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"First, there never was a continent called Lemuria. That was a name assigned by a British scientist in the middle of the 19th centurty regarding Lemu monkeys, which was then attributed to a continent that existed in the middle of the Atlantean Epoch AND BEFORE ATLANTIS. It´s name was MU. The denizens were Nephillim hybrids, about 12 to 17 feet tall, on average, six toes, the usual drill."


I beg to differ with you, Operator. There was a continent known as Lemuria, which was based in the Pacific region (part of where California now resides), and was a huge landmass that covered the earth. Although the British scientist you spoke of wrote his book denying the existence of Lemuria, there is evidence to the contrary:

"H. P. Blavatsky describes the Southern portion of Lemuria as reaching from the Himalayas through the Indian Ocean, around South Africa, embracing Ceylon, Sumatra, Madagascar, Australia and Tasmania, to within a few degrees of the Arctic circle. A continental belt following the San Andreas Circle as center would have just that description! She then goes on to say that from Australia, an inland region on the continent, it stretched through the Pacific to beyond Easter Island, which was part of it. Need we remark that this branch of the continent is a description of a land-belt based upon the Mediterranean Circle as a center. "

Lemurian(s). See also Lemuro-Atlanteans, Root-Race -- 3rd

accursed races of II 319
adepts II 351
ancient nations descend fr II 768-9
Andaman Islanders fr late II 195-6
androgynous then bisexual II 777
animals, mated w II 286-7, 775
bred monsters II 285-6
built huge cities II 316-17
continent broke apart II 324-8
continent submerged II 606n
cyclopean ruins of II 263
divine dynasties of II 366, 774
early, androgynous II 777
early, were astral II 737
elect of, on Sacred Island II 319
failures among II 272
first physical man II 46
gravitated toward North Pole II 274
hermaphrodite then sexual II 178
holy race of giants II 171-2
later, highly intellectual II 263
looked upon as mythical II 761
male, forefather of apes II 201n
mindless wives of II 283, 286
no outward worship among II 272-3
physicalization of II 736-7
pineal a gland after fall of II 301
polar regions tomb of II 324
records of II 334-5
Saturn governed II 765
seven, divisions of Earth II 366
seven kumaras, White Island & II 584
sin of the mindless of II 683
size of II 171-2, 316, 340, 344, 446
sorcerer & circular stones II 343-4
sorcery of II 286
Tasmanians fr late II 195
third deluge destroyed II 351
two classes of II 772
ungodly Atlanteans comp w II 350
Wealdon remnant of, river II 333
worshiped their own statues II 316

<Courtesy: H.P. Blavatsky´s THE SECRET DOCTRINE,
Index to The Secret Doctrine, prepared by John P. Van Mater

[link to www.theosociety.org]

Other Sources:
[link to www.rosicrucian.com]
[link to www.crystalinks.com]
[link to www.huttoncommentaries.com]

There are other, various sources for LEMURIA. Just Goggle it and click on the links of choice.
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