pull or yank everoneīs chains. Most folks are unaware of the presences around them - and they are there - and are in control of things. If you do a bit of research, you will find countless reports of how these bad ETs operate. There are good ETs though, which some have been sees as Light Beings. Thereīs a definite war between them, as everyone knows of the battle between Light and Darkness. Itīs not just supposition or fantasy - itīs REAL. I have also had the very unpleasant experiences of having to fight these socalled ET aliens and have been made aware of their true evil nature. Just take a look at that picture of that alien holding something in his hand, right on this website, and youīll get a REAL clue as to their true nature: evil to the core, reprehensible and using mankind against himself and in a ploy to wrest power from the Higher Beings in the Universe in their war.

No, we are not alone - either for good or evil, but to date the evil ETs are gaining ground, because most people have been deceived and deluded and are mostly unaware of the presence of good ETs.

3. Absolutely: I know who I am and my own true origins, which some cannot say. This was done at great peril to myself many years ago. That truth is mine, and I do not wish to share or divulge it with others at this time, or anytime soon. But I also know there are others here like myself who are also fighting the Good Fight, and have been informed by true Righteous Beings what is occuring here on planet earth.

And lastly, FWIW, our planet and universe is just ONE small drop in the ocean of universes. Each planetary system is headed up by a God, who controls the planet, and that planet within its entire universe is headed up by another higher Divine Being. For more understanding on this, I suggest you visit the Urantia site and read the following link:

[link to www.urantia.org]

which will give you and IDEA of the true nature of life and the universe(s).

Happy reading to all.book
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