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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: guyohm
User ID: 12881

Quote: "Hey, ST in BG!

How are you? Glad to see you found this
thread. I enjoy your post, very interesting stuff. seem to be shining some light here.

can you tell use more about the whole fallen
angel/ lucifer thing?
seems to be alot of confusion there, many think
extraterrestials are demons from other diminsion.
not myself but those of a religious bent.
thanks for your contributions on this board."

*Thank You !! ... You Are Most Kind In Your Comments/Thoughts !!

As To How I Am ... Well As I Tell Others ... "They Donīt Tell Me ... So I Donīt Know" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !! (Some Zeta Reticulian "Zeta" Humor There !!)

Now As To Your Questions In Regard To "The Fallen Angel/Lucifer Thing"

*There Once Existed In This Solar System ... In The 5th Orbit ??... A Planetoid Called: Maldek ... Or Lucifer The Light Bearer ... With Itīs Single Satellite/Moon Malona/Lilith.

This Planet Shone As A Dawn Star From Terra/Earth ... (Hense The Term: Light Bearer) ... The Beings Of That World "Dabbled" With Forces Beyond Their Understanding ... Such As Experimentation With Psychic Forces ... And In Developing/Experimenting With Weapons Of War ... Which Caused The Death Of Maldek/Lucifer !!

This World ... Not Unlike Terra/Earth ... Had On It Those Of What May Be Called (As Here) "The Military Industrial Complex" Of Whose Scientists Were Employed To Investigate & Create Such Weapons Of War ... They Were Of Such Strong Belief In Their Sciences ... Having The Attitutes Of ... "We Know It All" !! ... And It Was This "Haughty Attitute" Where Those Felt By Their Knowledge/Power ... That They Were The Center & In Charge Of This Solar System ... With Designs Of Taking Control Beyond !!

One Such "Weapon Of War" That Was In A "Developmental Stage" ... Was The Creation Of A Hydrogen Bomb ... Uning Pure Hydrogen As A Source Component !!

These Maldekkan Scientists Were Closely Monitored By "Space Intelligences" ... And Visited !! ... They Were Warned In No Uncertain Terms Of The Disaster That Awaits ... If They Were To Proceed Ahead With This Folly !! ... They Warned That Using Pure Hydrogen (Contained In All Matter/All Living Things) Would Set Off A Chain Reaction Throughout Their Planet ... Which Would Explode Their World Into Asteroids/Rubble !! ... One Big Instant BOOM !!

The Scientists Listened ... But Dismissed This Advice ... Keeing On With The Experiments Unchanged !! ... And Then Came The Moment When They Blew Up Their Planet !! ... *Instantly Millions + Were Dispirited ... Their Energy Essenses Forced From Their Bodies ... Which Were Atomized !! ... Their Planet Was No More ... A Great Number Of These "Energy Essenses" Needing A Place To Go ... Came To Terra/Earth !! ... Amongst These (Unfortunately !!) Were Those Scientists Who Created This Destruction On Their Own World !! ... These Same Beings Now In Different Bodies ... "Set Up Shop" Here ... Proceeding To Experiment All Over Again !! ... Later To Find An Opportunity Existing ... In The Re-Creation Of The Hydrogen/Atomic Bombs !!

The Same Fate Could Have Befallen Terra/Earth With The Experimentation In Creating A Hydrogen Bomb On This World !! ... As The Same "Space Intelligences" Visited These Scientists ... And Told Them What Would Happen To Terra/Earth Is What Happened To Maldek/Lucifer !! ... *Now The Only "Saving Grace" This Time Around ... The Scientists Listened To The Advice !! ... Whereas They Didnīt Stop Their Building Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction ... However They Did Decide To Use ... "Isotopes Of Hydrogen" Instead Of Pure Hydrogen ... Which Prevented A Chain Reaction Effect !! ... Although This/These "Weapons Of War" ... Caused Massive Death & Destruction ... To Those Who Were About To Surrender !! ... *These Deaths & The Destruction Did Not Have To Be !! ... But At That Time (And In Certain Attitudes That Exist Today ...) ... That Weapons Were Developed/Created To Be Used !! ... A "Letīs See What Happens" Mindset ... And Punishment/Justice/Seeing Retribution ... Being The False Covers Presented To The Public !!

*As To The Term: "Angels" ... This Is More A "Modernized" Use/Spelling !! ... The More Correct Form Would Be ... "Angelos": Beings Of Light ... Light Beings !! ... As Within All Beings Is The Energy Essense ... The Life Spark Which Animates The Corporeal Form !!

"Fallen Angels" This Denotes/Tells Of Those Of Maldek/Lucifer ... Who Were The "Pure Beings Of Light" (Within Corporeal Forms Of Course) ... However These Beings In Their "Learning Process" ?? ... Chose The Path Of Science(s/Technology ... But Did Not Balance This Properly With Their ... To Use A Term: "Spiritual Side" !! ... Which Led To Their "Belief" That Their Sciences Were Infallible ... And Their Downfall !!

Although Not Mentioned ... One May Come Across A Reference To: ... The "Fall Of Maldek/Lucifer" ... Which Of Course Is The Telling Of This Story/Tale ... And Since The Planet Blew Up ... The Dawn Star As Seen From Terra/Earth ... Was No More !!

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